1930 County Census

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transcribed by Brenda Choate

Wynnewood Township Index

Page 288A     Page 288B(Blank)

Page 289A     Page 289B

Page 290A     Page 290B

Page 291A     Page 291B

Page 292A      Page 292B

Page 293A     Page 293B

Page 294A     Page 294B

Page 295A     Page 295B

Page 296A     Page 296B

Page 297A     Page 297B

Page 298A     Page 298B

Page 299A     Page 299B

Page 300A     Page 300B

Page 301A     Page 301B

Page 302A     Page 302B

Page 303A      Page 303B

Page 304A       Page 304B

 Page 305A       Page 305B

 Page 306A       Page 306B



transcribed by Bill Hallman

Lindsay Township Index

Page 42A       Page 42B

       Page 43A   Page 43B(blank)

Page 44A       Page 44B

Page 45A       Page 45B

Page 46A       Page 46B

Page 47A      Page 47B

Page 48A       Page 48B

Page 49A       Page 49B

Page 50A       Page 50B

Page 51A        Page 51B

Page 52A       Page 52B

Page 53A       Page 53B

Page 54A        Page 54B

Page 55A        Page 55B

Page 56A        Page 56B

Page 57A        Page 57B

Page 58A        Page 58B

Page 59A        Page 59B

         Page 60A        Page 60B(blank)

Page 61A        Page 61B

Page 62A        Page 62B

Page 63A        Page 63B

Page 64A        Page 64B

Page 65A        Page 65B

Page 66A        Page 66B

Page 67A        Page 67B

Page 68A        Page 68B

Page 69A       Page 69B

Page 70A        Page 70B(blank)

Page 71A        Page 71B(blank)

Page 72A        Page 72B

Page 73A       Page 73B

Page 74A       Page 74B

Page 75A        Page 75B

Page 76A       Page 76B

Page 77A       Page 77B

Page 78A       Page 78B(blank)

Page 79A        Page 79B

Page 80A        Page 80B

Page 81A        Page 81B

Page 82A       Page 82B

Page 83A       Page 83B

Page 84A       Page 84B

Page 85A       Page 85B

Page 86A       Page 86B

Page 87A       Page 87B

Page 88A       Page 88B

Page 89A       Page 89B

Page 90A       Page 90B

Page 91A        Page 91B

Page 92A        Page 92B

Page 93A        Page 93B

Page 94A        Page 94B

Page 95A        Page 95B

Page 96A        Page 96B

Page 97A        Page 97B

Page 98A        Page 98B

Page 99A        Page 99B

Page 100A        Page 100B(blank)

transcribed by Bill Hallman

Elmore Township Index

Page 1A          Page 1B

Page 2A          Page 2B

Page 3A          Page 3B

Page 4A          Page 4B

Page 5A          Page 5B

Page 6A          Page 6B

Page 7A          Page 7B

Page 8A          Page 8B

Page 9A          Page 9B

Page 10A       Page 10B

Page 11A       Page 11B

Page 12A       Page 12B

Page 13A       Page 13B

Page 14A       Page 14B

Page 15A       Page 15B

Page 16A       Page 16B

Page 17A       Page 17B

Page 18A       Page 18B

Page 19A       Page 19B

Page 20A       Page 20B

Page 21A       Page 21B

Page 22A       Page 22B

Page 23A       Page 23B

Page 24A       Page 24B

Page 25A       Page 25B

Page 26A       Page 26B

Page 27A       Page 27B

Page 28A       Page 28B

Page 29A       Page 29B

Page 30A       Page 30B

Page 31A       Page 31B

Page 32A       Page 32B

Page 33A       Page 33B

Page 34A       Page 34B

Page 35A       Page 35B

Page 36A       Page 36B

Page 37A       Page 37B

Page 38A       Page 23B

Page 39A       Page 39B

Page 40A       Page 40B

Page 41A       Page 41B

Elmore City, Elmore Township

Page 266A       Page 266B

Page 267A       Page 267B

Page 268A       Page 268B

Page 269A       Page 269B

















transcribed by Brenda Choate

Whitebead Township Index

Page 238A    Page 238B (Blank)

Page 239A          Page 239B 

Page 240A         Page 240B  

Page 241A         Page 241B

Page 242A

Page 101A


























































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