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This page includes Mmscellaneous articles from historic Bryan County newspapers and is listed in chronological order. Transcribed articles may include names or historical information.

1906, Tribal Rolls for the Five Civilized Tribes

100,617 Enrolled from the Different Tribes in the Territory.


The time for making application to be enrolled for allotments of lands of the Five Civilized Tribes cloed Wednesday night at midnight and another event in the life of the tribe is now history. The records at the commission show that there have been enrolled of the citizen of the different tribes up to July 1, as follows:


Choctaws by blood, 15,065, 7221 being minors.

Choctaws by marriage, 1550; Choctaw freedmen, 5378; enrolled Mississippi Choctaws, 1356; new born Choctaws (March 3, 1905), 1558; since that time, 800.


Chickasaws by blood, 4791; Chickasaws by marriage, 622; Chickasaw freedmen, 4582; new born Chickasaws (March   1905) [sic], 622; since then, 300.


Creeks by blood, 10,053; Creek freedmen, 5744; new born Creek Indians (March 3, 1905), 569 babies, 1000.


Seminoles by blood, 1899; Seminole freedmen, 858; new born Seminoles [sic] Indians (March 3, 1905), 233; new born freedmen, 122.


Cherokee citizens, 32,999; Cherokee freedmen, 4112; Cherokee babies since October, 5500.

1945, DaVault, Leamon (Sgt)
Sgt. Leamon DaVault Freed from Japs.

Mrs. Ollie DaVault, Durant, Rt. 2, was notified in a telegram from the War Department Saturday that her son, Sgt. Leamon J. DaVault has been liberated from a Japanese prison camp where he has been interned since the fall of Bataan in the Spring of 1942. Sergeant DaVault was freed on September 11 and has returned to Military control.


He sailed from Hamilton Field, California with the 21st Pursuit Squadron, November 1, 1941, and landed n Manila three weeks later. When captured on Bataan, Sgt. DaVault was imprisoned there temporarily and later moved to Osaka, Japan.

1945, Liles, Virgil (M Sgt)
M. Sgt. Virgil Liles Arrives in States

Mrs. M. L. Liles, 1025 West Texas, received a long distance call this morning from her son, Master Sgt. Virgil Liles who had just arrived in Boston from Europe.


Sgt. Liles had been overseas for 18 months and was with Patton's Third Army. He is in the regular army, having served for the past 10 years.


He will arrive in Durant early next week to spend a furlough.

1950, DaVault Family Reunion
Reunion Held In DaVault Home

The W. W. DaVault home in Armstrong was the scene of a family reunion Sunday, November 19, honoring Mr. DaVault, who will celebrate his 80th birthday November 22, and Mrs. DaVault, who was 67 years old on November 10. Mr. and Mrs. DaVault are the parents of five living children. They have 11 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Present Sunday were the five children, seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren.


A buffet dinner was served at noon. The honorees were presented with numerous gifts and a three tierd birthday cake with 80 candles. After dinner pictures were made of the group.


Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Jake DaVault and children, Aubyn, Ellen, James Gordon, Aileen and Johnny K, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Wood, Mr. and Ms. Ira Washington, Garland Washington and son, Russell, all of Kenefick; Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Seawright and Rebecca, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Seawright, Olen Seawright, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Goins and children, Hugh and Glenn, Mrs. Onnie White and son, Skipper, all of Tulsa; Mrs. Denton Rolf and children, Dennena and Carol Jean, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Liles and William Liles jr., Mrs. Grace Liles, all of Armstrong.


Mrs. Dennis Watkins and daughter, Doris, Lubbock, Texas; Mrs. Joe Rampy, Dayton, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Love and Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Huddleson of Ada; Mrs. Ida Love and Mrs. E. E. Burchett and son, Elmer, of Caddo; Mr. and Mrs. Clay DaVault and Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wilder of Muskogee; Mr. and Mrs. Hurshel Norman and daughter, Norma Sue, Mr. and Mrs. James G. DaVault, Gordon DaVault, John S. DaVault, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Purkins and J. T. DaVault, all of Durant, Route 2.

1952, Liles Family Reunion
Liles Family Reunion Held

A family reunion was held during the Thanksgiving holidays in the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Liles, 917 West Texas.


Those present were Sgt. and Mrs. Wendell Liles and son Mike of Elgin, Illinois; Sgt. and Mrs. Virginia Liles and children, Jo Ann and David, Lawton, Okla.; Troy and Mary Liles of Durant.


Fred Liles and family of Lawton were unable to be present due to illness.


Three visitors attending were Mrs. Bertie Caldwell, Miss N-- Rose Caldwell and Oscar Caldwell of Durant.

1954, DaVault, J. T. (PFC)
1954, Bollinger, Ernest W. Jr. (A1-C)
News From Our Boys In Service

J. T. DaVault of Cobb, who is now in Japan, has been promoted to first class private, according to word received by his wife, Clinelle DaVault. DaVault, entered the army April 27, 1953 and received his basic training at Fort Hood, Texas. He is in the supply service for the army in Japan.


DaVault, son of Gordon DaVault of Cobb, is a graduate of Cobb high school. His wife is the former Miss Clinelle Harrison of Cobb.


Airman 1-C Ernest W. Bollinger jr., of Achille has arrived at Park Air Force Base, San Franscisco, preparatory to transfer to Korea, according to word received by his wife. He has been in the air force three years, and spent 2 1/2 years at Sheppard Field. He is a graduate of Achille high school and Southeastern State College. Airman Bollinger is a son of Dr. and Mrs. Ernst W. Bollinger of Achille. His wife is the former Miss Evelyn O'Brian of Achille.

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