Carter County



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Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Academy Church 341916N 0970241W Gene Autry
Baum Church 341459N 0965801W Mannsville
Blue Ribbon Church 341204N 0971936W Lone Grove
Cheek Church 340536N 0971657W Healdton SE
Concord Church 340735N 0970305W Ardmore East
Crinerville Church 340552N 0971243W Overbrook
Freewill Church 342404N 0973011W Ratliff City
Jehovah Church 341918N 0971906W Milo
Lake Murray Chapel 340424N 0970601W Lake Murray
Lone Grove Church 340652N 0971655W Healdton SE
Midway Church 341835N 0972928W Fox
Mount Olive Church 341653N 0971522W Milo
Mount Pleasant Church 341519N 0970119W Gene Autry
Niblack Chapel 340824N 0970421W Ardmore East
Pilgrim Church 342747N 0972534W Tatums
Pleasant Hill Church 340716N 0971040W Overbrook
Provence Church 340914N 0970218W Ardmore East
Reck Church 340627N 0972827W Healdton SW
Saint Paul Church 341942N 0972207W Milo
Springdale Church 340930N 0970526W Ardmore East
Stobtown Church 341442N 0971452W Ardmore West
United Church 342544N 0973033W Ratliff City


Submitted by: Joyce Denson Posey
Calvary Baptist Church in Gene Autry, Carter County, Oklahoma. This is the oldest Freedmen Church in the Berwyn Indian territory. This historical church is closely tied to the Dawes Academy that used to exist in Berwyn, Oklahoma as well as the Dawes Indian Freedmen Rolls.