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Oxford Family History

Our Oxford family lived in and around Coal County, Oklahoma beginning in the late 1800's. The first being John Collins Oxford and his bride Susan A. Cate. John was a share cropper working in the fields. John and Susan had eight children but only three were to survive to adulthood. Below is a list of their children and births and death.


Name: Born Died: Location:
Marget J Oxford February 07, 1870 October 12, 1872 Unknown
J W Oxford December 28, 1871 January 10, 1874 Unknown
Sarrah E. Oxford March 12, 1874 June 23, 1875 Unknown
John Samuel Oxford January 23, 1876 Sulphur Springs, Texas October 01, 1963 McAlester Oklahoma
Hurchel O Oxford September 01, 1878 June 23, 1880 Unknown

Mearry J.M. Oxford

February 19, 1880 September 18, 1882 Unknown
George Washington Oxford September 08, 1883 Montague County Texas March 1964 Ada Okla LeHigh ,Cemetary
Bullah A. Oxford April 19, 1886 Hunt County, Texas February 1912 Oklahoma
Charlie M. Oxford September 21, 1888 Muskogee Oklahoma 1973 Sulpher Springs Texas


John was born February 13, 1849 in Mo. His parents are unknown. Susan was born May 06, 1851 in Texas to James L and Sarah Cate. Susan passed away December 30, 1889 in an unknown location and John in 1924 in Lehigh, Oklahoma. John remarried after the death of Susan to Almeadie Ann Veal.

After the death of Susan, John sent their son Charlie to live with his sister Elizabeth Martin in Texas, he was but a year old at his mother's passing and needed a mother to raise him. To this day Charlie's descendents still live in Hopkins County, Texas.

The other two surviving children John Samuel Oxford and George Washington Oxford.

John Samuel Oxford has been intriguing and yet a mystery. This is what we know of him. John Samuel robbed a Post Office in Oklahoma about 1892 we are unsure of which, he was sent to prison for his crime, then later after his release he was playing in a poker game and was hit over the head from behind with a whiskey bottle and he stood and pulled his gun and fired, he shot and killed the wrong man, he again went to prison. Records show that John S. married Emma Unknown who was born in 1884 and they had a daughter named Alpha. John died October 01, 1963 in Krebs, Oklahoma. His death certificate states that he was a coal miner and had lived in Krebs for 55 years.

George Washington Oxford lived and died in the Ada, Coalgate and Lehigh area. The family farm is still intact in Coal County. George died February 1964 in Ada, Pototoc County, Oklahoma, at the age of 81.He was interred in Lehigh Cemetery, Lehigh, Coal County, Oklahoma. George married twice.

He married Billie Bird Veal 01 December 1904 in Indian Territory, Atoka . Billie Bird was born 5 February 1886 in Texas. Billie Bird was the daughter of John Veal and Fannie Ann Baker . Billie Bird died 8 January 1916 in Lehigh, Coal County, Oklahoma, at the age of 29. George and Billie Bird had five children.

Billie Bird Veal Oxford died being 8 months pregnant with twins; she had fallen over the flour barrel that was kept outside. Claborn was at home and the others were in the fields working.

He ran to get them and then the Doctor. The doctor was tending to a man whose leg was blown off in the coal mine and could not get there right away, and by the time the doctor arrived, it was too late to save Billie Bird and the twins.

[information furnished by Claborn Oxford ] Billie Bird’s body was interred after 8 January 1916 in Lehigh Cemetery, Lehigh, Coal County, Oklahoma.

George married Mrs. Eula Holliday Walker 19 September 1923, in Oklahoma. Eula was born 19 March 1898. Eula died in September 1968 in Oklahoma at the age of 70. George and Eula had no children. Eula had a son from a previous marriage to Frank Walker.

Lowell Walker was born 18 August 1918. Lowell died 24 February 1971, at the age of 52 Lowell is interred at Lehigh Cemetery, Lehigh, Oklahoma.

Children of George and Billie Bird

Name: Born Died: Location:
Claborn Wesley Oxford Married: Agnes Jackson , 1926 Okla. Betsy Ennis, 1934, Okla  January 09, 1907, Lehigh, Oklahoma  April 20, 1999 Tulare County, Ca
Allie L Oxford Married: Goldie Unknown 1932 , Okla Gracie Hicks 1934, Okla  December 23, 1907, Lehigh, Oklahoma  March 03, 1987  Dinuba, Tulare County, Ca
Vera Mae Oxford Married: George Richardson 1928, Okla  August 20, 1909 Atoka, Oklahoma  April 06, 1992 Live Oak Texas, Interred Lehigh Cemetary, Lehigh, Okla
Ada Idebell Oxford Married: Bee Bratton 1928, Okla  October 20, 1911 Oklahoma  living  
Hurshel Oxford Married Unknown Dec.29,1913 Oklahoma  April 08, 1939  Fort Sill, Lane, Oklahoma

Contributed by Debbie Oxford Long

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