Sandy Hill Cemetery
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Contributed by Vicci Willis-Williams, in honor of her Grandmother, Levina Tubbee Willis

This cemetery may be reached from Lake Longmire Road.  This road runs between Pauls Valley and Highway 177.  From Highway 177 turn west onto this road.  About 2 miles down you will come to an S curve and the Sandy Creek Bridge. Turn north just before the bridge.  The church and cemetery are up this road about 1/4 mile, on the west side of the road.  The cemetery is in back and to the south of the church in the brush next to the creek.  Part of it looks as if it could have been mowed earlier this year, or maybe last year, but the majority of it is overgrown.  There could be stones/burials back in the brush which weren't readily accessible.  If you find errors in this listing or know others who are resting here, please let us know.  Send email to the Assistant State Coordinator


sandyhill1.jpg (22386 bytes) To the left is a picture of
Sandy Hill Baptist Church,
a Native American Church.
Currently a group from Harmany
Baptist Church of Alabama are working
on an addition.

To the right is a picture of one of
the old camp houses.  The only
one still standing.

sandyhill2.jpg (29360 bytes)t.
sandyhill3.jpg (40006 bytes) This is a view of Sandy Hill Cemetery
which is behind the church next to
Sandy Creek

This is the only Inscribed Tombstone which is
currently accessible.  It may well be the only
inscribed stone, but there may be others in
the brush closer to the creek

sandyhill4.jpg (36178 bytes)

Sandy Hill Cemetery Listing

Gibson, Lester        1940 -  1982            Stufflebean Funeral Home Marker

Wallace, Marvin Jr.        July 29 ???? - July 29 ????         Funeral Home Marker

Gibson, Raymond       Aug 16, 1917 - Dec 2, 1995      Stufflebean Funeral Home Marker

Alberson, Anna Belle    Jan 10, 1934 - May 9, 1999     Cowley-Krien Funeral Home Marker

Hickman, Gaston        1904 - 1980          Funeral Home Marker

Willis, Levina Tubbe     Dec 28, 1896 - July 13, 1977      "Mother"

Lester, Rebecca Mae Harris     Aug 9, 1922 - June 6, 1999      "Daughter & Mother"

Wesley, Joshua     Sept 13, 1904 - Oct 3, 1991      Pickard Funeral Home Marker

Wesley, Leona     April 16, 1905 - Oct 5, 1991      Pickard Funeral Home Marker



Probably more burials here which are unknown

sandyhill5.jpg (40693 bytes) sandyhill6.jpg (43756 bytes)

sandyhill7.jpg (43352 bytes)


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