George Gray & Vinie Gardner
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submitted by Carol Brownwood

The George Gray Family

From the Ardmore newspaper, dated May 1, 1980.  
It is of the George Gray Family.    
Back Row L to R  James C., William Riley
Front Row L to R  Gideon, George, Levina, Rosa Bell, & Nora Gray

The picture appeared with this article.

George Gray

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Ends - Mostly though, George Gray just stays home, living in the present but enjoying (the past?).


These are papers proving Vinie Gardner Gray and her descendents citizens of the Choctaw Nation, by birth.

George Gray  Paper 1

George Gray   Paper 2

George Gray   Paper 3

George Gray   Paper 4

George Gray   Paper 5

George Gray   Paper 6

George Gray/Vinie Gardner Marriage Paper 7

Vinie Gray  Paper 8

Vinie Gray   Paper 9

Vinie Gray   Paper 10

George Gray/Vinie Gardner Choctaw Enrollment Card

1855 Census showing Gardners in Indian Territory

1830 Choctaw Academy Students

1827 Choctaw Academy Students

1893 Choctaw Payroll   - Image 1

1893 Choctaw Payroll   - Image 2

1893 Choctaw Payroll   - Image 3

1893 Choctaw Payroll   - Image 4

1893 Choctaw Payroll   - Image 5

1893 Choctaw Payroll  - Image 6

1893 Choctaw Payroll   - Image 7

1893 Choctaw Payroll   - Image 8

Lavinia Gardner record

Rosa Gray  Paper 11

Rosa Gray  Paper 12

Rosa Gray  Paper 13  &
Paper 14

Albert Gray   Paper 15

Albert Gray   Paper 16

William L. McCarty   Paper 17

Jessie McCarty Death Certificate

Nora Gray McCarty Death Certificate

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