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(Right) Emile Cleveland HENRY married Una Alica PROCK in Norman on 4 February 1906. Both are buried in Denver Cemetery. Photograph courtesy of Bill Kemner. More information on the Henry and Barret families may be found here.


Below is a listing of cemeteries in or near Cleveland County.
Some have links to transcriptions and photographs.

= Cemetery books available for free, onsite research at the
Cleveland County Genealogical Society library in Norman, Oklahoma.


Name & Links
Latitude & Longitude
cemetery book

Absentee Shawnee Tribal Cemetery

35.210894N 15694 OK-9
initially reinternment from graves moved from what was to become Lake Thunderbird
-97.223171W west side of Thurderbird Bingo complex south of Highway 9

Adkins Family Cemetery





Banner Cemetery

35.0606N 12640 Banner Road


-97.1523W 3/10 of a mile east of 120th Ave SE on the south side of Banner Road

Bethel Cemetery

35.0935N 16710 E Post Oak Rd
-97.1148W 9/10 of a mile east of 156th Ave SE on south side of Post Oak Road

Blackburn Cemetery

35.1626N   Established 1898
-97.1902W 2/10 of a mile south of East Franklin Road on east side of 84th Ave NE

Blanchard Family Cemetery

  Little Axe  

Box Cemetery

34.5815N 20430 Pottawatomie Rd
Established 1898
-97.0830W southwest corner of County Line Road and Box Road

Central State Hospital Cemetery (See Rock Creek Road Cemetery)

Chappel Hill Cemetery

35.0148N 15527 192nd Street
-97.0931W northeast corner of Moffett Road and Harrah-Newalla Road

Corbett Cemetery

34.5824N 20038 144th Street
-97.1353W 5/10 mile north of Box Road on west side of 144 Ave SE

Cropper Cemetery (See Chappel Hill)

Denton Cemetery (See Holesonbake Cemetery)

Denver Cemetery

35.1235N 701 108th Ave SE
all early records were destroyed in the 1932 flood
-97.1653W 1.5 miles north of Highway 9 on east side of 108th Ave SE

Dripping Springs Cemetery

35.0722N 7947 72nd Avenue
-97.2003W 5/10 mile south of Maguire Road on east side of 72nd Ave SE

Elsiemont Cemetery (See Holsenbake Cemetery)

Emanuel Memory Garden

35.2136N 10598 S Western Ave
Oklahoma City

-97.3146W 2/10 mile south of SW 104th Street on east side of South Western Ave
Fairview-Maguire Cemetery (See Maguire-Farview Cemetery)

Fairview-Robinson Cemetery

35.1827N 16219 S Douglas Blvd
Oklahoma City
north end of cemetery destroyed by tornado
-98.2219W 8/10 mile south of SE 149th Street on west side of Douglas Blvd

Falls Cemetery

35.1358N 1223 84th Avenue NE
-97.1902W northeast corner of Robinson Ave and 84th Ave NE

First Christian Church Memorial Gardens


First Presbyterian Church Columbarium


555 S University

Ford Cemetery (See Kear Memorial Cemetery)

Friendship Cemetery

35.2130N 11246 S Luther Rd
-97.1140W 5/10 mile south of SE 104th Atreet on east side of Luther Road

Franklin Cemetery

Originally established on the Courtsey homestead, but in 1901 when George Fuller purchased the homestead, he requested that that all who had relatives buried there to reinter their relatives elsewhere so that he could build a home. Many remains were moved to Blackburn Cemetery.


Gibson Family Cemetery


Gullien Cemetery (See Falls Cemetery)


Heritage Burial Park

35.347821N 4000 SW 119th Str
Oklahoma City

Holsonbake Cemetery

34.5815N 11982 Box Road
-97.1555W Box Road and 120th Ave SE

Humphrey Family Crypt


Independence Cemetery

35.1117N 2531 48th Ave SE
-97.2211W 1/10 mile south of Imhoff Road on east side of 48th Ave SE

Kear Memorial Cemetery

35.2148N 11649 SE 104th Str
Oklahoma City
-97.1944W 4/10 mile west of Anderson Road on north side of SE 104th Street

Knoles Cemetery

35.1632N 19135 E Franklin Rd

Lexington Cemetery

35.0010N 17737 96th Street
-97.1802W northwest corner of Lewis Road and 96th Ave SE

Liberty Cemetery (See Warren Cemetery)

Lilac Hills Memorial Gardens

35.292203N 4600 S Broadway Ave
-97.454557W 1/10 mile north of Indian Hills Road on east side of Broadway

Little Charley Family Cemetery

  Norman This cemetery is private with no access.¬†From the Thunderbird Casino on Highway 9 east of Norman, OK, approximately one mile North on South Peebly Rd and 1/4 West on SE 224 Street. It is not visible from the road.

Little Jim Family Cemetery

  Little Axe  

Maquire-Fariview Cemetery

35.0818N 6652 96th Str


-97.1758W 5/10 mile north of Maguire on both east and west sides of 96th Ave SE

McGarey Cemetery

  Oklahoma City  

Moore Cemetery

35.1958N 800 SW 4th Street
-97.3009W 3/10 mile west of Telephone Road on south side of 4th Street

Mount Zion Cemetery

34.5723N 19252 Edge of Earth Road
-97.0858W 5/10 mile west of County Line Road on south side of Edge of Earth Road
Newalla Cemetery (See Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery)

Noble IOOF Cemetery

35.0703N 4363 Cemetery Rd
-97.2242W northeast corner of Cemetery Road and Highway 77

Norman IOOF Cemetery

35.242189N 1913 N Porter Ave
-97.441148W southeast corner of Porter Ave and Rock Creek Road

Pilgrims Rest Cemetery

35.2216N 9542 S Harrah-Newalla Rd
-97.0934W 2/10 mile south of SE 89th Street on east side of Harrah-Newalla Road

Pleasant Grove Cemetery (See Kear Memorial Cemetery)

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (See Knoles Cemetery)

Red Oak Cemetery

35.0604N 19768 Banner Road
-97.0902W 1.5 mile east of 180th Ave SE on south side of Banner Road

Resthaven Gardens Cemetery

35.2143N 500 SW 104th Str
Oklahoma City

Rock Creek Road Cemetery

35.1446N 1136 E Rock Creek Road
-97.2612W SW corner of 12 Ave NE and Rock Creek Road
Rose Hill Cemetery (See Chappel Hill Cemetery)

St. John's Episcopal Church Columbarium

  235 W Duffy

St. John's Catholic Cemetery-Lexington

35.0038N 17007 84th Str
-97.1902W 3/10 mile south on east side of 84th Ave SE

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery-Norman

35.246608N Norman

Inside Norman IOOF Cemetery

-97.440223W 2/10 mile south of Rock Creek Road on east side of Porter

St. Michael's Episcopal Church Columbarium


St. Michael's Episcopal Church Memomrial Garden


1601 W Imhoff Rd


St. Stephen's United Methodist Church Columbarium

  1801 West Brooks Street, Norman  
  corner of West Brooks and McGee

Sanford Family Cemetery

35.276351N 4814 72nd Ave NE

on private land exact location unknown; graves thought to have been moved to Blackburn Cemetery


Schwartz Cemetery

39.2236N 9072 S Anderson Rd
Oklahoma City
-97.1902W corner of 89th Ave and Anderson Road

Shiloh Cemetery

35.0525N 10171 72nd Street
-97.2005W 5/10 mile north of Slaughterville Road on east side of 72nd Ave SE

Smith Cemetery

35.1820N 3368 S Telephone Rd
Oklahoma City
-97.2937W northeast corner of of Telephone road and Bethel Road

Stella Cemetery

35.1855N Stella
-97.1243W 3/10 mile south of 149th Street on east side of Peebly Road

Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery

35.1731N 2301 E Indian Hills Rd
-97.2425W northwest corner of 24th Ave NE and East Indian Hills Road

Ten Mile Flat Cemetery


Tiger Family Cemetery

35.23262N Little Axe



Vondel Smith & Sons Cemetery (See Heritage Burial Park)

Union Grove (See Kear Memorial Cemetery)

Warren Cemetery

35.1425N 20251 E Robinson Ave



White Family Cemetery


Williams Family Cemetery

  Little Axe  

Willow View Cemetery

35.0355N 12592 108th Street
-97.1657W 1.5 mile south of Slaughterville Road on west side of 108th Ave SE

Wilson Family Cemetery


Wright Family Cemetery

  near the NE corner of the SW quarter of Section 6, 9N, 1W