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In addition my family lived in Mayes County. They were the Wynns listed there in 1910 and continuing unto current day. I also research the Peckenpaugh family who are from Mayes County. In Cherokee County, where do I even start, my husband's indian ancestors are buried in a cemetery just off Highway 82. His great great great grandfather was an interpreter for BIA when he first came to Indian Territory.
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Date posted: August 11, 2003

Various Information related to Carter County

Researchers of Carter County's Black Indians should be made aware that Carter County prior to 1907 was Pickens County, while the land was in possession of the Chickasaw Indians. Most of the towns retained their names, which came from the Post Offices of the Indian Territories. Towns in Pickens County: Springer, Woodford, Milo, Ardmore, New Port and Berwyn (spelled Berwin by the Dawes Commission) can be found on the Feb. 5, 1942 as evidence by my parents Marriage License showing my mom's place of residence as Gene Autry, Carter County, Oklahoma. Certified by the County Clerk, Joe Maddox and the Deputy, Agnes Evans. I have a Site for Black Indian researchers; Freedmen Descendants at :
which includes information about Carter County before it became Carter County.


There was a town called Durwood. It is no longer a town and most of it has been taken in by the town of Dickson. From the intersection of Hwy 199 and 177 in Dickson, Durwood road is 1 mile East on Hwy 199 and then about 1 mile South on Durwood Road to what used to be the center of Durwood. When it was a town there was a Post Office. Submitted by: John Sands

The town of Durwood is now called Nelda, Durwood was moved a few miles South
of old location closer to railroad that used to go between Ardmore & Madill.
Submitted by: Verna L Williams

A clarification is made for what is now called Gene Autry, Oklahoma. It was originally named Berwyn, Oklahoma and at times is still referenced as such by the residents. The renaming of Berwyn occurred sometime in the 1940's, however it is still known by both names.
Submitted by:
Joyce Denson Posey

Further clarification submitted by: David Willis The origin of Gene Autry. according to Oklahoma Place Names by George H. Shirk, the premiere book on the subject, and Oklahoma Travel Handbook by Kent Ruth, a well known Okla. historical writer,the town was originally named Lou, for the wife of local merchant C.C. Henderson, PO. est. July 11,1883. Shortly after in Nov 1883 it became
Dresden, after the German town. Then in Sep. 1887 it was Berwyn, after a town in Penn.
Last it became
Gene Autry on Jan. 1, 1942.
Submitted by: Eleanor "Gypsy" Wyatt

I found more towns not on the Oil Boom list and the section, township, and range for the town without this information.. There were a few towns that had a different location listed. So I combined both lists for Carter County and made notation rootsweb was different in brackets. A second site had six more towns [Brock, Carter Seminary, Clark, Deese, Glenn and Provence], but was short of two [Gap and Gaspur] The combined lists follow. - courtesy Fran

Reference: Butch Bridges Carter County Government site