Carter County


Journal of Carter County Schools for 1923
-courtesy Anita Trotter

Coach Ruth Freeman - 2nd from left - Jacquelene (Jackie) Whittaker (my grandmother's sister) & far right
 Mildred Whittaker (my grandmother)

Rexroat pupils & Miss Edith White, teacher - Betty Whittaker (sister of Mildred Whittaker, my grandmother) younger brother Emerson could be in pic but don't know.

Close up of Jackie Whittaker & Mildred Whittaker & her friend Marguerite Harrel

Original of Rexroat pupils & Hugh W. Rose, Superintendent - top/back row, 3rd from left - Jackie Whittaker, middle row, 5th from right - Mildred Whittaker (my grandmother), middle row, 4th from left - Marguerite Harrel (friend of Mildred Whittaker) She didn't label any brothers but the bottom row, 4th from left could be her brother, Slator Whittaker

Same photograph as above

Pooleville District 48

Ruby Harmon and her 2 brothers, Emmet and Estel Harmon. 2nd photo is Ruby Harmon standing fourth from the right. Bottom photo, two boys in front row on left are Emmet and Estel Harmon. Close up of photo with Emmet and Estel who would have been 9 and 7 years old are on the far left. Close up of photo with Ruby Harmon, 14 years old standing fourth from the right.


Photographs courtesy Anita Trotter