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Riverside Cemetery

aka Mustang Cemetery
aka Old Church Cemetery
aka Red Hill Cemetery
Mustang Township, Canadian County, Oklahoma
Maintained by Riverside Union Church, Brainerd, MN.

Submitted by Curt Wright, Canadian Co. OK, March 2002.

Cemetery is located 1/2 mile west of Mustang City limits, 2 miles south and 1/2 mile west on 104th Street.

Cemetery is known to have been vandalized approximately six years ago. A previous transcription of the cemetery (information below) may have information not listed here.

Many graves adorned with flags (Iris) and daffodils...

Row 1 (north to south)      
YOAKUM, Infant daughter     G.H. & F.E. YOAKUM
SHAW, Infant son     Jim & Eva SHAW
SMITH, Infant daughter     Bertie & Laura
SMITH, Infant son     Bertie & Laura
HOFARD, Infant daughter     Tom & Lula
YOUNG, Susan     Mother of F. E. YOAKUM
ORR     Square stone with long top, top missing, base says ORR
ORR, Eliza Jane 11-20-1859 02-06-1933 Aged 74 years, 2 months, 18 days. Mothers Gone And Could Not Stay, We Hope To Meet Her Some Other Day
Several unmarked graves     Sunken in irregular ground
KREY, Myrtle 02-01-1891 12-01-1898  
KREY, Thomas 03-25-1883 12-04-1898  
Unmarked graves (3)      
BLAMEY, Infant son 09-04-1902 09-11-1902 Son of W. H. & L. M.
Row 2 (north to south)      
YOAKUM, George H. 1852 1926  
YOAKUM, Fannie E. 1861 1929  
Several unmarked graves      
2 square tall stones     One possibly an infant the other and adult. Tops gone and bases left.
2 broken stones     Only bases, no names
Unmarked graves 3 or more      
Grave stone broken     No legible name
Maybe 6 unmarked graves      
- - - GER, Ramus   04-12-1901 Aged 46 yrs., 9 mos., 16 dys.
Row 3 (north to south)     (West of chain gate.)
Several graves, about 6     Unmarked, probably vandalized, under cedar trees only flags and daffodils mark places.
CAREATHERS, Jennie 1872 1898 Mother
Several unmarked graves      
Row 4 (north to south)      
DEARDORFF, Sarah 02-14-1832 02-08-1902 Mother
DEARDORFF, Jacob 10-25-1824 01-18-1896 Father
6 unmarked graves     Unmarked except by flags
Row 5 (north to south)      
As many as 9 graves     Sunken places with flags for markers
Row 6 (north to south      
MCMAHAN, Infant 02-10-1899 02-14-1899 Son of J.A & B.J.
MCMAHAN, ?   02-09-189?  
MCMAHAN, Johnie H. 02-15-1878 ??-16-1890 Son of W.H. & N. J.
Unmarked graves except flags (6)      
HAGEL, Rosalie 01-14-1833 01-28-1903 Wife of L. HAGEL
HAGEL, (?)     Top gone from tall square stone
BEEN, Carl G. 1865 1929 Father, (Funeral home marker near Carl�s grave in bushes, illegible.)
BEEN, Huldah E. 1868 (blank) Mother
HAGEL, Theodore 1871 1931  
Row 7 (north to south)      
Broken stone     Illegible
Cement headstone/footstone     Illegible
6 graves     Adorned by flags
MESSINGER, Infant son 01-10-1909 01-15-1909 Son of J. F. & Edna
Unmarked graves      
Row 8 (north to south)      
About 6 graves     Unmarked but with flags in the row south and below the cemetery sign, curbing
MODENBACH, Anna Sophia 1855 1910 Mother
MODENBACH, Fredrick A. 1849 1937  
MODENBACH, Oda Louise 1885 1931  
More graves ?     Past curbing
Row 9 (north to south      
About 6 graves     Flags and daffodils adoring
Broken stone     Not legible
COX, Matilda J. 1866 1926  
COX, Thaddeus S. 1859 1939 Pioneer of �89� (Land Run)
Several graves     Flags for unmarked graves
Row 10 (north to south)      
COX, Francis M. 02-18-1843 07-17-1924 Father
COX, Martha H. 03-18-1847 06-02-1923  
COX, William D.   04-06-1892 Son of F.M. & M.J., 19 yrs, 7 mos, 25 dys
3 unmarked graves      
SEVERNS, N?ye Columbus Jr. 12-04-1932 01-27-1933 Broken stone
SHAW, Julia Ann 1870 1925  
SHAW, Jesse Monroe 1857 1913  
SHAW, Joseph J. 1905 1920  
SHAW, Ben Franklin 1902 1926  
Row 11 (north to south)      
Daffodils marking several graves      
KUYKENDALL, Zona E 02-26-1883 03-14-1901 Wife of J. P.
Several unmarked graves     Flags
Row 12 (north to south      
4 graves, daffodils      
ROWE, Lee Roy 01-11-1891 03-03-1892  
More graves progressing south     (4 to 6)
Row 13 (north to south)      
VEATCH, Mary R.   05-24-1989 Wife of A. C., age 28 yrs, 8 mos, 18 dys
More unmarked graves     Looking south
Row 14 (north to south)      
BASTIAN, Jacob S. 7-11-1858 10-15-1891 Age 33 yrs, 3 mos, 4 dys
Many unmarked graves      
Row 15 (north to south)      
Family plot with curbing      
TABOR, Eva A. 05-26-1871 02-20-1902 Wife of A. TABOR
TABOR, Rvs S. 1870 1902  
TABOR, Wylie H. 1897 1925  
TABOR, Wylie A. 10-07-1863 04-20-1949  
NEWMAN, Catherine J. 07-22-1840 10-12-1906  
NEWMAN     Mostly destroyed
4 graves     Flags adorning
Row 16 (north to south)      
HOSTETTER, Allie K. 01-06-1881 09-30-1904 Wife of T. A.
Several unmarked graves      

Riverside Cemetery
(Mustang), Church of Latter Day Saints. Assisted by OGS. Assembled and arranged by H. C. Stallings, Oklahoma Cemetery Records, Canadian County. 1969 - OHS CALL NO. F702/.C18/O4/DAR