Members of the Historic Pitchlynn Family
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Emma Curry Pitchylnn

This is photo of Emma Curry wife of Garvin County Pioneer George Pitchlynn, Chickasaw Roll number 3687.  
Emma Curry was born in Dublin, Montgomery County, Alabama in 1885.  She was the daughter of Arthur and Fannie Shaver Curry.  
Emma's mother was of Choctaw Descent.   Her grandmother was named Caroline Shaver (1/2 Choctaw) 
and her great-grandfather was named John Ochiltree (full-blood Choctaw).   Emma Curry was a pioneer of Garvin County.  
She came to Wynnewood, Indian Territory in 1900 and married George Pitchlynn on December 10, 1902.  
She was a very religious person who cared dearly for all of her many children:  Georgiann, roll no. 518, (born 1904), 
William, roll no. 114, (born 1905), Bertha (born 1907)  and Theodore Pitchlynn (born 1908).

Fannie Shaver Curry

Fannie Shaver Curry was born 1855 in the State of Alabama, she died around 1897.  
She was married to Arthur Curry and the mother of eleven children: Berry, Maggie, Jeannie, 
Clark, Thomas (photo & info), Edward, Mary,
Emma, Irene, Fred (Photo & info) and Zebedee Curry.  
She was the mother of 
Emma Curry (Pitchlynn), pioneer of Garvin County.  
In testimony before the Dawes Commission in 1902, family members stated that 
Fannie's mother was named
Caroline Shaver, born in 1827.  
They also related that Caroline's father was named
John Ochiltree
and that he was a full-blood Choctaw Indian from Mississippi.

Bertha Pitchlynn Nelson Bruner

Photo of Bertha Pitchlynn, a member of the Chickasaw Nation, 
and a member of the historical Pitchlynn family, 
who was born in Pauls Valley, OK in 1907.
She was the daughter of George Pitchlynn, a Garvin County Pioneer.
Bertha married first to Charles Nelson Jr. and then to Calvin Bruner, 
a Seminole Freedman. 
Bertha died in 1973.

Jefferson Pitchlynn 

Jefferson known as "Jeff" Pitchlynn roll no. 4934 (Chickasaw), born 1885 and died: 1934. 
Jeff was killed in a hit and run automobile accident on High Hill in Ada, Oklahoma. 
Jeff was the son of Garvin County Pioneer George Pitchlynn and his first wife, Angeline (Kimble) Pitchlynn (Chickasaw). 
Jeff was married to Miss Lucy Perry (Chickasaw). 
Jeff is buried in Muskogee, Oklahoma. 
Historically, Jefferson was the grandson of the Chickasaw Constable Jefferson Pitchlynn 
and his wife Judy, and the great-grandson of Senator Thomas Jefferson and Mary Susan (Allen) Pitchlynn.

Alice Pitchlynn Brown Bynum 

Alice Pitchlynn Brown Bynum (Chickasaw) was born in 1863. Alice died sometime before 1893. 
She as the daughter of Garvin County Pioneer John T. and his second wife: Susan (Fraizier) Pitchlynn. 
John T. Pitchlynn is buried in the Shirley Family Cemetery behind the Wynnewood refinery. 
John T's first wife was Elizabeth Harris (Aunt of Chickasaw Governor Robert Harris). 
Alice was first married to E. W. Brown, and then to Chickasaw Judge Joseph Bynum. 
Alice was the first cousin to Garvin County Pioneer George Pitchlynn. 
Alice had several sisters and brothers: Susan, Daniel (died as a child), Thomas Jefferson (died in infancy), 
Joseph (died as a child), Henry (died as a child), Sallie Leona (died as a child) and William Pitchlynn (died a as a teenager). 
Historically, Alice was the granddaughter of Senator Thomas Jefferson and Mary Susan (Allen) Pitchlynn, 
and the great-granddauther of Major John and Sophia (Folsom) Pitchlynn. 
Alice is buried under a Tree on the old Bynum Farm.

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