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Dripping Springs Cemetery
General Pictures
Submitted by Carolyn Mackey Byrum
Tribute To Her Mother
Syble Daphene Potts Bonner

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This is a view William & Henrieta Riddle's stones, the two large stones in the front, side by side, with Robert L. Riddle's spire standing back behind them under the tree.
Janie Riddle's stone can be partially seen behind and between William & Henrieta.

In this view you see Calvin Wright toward the front and Robert L. Riddle to the right


This view shows the entry gate and the two stones of Mother & Daughter, Pearl and
Dema Wright


In this view you see Jim and Corda McCarty, and two McCarty Infant headstones.
One is Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Jim McCarty and one is Infant Daughter of Boone & Ora McCarty
This few shows Bobbie's Rodeo in the background, Julie McCarty's stone, the stone for Will, Mary & Birdie, and the two stones for the
McCarty Infants closest to the fence.
Under this tree there is at least four standstone markers.  One of these is supposed to be
Quanah Perkins according to Susie Perkins
This is her husbands uncle who was 19 when he died.

This is my sister, Bobbie, mowing the cemetery on May 27, 2001.  She doesn't know I took this picture and she'll kill me if she sees it! She is just coming to William Riley Gray's stone.

In this view you see the backs of Jim & Corda McCarty's stone, Will, Mary & Birdie McCarty's stone, and Julie McCarty's stone Another view. You can see the oil equipment beyond the trees, in the background.

Another View

Another View

Another View

Dripping Springs Cemetery, with William & Henrieta Riddle in the forefront


The flat surface in front is where Charles and Ella Perkins headstone originally was before they were moved to Duncan Stone farthest to the right is Elisha John and Mary Ethel Current

General View of the Cemetery


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Also known as McCarty Cemetery and Riddle Cemetery
Submitted by Carolyn Mackey Byrum
Tribute To Her Mother
Syble Daphene Potts Bonner

Listings have links to Tombstones & some other information.

GRAY, Sam 1887-1891

WRIGHT, Dema, Dau of E. H. Pearl Wright Nov 28, 1899 Died Oct 20, 1900

WRIGHT, Pearl, wife of E. H. Wright 12-15-1881 Died 04-07-1900

MCCARTY Jim, 1891-1966 (Son of William H. Boone "Will" McCarty)

MCCARTY, Corda, 1896-1972

MCCARTY, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jim McCarty 1914

MCCARTY, Infant Daughter of Boon & Ora McCarty (Boon & Ora are buried in California)

1927 Unmarked stone (small - probably a McCarty child)

Unmarked stone (probably a McCarty)

MCCARTY, Will, May 25, 1866 - May 21, 1930 (William H. Boone "Will" McCarty, O. L. 's brother)

MCCARTY, Mary, nbd-1900 (Mary Welch - 1st wife of Will)

MCCARTY, Birdie, nbd -1906 (Birdie Christian - 2nd wife of Will)

MCCARTY, Julie L., "MOTHER" 1891-1928 (?)

WRIGHT, Calvin C. Born Oct 2, 1859 Died Jan 10, 1907

Two unmarked stones under 1st tree from gate
PERKINS, Quanah is one of these stones under this tree per Susie Perkins
This is her husbands uncle who was 19 when he died.


Small grave with funeral home metal marker and pipe to show end - unknown

RIDDLE, Henrieta (O. L. 's half sister) see picture
Wife of W. M. Riddle Nov 9, 1862 - Aug 31, 1922 (daughter of Mary E. & James McCarty, raised by Mary E. & William M. McCarty when they married after James was killed in the Civil War)

RIDDLE, W. M. July 12, 1854 - Aug 15, 1923 see picture
( The land where Dripping Springs was part of William's Indian allotment)

RIDDLE, Long flat concrete base with no head stones (Charles Perkins and wife Ella Riddle, dau of W. M. & Henrieta, bodies moved to Duncan by their children according to J. I. McCarty, Susie Perkins tells us they died in a train-car wreck)
see picture see news article about deaths from 1928 Pauls Valley Democrat

Possibly two graves (according to J. I. McCarty)

RIDDLE, Robert L. Born April 15, 1884 Died Dec 17, 1910 (son of William & Henrieta Riddle) see picture

Possibly two unmarked stones Next to Riddle/Gray markers

REEVES, Willie R. Son of E .J. & M. J. Reeves Born Dec 7, 1897 Died Sept 17, 1899

GRAY, James C. Oct 18, 1885 July 21, 1960

GRAY, William Riley Okla PFC BTRY C343 FIELD ARTY WORLD WAR I March 18, 1892 June 18, 1963

Big Epley marker with Unmarked stones for 3 or 4 Graves, possibly replaced by The following stones
Baby Girl, ca. 1900 Dau of Joseph Nora (Joseph & Nora Epley?) (Nora McCarty was O. L. 's Sister)
EPLEY, L. Pearl, Mar 23, 1898 - Feb 8, 1899 Dau of Josepy Nora (Joseph & Nora Epley?)
EPLEY, Robert L. Sept 20, 1896 - Mar 12, 1902 Son of Joseph Nora (Joseph & Nora Epley?)

VINEY Martha Louise Mar 7, 1873 (need to get dates off headstone) (Epley Granddaughter?) Dau of Daniel Viney

BAILEY, Elizabeth Viney (Epley daughter?) Jan 2, 1852 - Aug 7, 1899 Wife of Daniel

BAILEY, Sarah L. Jan 5, 1872 - Jan 20, 1961

WATTS, William C. March 30, 1874 - Jan 16, 1959

Two unmarked stones Epley

EPLEY, Nelda Fay & Reece Vaughn Oct 11, 1939 Born -Died May 4, 1933 Daughter - son Of Ishmel and Ina Epley (Dates are confusing - listed exactly as inscribed - See DAR records for their translation of this)

BAILEY, Frank son of W. J. & S. L. Bailey Born May 15, 1901 Died Oct 25, 1901

WATTS, Selia July 15, 1832 - Feb 14, 1904

WATTS, William July 11, 1832 - June 14, 1891

WATTS, Sara Jane (Campbell) 1859-1892

WATTS, Jeff Jan 16, 1860 - Feb 14, 1898

WATTS, Mary Delia June 10, 1892 - June 23, 1906

RIDDLE, Jamie Dau of W. M. & H. E. Riddle Born Oct 18, 1887 Died Aug 19, 1896

GRAY, George (Paid to have the cemetery fenced as it is today) Jan 7, 1858 - Sept 1, 1953

GRAY, Albert (This is on side of same stone as Vinnie's) Son of George & Vinnie June 28, 1899 - June 9, 1900

GRAY, Vinnie Wife of George Gray Born June 1, 1868 Died April 3, 1900 (Same stone as Albert Gray)

LAPSLEY, Weightman, FATHER 1860 - 1914
LAPSLEY, Ellen, MOTHER 1859 - 1913

LAPSLEY, Wallace W., Son of W. L. & E. L. Lapsley Born Mar 28, 1889 Died Sept 17, 1899

GRAY, Mary J. Daughter of Geo and Vinnie Gray Born Sept 17, 1887 Died April 18, 1896

Unmarked stone

MCCARTY, Sylvia (Potts) (O. L. 's daughter - a twin to Golda) Sept 24, 1909 - Dec 6, 1943 -see picture - see news article

MCCARTY, Doyle (O. L. 's son - a twin to Royal) July 23, 1912 - Jan 14, 1933

MCCARTY, John (O. L. 's son - William Archie McCarty) April 21, 1905 - Feb 26, 1937 (changed his name to John)

MCCARTY, Mary E. Jan.26, 1840 - 1912 (O. L. 's mother - Mary Elizabeth Lotspeich McCarty) Wife of William (was married to James McCarty 1st who was killed in Civil War - then married his brother William Mercer) (William Mercer McCarty is buried in Erick Oklahoma) (Grandmother to Sylvia, Doyle, John, & Mary E. McCarty Current who were brothers & sisters, and who were children of O.L. (Ollie) and Rebecca Elizabeth (Betty) Brown McCarty. - O L. & Betty are buried at Whitebead Cemetery in Oklahoma just outside Pauls Valley, their daughter Golda is buried at Elmore City, son Ollie Junior is buried at Whitebead Cemetery, and daughter Jaunita is buried at Mt Olivet. They still have two children living.)
see family picture

MCCARTY, Charlie , Son of W. M. and Mary E. McCarty Born Sept 4, 1876 - Died Mar 27, 1891

Two unmarked stones

GRAY, Mary McCarty (O. L. 's sister) Wife of George Gray Born April 26, 1872 Died Oct 29, 1932

Two or Three unmarked stones

JOHNSTON, F. A. Born July 7, 1837 Died Jan 28, 1896 (Date of death is eligible and is taken from DAR records) (Slim white spire stone with sea shells around top where inscription is located will be entirely eligible soon)

CURRENT, Elisha John Nov 2, 1903 - Oct 4, 1981
CURRENT, Mary Ethel Dec 8, 1901 - May 13, 1994 (O. L. 's oldest daughter - double headstone)

Three unmarked graves

GREEN, M. A. Wife of Eli Green Born June 30, 1834 Died July 20, 1892
This is Mary Ann Perkins Green, wife of Eli. They were married June 1, 1851, in Rusk Co. Texas. Their son Lamar married Ella Francis Doake who was a daughter of Samantha Lotspeich Doake. Samantha was a sister of Mary Elizabeth Lotspeich McCarty. see family photos Info from
Margaret Ayres

GREEN, Eli Born Nov 25, 1834 Died May 7, 1894
Eli was the son of Gideon Green who was born in Alabama in 1811 and died in Rusk Co., Texas Sept 7, 1861, see family photos
Info from
Margaret Ayres

GRAY, W. L. Born May 26, 1859 Died Feb 27, 1895

GRAY W. L. 1884-1914

CURRENT, Billy Ray Born Feb 6, 1954 Died Dec 10, 1994
(was buried behind Elisha and Mary Current but was moved to Whitebead by his family so he would be closer and in a well cared for cemetery)

Two unmarked stones

C. J. Cheatwood, Born in Ala March 15, 1851 Died March 11, 1899
More information on Charles Jordan Cheatwood

Possibly 5 or 6 unmarked stones in one area Or maybe two or three with foot markers Probably small children

STEPHENS, Willie O. Dau of CA & AL Stephens Born Feb 28, 1906 Died Mar 23, 1906

GRAY, Charlotte McCarty 04/26/1870-10/29/1932

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