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U.S. Geological Survey

This is a list only. It is to show you what cemeteries are in Carter County and the Geological Survey map you would need, to see the actual location.

Go to Carter County Archive Page to see actual listings of Cemeteries that have been submitted to date.


Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map GNIS Map
Big Branch Cemetery 341728N 0970151W Gene Autry Map
Bomar Point Cemetery 340916N 0972705W Healdton
Cheek Cemetery 340458N 0971714W Healdton SE
Cheek Love Cemetery 340621N 0971736W Healdton SE
Criner Cemetery 340524N 0971235W Overbrook
Henderson Cemetery 341901N 0970042W Gene Autry
Hewitt Cemetery 341001N 0972335W Healdton
Hickory Cemetery 341827N 0971721W Milo
Hillcrest Cemetery 340829N 0970754W Ardmore West
Hutchins Cemetery 341534N 0965804W Nebo
Keller Cemetery 341410N 0972226W Lone Grove
Lone Grove Cemetery 341122N 0971541W Lone Grove
McAlester Cemetery 340450N 0970922W Overbrook
Milo Cemetery 341959N 0971933W Milo
Mount Olive Cemetery 341332N 0972903W Healdton
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 341506N 0970105W Gene Autry
Mount Zion Cemetery 340855N 0970804W Ardmore West
Mount Zion Cemetery 341117N 0970624W Ardmore East
Nelda Cemetery 341030N 0965728W Mannsville
Oil Spring Cemetery 342923N 0972445W Tatums
Oil Springs Cemetery 341826N 0972639W Fox
Old Monk Cemetery 342729N 0972933W Tatums
Pooleville Cemetery 342533N 0972359W Tatums
Provence Cemetery 340918N 0970116W Ardmore East
Pruitt Cemetery 341151N 0970425W Ardmore East
Rice Cemetery 341824N 0971143W Springer
Rose Hill Cemetery 340843N 0970808W Ardmore West
Saint Marys Cemetery 340855N 0970808W Ardmore West
Tatums Cemetery 342803N 0972826W Tatums
Thomas Cemetery 341442N 0965802W Mannsville
Wilson Cemetery 340600N 0965849W McMillan
Young Cemetery 341749N 0965834W Nebo