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1930 Garvin County Census
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Lindsay 68B

1930 Federal Population Census Incorporated Place:_________________ Ward of City:______________ Block No._________ Enumeration District No.__25-10__ Supervisor's District No.___9______ Sheet No._9B____ Page No._68B__
State: _Oklahoma_____ County: _Garvin_______ Township: Lindsay Township (pt of)_ Unincorporated place:____________ Institution________________ Date _April 15th, 1930 Enumerator_Perry L. Pyle___
  Place of abode …....………..Name……….….… …….Relation…… Home Data Personal Description Education Place of Birth Mother Tongue (or Native Language) of Foreign Born Citizenship   Occupation and Industry            
Line Number Street, avenue, road, etc. House number (in cities or towns) Number of family in order of visitation of each person whose place of abode on April 1, 1930 was in this family. Enter surname first, then given and middle initial if any. Include every person living on April 1, 1930. Omit children born since April 1, 1930 Relationship of this person to the head of the family Home owned or rented. Value of home, if owned, or monthly rental, if rented Radio set Does this family live on a farm? Sex Color or race Age at last birthday Marital condition Age at first marriage Attended school or college any time since September 1, 1929 Whether able to read and write Place of birth of each person and parents of each person enumerated. If born in the United States, give the State or Territory. If of foreign birth, give the country of birth. See Instructions for additional entries required for certain countries Language spoken in home before coming to the United States CODE (for office use only. Do not write in these columns) Year of immigration to the United States Naturalized or alien Whether able to speak English ……..OCCUPATION…….. Trade, profession, or particular kind of work done, as spinner, salesman, riveter, etc. ……...INDUSTRY……... Industry, business, or establishment in which at work, as cotton mill, dry goods store, farm, etc. CODE (For office use only. Do not write in this column) Class of Worker EMPLOYMENT Whether actually at work VETERANS Whether a veteran of the U.S. military or naval forces mobilized for any war or expedition No. of farm schedule  
……..Person……. ……..Father…….. …....Mother…….. State or M.T Country Nativity Yes or No Line number for un-employed Yes or no

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