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Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date: Feburary 2, 1937
Name: Private Burial Ground
Founded: 1884 by Pa Dan MCCRUMMEN
Abandoned; 1895 For private use
Present owner of premises: Lee MCCRUMMEN
Address of present owners: Paul Valley, Oklahoma
Original owners of the premises: Pa Dan MCCRUMMEN
Approximate number of graves: 4
Approximate number of marked graves: 3
General condition of headstones, including inscriptions: Good
Number of inscriptions copied: 3
Condition of the premises: well kept an iron fence around it
Legal location of burial ground: Garvin County, Section 12 Township 4N Range 1W
Field Worker: Maurice R. ANDERSON

VOLUME 111--microfiche #6016976


born Cumberland Co. Va.
Nov.28, 1816
died March 23, 1884

Wife of James DULIN
April 1880

died November 6, 1895

One unmarked grave

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