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Dewey County Schools

Burmah 1907, Eureka 1917, Fountain 1897, Lone Tree 1909, Lone Star 1906-1913, Putnam 1910, Seiling, Vici 1930

Eureka School
Eureka School

Eureka School
Eureka School 1917 - George Woods, Teacher

Fountain School 1897

school, Dewey County, Oklahoma
Fountain School  SW 17-18-14 (SW of Canton). Teacher is Frank Wyatte.
School is mentioned in biography of Marvin Fountain Sr. The town of Fountain had a grocery store, post office and cemetery.
Thanks to Allen Clark for school name, location and teacher's name. 10Jul2006

Burmah 1907

Burmah School 1907
Burmah school 1907. Teacher: Agatha Bader.

Lone Tree  1909
Lone Tree School 1909
Lone Tree School, 1909, near Putnam. Teacher was Orpha Ratzlaff. Students were Anna Bader, Bertha Bader, Olive Bader, Aloys Bader, Freddie Bader, Charlie Cole, George Cole, Charlie Hamar, Rossie Hamar, Henry Hamar, Crystal Hamar, Clarence Park, Anna Settle, Nora Settle, Allie Settle, James Settle, Smith Taylor, Joe Taylor, Edna Bruce, Charles Bruce, Hazle Bruce, Hugh Bruce, Russell Bruce, Jesse Cole, Nellie Munson, Leland Smith


Oakwood School
Teacher, Ethel Mae (Wright) Spurlock


Putnam School 1910

Rainie Bell School

1910, near Putnam. Teacher Agatha Bader.

Putnam area school, Dewey County, OK

Marla Taylor writes, "This photo was among my grandmothers things. Mildred Fenstermacher (born 1905) moved to the Putnam area in the early 1900's. She and her siblings are in this picture as well as a Great Aunt of mine on my fathers side, Avis Hunter. I don't know why my other Grandmother, Retta Hunter, was not in the picture. Her age was between that of Avis and Mildred. Perhaps she was absent that day, or perhaps whoever wrote the names on the back made a mistake somewhere.
I don't promise all the names are correct, but I have nothing else to go by. I notice there is a Landa Reber. I am also related to the Rebers and have no record of a Landa, but I do have a Lloyd who would be the right age. Based on Mildred's age the picture was made about 1910-1912."

1st Row: Charles Thrush, Lloyd Butler, Clarence Fenstermacher, Lowa Reber, Floyd Thompson, Myron Harbert, Esther Nicholes, May Gregory, Mabel Fenstermacher, Mildred Fenstermacher
2nd Row: Manuel Butler, Netha Loulis, Audley Fenstermacher, Alfred Reber, Lee Nichols, Hadden Nicholes
3rd Row: Goldie Loulis, Mildred Nicholes, Gladys Harbert, Alise Gregory, Ethel Gregory, Landa Reber, Alfred Harbert
4th Row: Paul Fenstermacher, Mazy Thrush, Grace Adair, Bessie Reber, Addie Adair, Avis Hunter, Clayton Adair

Lone Star 1906

Lone Star School 1906

Lone Star School 1906, inside building

Lone Star School 1906, inside building

Lone Star 1913
Lone Star school 1913

Teacher, Lela Smith. Bart and Mart Woods holding the school sign.

Lone Star

Lone Star school, year unknown

Teachers - Ed Jones and Lois Bosworth - year unknown

Normal School, Taloga (Teacher Training)

Normal School, Taloga, Oklahoma

Normal Institute, Taloga, OK

Normal Institute (Teacher Training), Taloga, Oklahoma