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Submitted by Sonya Smith
pictures and additions by Tom & Betty Barnett

This cemetery is known as the James cemetery and is located on the farm that belonged to my grandfather, Jesse Lee James. 
It is located about 8 miles SW of Lindsay in Garvin County.   My cousin Ron Newby and his son Josh repaired some of the
stones and re-fenced the cemetery last fall. There are 31 graves of which 19 are unreadable or un-identified. 
The following list is of the remaining 12 graves.  Hope this information is helpful to someone.

Sincerely, Sonya Smith

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Annie Peck                            b. Oct 20, 1877      d. Nov. 28, 1908                         Wife of Ed Peck 

Ben Burns                             b. July 9, 1896      d. March 13, 1944  Photo by Tom & Betty Barnett

Bonnie Joe Collier                b. July 6, 1918      d. Aug 19, 1928    Photo by Tom & Betty Barnett

Myrtle A. Collier                  March 2, 1888      (no other information shown)  Photo by Tom & Betty Barnett

Ollen B. Collier                      b. Aug 12, 1872      d. Feb 16, 1938  Photo by Tom & Betty Barnett

Elizabeth D. James               b. Jan 9, 1860      d. May 5, 1925 

Samuel E. James                   b. Feb 21, 1858      d. Feb, 17 1909 

Alta Mae McClure               b. June 14, 1907      d. March 16, 1929  Photo by Tom & Betty Barnett

Iman Eugene George           b. Jan 22, 1926      d. Feb 12, 1926                         Son of Bea and Hassie George                                     

Mattie Sledge                       b. June 2, 1873      d. Dec 26, 1923  Photo by Tom & Betty Barnett

Arnel Nesmith                     b. June 13, 1917      d. April 8, 1918 

Leavern Nesmith                  b. Feb 8, 1921      d. Oct 29, 1922    

Thurman Yarbrough              no dates        son of Beatrice Yarbrough  Photo by Tom & Betty Barnett

Bernice Yarbrough                b. July 20, 1902    d. March 27, 1937        Mother   Photo by Tom & Betty Barnett

Unknowns                              no info    -    no dates

Cowan                                    cannot read    (possibly Billy Cowan as listed below?)

John Edward Mullis               no info

Haward Lee Mullis               no info

Since posting the information on Friday I have heard from two families concerning the cemetery. From Scharlene Sledge Winningham and from Alta Mae Dewey (concerning the Nesmith family). Alta relayed the following information which concerns two of the unknown sites.  - Sonya Smith

"According to family information, this man was just passing through the countryside, stopped for a meal, and stayed on with the Nesmith family. No one ever said how long he was there, but he died and was buried in the James Cemetery. He must have been there for quite a while because they call him "Uncle" Billy Cowan. It would be well to have this information out there on the internet in case he has some relatives looking for him".

John Wesley Nesmith    b. Sept 25, 1837 in Holy Grove, Walker Co. AL     d. Nov. 4 1914 at home Lindsay, Garvin Co. OK   Son of William Nesmith and Martha O'rear of Alabama, husband of Elizabeth Ann Lockhart of Alabama

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Note:  We stomped around in this cemetery for a while. Mr. Newby had counted corner stones and we found some unknowns that had not been counted. Also, there are irises planted at random that might indicate more graves. So... the 31 graves count might not be accurate. You know how that goes. He counted some that he knew were out there but he could not find them. Anyway, I think there are probably a few more than we thought but who knows.  My mother, Hazel Beach Bales taught school at Rounds Creek school, which was located in this area and remembers this cemetery by that name, so if you are looking for Rounds Creek Cemetery, this is it.

Note:  Betty Barnett's mother taught school at Rounds Creek and thinks of this cemetery by that name, so if you are looking
for Rounds Creek Cemetery, this is it, only it's proper name is the James Cemetery.

Corner Posts at James Cemetery

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