Carter County

Gene Autry

Originally named Lou by C.C. Henderson for his wife, the post office was established July 11, 1883.
On November 22, 1883, it was renamed Dresden. The name was changed to Berwyn on September 1, 1887.
Finally, on November 16, 1941, it was renamed Gene Autry to honor the singer and motion picture star, Gene Autry.
Born in Texas, Autry's family had moved to Oklahoma while he was an infant. He was raised in the southern Oklahoma towns of Achille and Ravia.
In 1939 he bought the 1,200 acre (4.9 kmē) Flying A Ranch on the west edge of Berwyn and the town decided to honor him by changing its name.
Approximately 35,000 people attended the ceremonies broadcast live from the site on Autry's Melody Ranch radio show.


Gene Autry Museum

Gene Autry, Oklahoma Museum



17 August 2014