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This is a pictorial canvass - there are many more burials here as evidenced by what appears to be
various mounds and probably more that can't even be seen anymore.  There are many burials here from 1914, especially children.  This cemetery is fenced on the backside but not on the road side.  It is evidently being taken care of as it was neatly mowed when I was there, Saturday, September 1, 2001.

Wyatt Chapel Cemetery is located 4 miles west of the Satterwhite church and about 1/4 mile north of the intersection on the west side of the road. Also, the old Wyatt Chapel school was located about 1/2 mile north of the intersection on the east side of the road. The foundation is still there. My father-in-law, Joe A. Cook, used to maintain the Wyatt Chapel cemetery until his death about 4 years ago. DeWayne Colwell

See Cemetery Location Map for directions to Wyatt Chapel

Unmarked graves

Gibson, James L.L., Born Aug 11, 1861 Died April 19, 1981, husband of Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Crow Gibson - My Great Grandfather - Armenta Akers

Gibson, Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Crow, Born Jan 4, 1864 Died Feb 23, 1922, wife of James L.L. Gibson - My Great Grandmother - Armenta Akers

James L.L. Gibson was born August 11, 1861 in Bosque County, TX to Arthur Bradley Gibson and Francis Levenia Smithhart.
James died April 19, 1891 near Tussy, IT.
Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Crow was born January 4, 1864 in Dalton, Whitfield county, GA to John Van Buren Crow and Josephine Kirby.
Mollie died February 23, 1922 in Foster, OK.
They married in 1882 and lived in Decatur, Wise County, TX until 1886 when they left there for the Indian Territory to Ara.
Their Gibson Children were:
 Mertie May Gibson born April 30, 1883 in Decatur Wise County, TX. She married William Oscar Akers of Monk, IT
James Eldredge Gibson born February 11, 1888 in Ara, IT James did not marry. He was in WW I.
Beecher Elonza Gibson born March 23, 1890 in Ara, IT Beecher did not marry. He was in WW I.
Ethel L. Gibson born (after her father died) October 5, 1891 in Tussy, IT She married Oscar Eddington. I don't know where Ethel or Oscar is buried.
After James L.L. died Mollie Married William Reeves. William is buried in the Antioch Cemetery. They had four children: William Reeves, Robert Reeves, Mary Francis Reeves,
Coppenbarger, and Claud Reeves.

wchapel9.jpg (32524 bytes)    wchapel8.jpg (32360 bytes)

wchapel7.jpg (34706 bytes)    wchapel6.jpg (37969 bytes)

In the left picture above you see the Wright stone in the foreground with two unknowns located beside it showing just above it and the Lane stone is is the background and in the far background you can see the road.  The picture on the right is another view of the Lane stone with the two Davis stones in the foreground.

wchapel5.jpg (33443 bytes)    wchapel4.jpg (34690 bytes)

The picture on the left again shows the Wright stone with the two unknowns beside it in the foreground and the Wyatt and Welch stones in the background.   The picture on the right shows the Southern stone and the LeMay stone with two unknowns, one on either side of the LeMay stone.

wchapel3.jpg (33923 bytes)    wchapel2.jpg (34962 bytes)

The picture on the left shows the two Welch stones on the right and the Williams stone on the left side.  The picture on the right shows the Wyatt stone and the two Welch stones.

wchapel10.jpg (35288 bytes)    wchapel1.jpg (25933 bytes)

In the picture on the left you can see the base of the Lane stone between the two trees in the background and you can barely see the two Bell stones under the tree in the foreground.  The picture to the right shows one of the unknowns to the far right (the one next to LeMay) and the Cox and P.W. stones to the left.  You can see the oilfield equipment in the background, behind the fence.

southern3.jpg (35026 bytes)

This is a view of the LeMay stone with an unknown on either side of it.
You can see the Cox and P.W. stones in the background.

baker1.jpg (35641 bytes)    baker3.jpg (36779 bytes)

Leuella Leuise Baker, January 30, 1931 - November 15, 1936

irwin.jpg (35680 bytes)    pw.jpg (37504 bytes)

On the left, William Irvin and on the right P.W.

davis1.jpg (35112 bytes)    davis2.jpg (36871 bytes)

On the left, ???? Davis, December 20, 1923? - April 14?, 1926? and on the right, Williae? Davis, June 21, 1919? - October 11, 1919?

wright.jpg (35019 bytes)    cox.jpg (37638 bytes)

Left - A.J. Wright, died age 72, March 28, 1928 and right - Stellie Irene Cox, 1883 - 1929 - Mother
I just found out that this headstone that says; Mother, Stellie Irene Cox, 1883-1929, is the daughter of LaFayette and Mitilda Green, Sarah Stella Green. She married Alexander Cox. the name is wrong, and you may want to put a note as to who she is. This info was given to me by her G G Grand daughter.  Although my family tree info says Stellie Irene Cox was the name of Sarah Stella Green Cox's daughter, but the dates on that headstone are for Sarah Stella.  Could it be that Stellie put that on her Mother's headstone as being her Mother?  This is confusing, as the info I have says that Sarah Stella is buried in Pauls Valley Cemetery.  The only thing I can figure is that the daughter put Mother (and meant her mother) of Stellie Irene because the dates are correct for it to be Sarah Stella.  By Margaret Ayers

unknown1.jpg (34625 bytes)    unknown2.jpg (33327 bytes)

These two stones are beside A.J. Wright.  The one on the right is next to Wright and the one on the left is beside it.


lane1.jpg (37716 bytes)    lane2.jpg (35594 bytes)

Sidney Lane, Feb 14, 1890 - Oct 30, 1914
Son of W.J. & L.A. - Gone But Not Forgotten

wyatt1.jpg (32707 bytes)    wyatt2.jpg (36816 bytes)

Arthur L. Wyatt, Sept 21, 1913 - March 25, 1914
Son of E.L. & Celie - A Little Bud of Love to Bloom with God Above

waytt3.jpg (39367 bytes)    williams11.jpg (37764 bytes)

To the right is the Wyatt stone lying on a concrete and brick slab.   To the right is W. Theodore Williams, born April 13, 1865 and died November 12, 1931 with Ida O. (Parmer) Williams, born March 17, 1868 and died March 16, 1942.

williams12.jpg (35550 bytes)    williams13.jpg (36585 bytes)

    This is a view of the Williams stone showing the markers just to either side of it.  These are probably the old markers for the Williams which have been replaced by the newer one, but they could be unknowns also.

welch1.jpg (26143 bytes)    welch2.jpg (31396 bytes)

Lena Welch, November 9, 1915 - September 17, 1916 - Daughter of W.B. & R.E. Welch
Gone to be an Angel

   welch3.jpg (36241 bytes)     welch4.jpg (40262 bytes)   

Johnny J. Welch, January 16 - January 20, 1914

southern2.jpg (34248 bytes)     southern1.jpg (34347 bytes)

P.A. Southern, May 18, 1851 - August 12, 1914
Our Father has gone to mansions of rest

lemay1.jpg (38638 bytes)    lemay2.jpg (36993 bytes)

Pearl LeMay, May 1, 1912 - Oct 23, 1914
Daughter of B.L. & Evvie
From mother's arms to the arms of Jesus

bell1.jpg (38915 bytes)    bell2.jpg (37540 bytes)

Emmet Bell, March 29, 1932 - June 3, 1932 and Luther Bell, February 26, 1915 - July 4, 1934?

unknown3.jpg (36339 bytes)    unknown4.jpg (36644 bytes)

Two unknowns.  The one on the right is by the fence on the northwest side.

unknown5.jpg (40962 bytes)    southern4.jpg (39687 bytes)

The unknown to the right is between Southern and LeMay and the one on the left is on the other (left) side of LeMay

unknown6.jpg (40584 bytes)     unknown8.jpg (39609 bytes)

Two more unknowns

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