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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date: May 18, 1937
Name of burial ground: Perryman Cemetery, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Founded: Previous to 1870, by no one known
Present owners: Geo[rge] B. Perryman Jr.
No. of graves: 50 or more
No. of marked graves: 38
Condition of stones:
Condition of premises: neglected-poor condition
Location:  Tulsa County, Sec 19 Twsp 19N, Range 13E; NE 1/4 of NW 1/4 SW 19 -19N 13E
Field Worker: Reuben Partridge

(Burial Ground Form Works Progress Administration Indian-Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma)
Vol. 57, pg 217-231

Tulsa, Oklahoma

 This cemetery has many rose bushes, honeysuckle vines, and some poplar trees, but is not fenced.  It is the allotment of George B. Perryman Jr., the son of George B. Perryman, a Muskogee Creek Indian, who was a brother of Chief Legus C. Perryman.  George B. Perryman was one of the big cattlemen who had large interests around Tulsa, Indian Territory.  This allotment is the North East Quarter of Section 19, Township 19 North, Range 13 East.  The homestead of George B. Perryman Jr., is the North East quarter of the North West Quarter of Section 19, 19 North 13 East.  The cemetery needs some attention as I find twelve or more unmarked graves, including that of Legus Choteau Perryman, who served two terms of office in 1887 and 1895, and was an officer in the Civil war.

 Many fine homes now surround the cemetery, one of which was that of Arthur Perryman, but now belonging to C. C. Brown -  1646 E. 31st Street.  It is built on the site of my childhood home, where I lived with my mother China PARTRIDGE and my father, "Sar-no-kitchee" Kouike (Partridge) whose house was about two hundred and fifty feet North of the cemetery.  Generally the Creek Indians buried their home folks in some pretty spot in their own yard, or near their home.  The unmarked graves of my father, "Sar-no-kitchee and my Aunt "Wisey" who was buried there about the year 1873, and others are in the backyard of the former home of Arthur Perryman who bought five-hundred feet square or five and 3/4 acres from George B. Perryman.  The Five and 3/4 acres touches at its South east corner, the Perryman Cemetery, which is about one hundred and fifty feet square.  I remember seeing when a child several Indian graves on our yard, with little houses built over them.

 My father "Sar-no-kitchee", was the original and former owner of the premises and was buried on his own land beside his sister and these other old braves.  I did not file on that land because of the instructions to the Indians from the Interior Department which were that Indians must not file on cemeteries or church sites.

Mary Marshall (Creek) 1851 1926  
Pete Grayson (Creek) 1876 1912 One marble stone for both, good shape-standing
Kizzie W. Perryman nee Partridge (Creek) Nov 17, 1874 Feb 27, 1895  
Andrew J. Perryman (Creek) Dec 14, 1871 Oct 30, 1894 One stone for both, good shape standing
J. C. Perryman (Creek) Apr 25, 1840 Mar 3, 1889 Marker, good shape, standing
Hattie P. McElroy nee Perryman (Creek) Sep 1, 1865 Sep 18, 1892 good shape standing
Mary, age 33, Wife of J.S. Jack (White)    Feb 12, 1886 Good shape standing
Pleasant P. son of Geo. B. and Sarah E. Perryman (Creek) May 9, 1913 Mar 26, 1930 Good shape standing
Abner Perryman (Creek) 1915 1921 good shape standing
George B. Perryman (Creek) Apr 17, 1846 Apr 21, 1899 big marble heart, good shape standing
Mrs. George B. Perryman, Rachael Perryman (Creek)     no marker
Mose S. Perryman (Creek) Jul 14, 1870 Feb 08, 1901 Marble Tomb, boxed over entire grave
John H. Perryman (Creek) Sep 19, 1872 Aug 04, 1883 Good shape standing
Rachel F. Drew Mar 15, 1898 May 01, 1899 dau of Emma Drew nee Perryman and Cliff Drew (Creek)
Hanna H. Alexander, mother of Mrs. Rachel Perryman (Creek)   age 55 years Good shape standing
Infant daughter of Wm. and E. L. Horner (Creek)   Mar 12, 1900  
Emma Drew, dau. of Geo. B. and Rachel Perryman (Creek) Feb 14, 1876 Feb 18, 1913 large marble stone good shape standing
Moses W. Drew (Creek) Jul 23, 1901 Mar 27, 1908 marble standing
Orven S. Tunnell (White) Jan 28, 1880 Illegible on ground off base
Gracie O. Perryman, wf. of Abner Perryman (White) Feb 24, 1881 Mar 25, 1901  
Abner G. Perryman (Creek) Oct 122, 1878 Dec 28, 1905 One stone for both good shape standing
Georgie R. Perryman (Creek) Mar 3, 1901 Sep 1, 1901 good shape standing
Luther, son of C. C. and Emma Drew (Creek) Oct 30, 1905 Nov 1, 1905 marble good shape
Luella Drew (Creek) Nov 9, 1903 Feb 24, 1905 marble, good shape
Elsie Drew (Creek) Jun 27, 1904 Jul 17, 1904 marble fallen on ground off base
Lela C. Drew (Creek) Oct 19, 1899 May 4, 1900 Good shape standing
Noyal, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mose Perryman (Creek) Dec 19, 1899 Feb 20, 1900 marble-standing
Theodore E., son of Geo. B. & Orphia Perryman (Creek) Aug 6, 1902 May 29, 1905 marble off its base
Charley Drew (Creek) Feb 19, 1907 Mar 12, 1907 Good shape
Delilah, dau. of China Partridge (Creek) Sep 5 1877 Nov 26, 1888 marble good shape
Louisa Partridge (Creek) 1871 Aug 22, 1892 no marker
China Partridge, mother of Reuben Partridge (Creek) Jun 17, 1842 Apr 10, 1886 marble good shape
Amos Beaver (Creek) Aug 6, 1872 Feb 2, 1891 marble down off base
Milton Beaver (Creek) 1851 Apr 2, 1880   
Lydia Beaver, wife of Milton Beaver Feb 22, 1849 Feb 14, 1879 one stone for both standing on base
Hannah Illick (White?)   age 55 marble slab-stuck in ground damaged
Hattie A. wife of W. C. Dunbar (White) Nov 2,2 1861 Feb 22, 1898 fine stone good shape
Marguerite Beaver   feb 12, 1902 marble plate
Charlie Clinton Atkins (Creek) Nov 16, 1897 Feb 20, 1901 in good shape
Helen Lucyle Atkins (Creek) Aug 25, 1899 Mar 3, 1901 In good shape
Sarah Rosalie Perryman (Creek) Jan 23, 1864 Jun 2, 1905 Marble plate
Warner Drew (White) Feb 14, 1845 Jan 6, 1900 good shape
Legus C. Perryman (Ex-chief of Creeks) (Creek)     tin stake marker 4th grave south of Andrew Perryman his son
Mrs. L. C. Perryman (Creek)      no tombstone
One grave north of Hannah Ellick     no inscription on marble at head
Grave next of Hattie Dunbar marked "Baby"     marble slab standing
A small grave north of grave marked "Baby"     no marker
Two graves north of Warner Drew unmarked      
Three graves west of Warner Drew unmarked      
Three graves, beginning with 7th from Warner Drew unmarked      

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