Sylvia McCarty Potts
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Submitted by Carolyn Byrum

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born September 24, 1909 in Pernell, Garvin Co., OK
killed 12-06-1943 at the age of 33, in Maysville, Garvin Co.,
Buried at Dripping Springs Cemetery, Tussy, Garvin Co., OK
daughter of O.L. & Betty (Brown) McCarty, a twin to Golda
Submitted by Carolyn Byrum


Sylvia McCarty Potts
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Syble Daphene Potts Bonner
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Twins Billy & Jimmy Potts
children of Sylvia & Lawrence Potts

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McCarty Twins Syliva and Goldie married Lawrence & Cecil Potts

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Sylvia & Lawrence with children, Daphene, Norma Lee, Billy & Jimmy

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Norma Lee Potts

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