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Contributed by Diane Gann

The US Government was determined to close the Post Office (I can't remember
what year but will find out) no one wanted the job as postmaster. Uncle
Jess Gann wanted Foster to stay on the map. So he volunteered to be
Postmaster until someone wanted the Position just to keep it open.

I will try to get you the names of all the Postmasters from the time of conception to now.

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Foster General Store

This material is donated by people who want to communicate with and help others. Every effort is made to give credit and protect all copyrights. Presentation here does not extend any permissions to the public. This material can not be included in any compilation, publication, collection, or other reproduction for profit without permission.

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Foster Cemetery
Old Indian Cemetery at Foster

submitted by Barbara Strickland

Foster General Store, circa 1930

Foster Postmasters

submitted by Diane Gann

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J.M. Bass was a merchant at Foster, Indian Territory, before there was a Post Office there.  He petitioned off a small section of his store and different people would go to Whitebead Hill and get the mail, bring it there and put it in this space.  He then allowed people to come and pick out their own mail.  This practice was continued until the Post Office was established.


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On August 12, 1891, a Post Office was established at Foster, Indian Territory.  Noah Foster, owner of the blacksmith shop, was appointed Postmaster.  He served as such until September 28, 1894.  After leaving the Post Office, he returned to his blacksmith trade at Foster for awhile.  He later did this same work at Pauls Valley, Indian Territory.


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John W. Childers was appointed Postmaster on September 28, 1894 and served until April 30, 1898.

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On April 30, 1898, Dr. George Hanes was appointed Postmaster and served in this capacity as well as community doctor until   December 15, 1899.  At that time he gave up Government work and dedicated his life to his medical career.

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On December 15, 1899, William W. Howerton was appointed Postmaster.  He and John Hodges owned and operated a store in conjunction with the Post Office until August 23,1908.

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On August 13, 1908, John B. Shelton, the town druggist, was appointed Postmaster. He served until December 23, 1910.  He had the Post Office in his drug store.

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Mary Ann (Duck) Bivens, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Bass, helped John Shelton in his store and office during the time Mr. Shelton served as Postmaster.

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William J. Justice, another Foster merchant, took over the job of Postmaster on December 23, 1910.  He served until July 6, 1914.

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Arch Wilson who owned and operated a drug store was appointed as Postmaster on July 6, 1914 and served until April 19, 1922 when he resigned.  He moved to the then new oil town of Pernell, Oklahoma and opened a drug store there.

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When Mr. Wilson resigned, the Postal Department talked about discontinuing the Post Office in Foster.  Rather than see this done, William Gann applied for the job and was appointed Postmaster at Farris on July 6, 1914.  He was operating a drug store at that time so he appointed George Foster as his assistant. Mr. Farris did about all the postal work.  Many people said they never realized that Mr. Gann was Postmaster since Mr. Farris did the job.  Mr. Gann did not like the work and responsibility so he gave the job up on February 5, 1923.

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George Farris served as assistant Postmaster for William Gann.  In fact he did about all the office work during Mr. Gann's term.

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When Mr. Gann resigned the postal department again talked of discontinuing the postal service here.   The people of the community wanted their community to keep growing. They knew in order to do this they would have to keep a post office.  They talked to Edna Henderson, asking her to take the job.  She was a bit hesitant about this as there had never been a lady Postmaster at Foster or anywhere else that she knew of.  She was appointed February 10, 1923 and retired in December of 1942.  She did this being the first Foster Postmaster to retire from the office on retirement.

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Walter Justice served as Starr Carrier just about all of Mrs. Henderson's term as Postmaster and during Mrs. Berry's term.

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Mary Berry, daughter of Edna Henderson, was appointed as Postmaster, December 31, 1942.  She served until July 7, 1968.  She retired on the new retirement plan that had gone into effect during her term in office.  This plan allowed a Postmaster who had worked as long as 20 years to retire at the age of 60 with full retirement benefits.  Upon leaving the postal service she moved to Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, who had taken the job as manager of the Texas Refinery Recreation Ranch.

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This is the building that housed the Post Office and a store in the later part of Mrs. Henderson's term as Postmaster as well as all of Mrs. Berry's term.  This picture show Mrs. Berry's daughter, Dean Grimes, who acted as her assistant in the early part of her term, and her granddaughter, Shirley, as well as her husband's old dog Queenie.  In the background is Walter Justice, the Star Carrier at that time.

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Berniece Studdard served as Mrs. Betty's assistant for many years and as Marcus Nash's substitute carrier.  She is now serving as her Katie Studdard's, her daughter-in-law, assistant Postmaster.

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A rural route was established out of the Foster Post Office on November 16, 1927 and A.J. "Jap" Hinkle was appointed rural carrier. When he retired Fat Conner was hired to take his place.

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Mr. Hinkle appointed J.R. "Pat" Conner, as substitute rural carrier a short time before his retirement.  Mr. Conner then served as temporary carrier until Marcus Nash was appointed rural carrier.

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William Floyd "Speedy" Henderson served many years as assistant to Mrs. Edna Henderson, his mother, as well as to Mary Berry, his sister.

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Marcus Nash was appointed rural carrier on December 27, 1965.

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Katie Studdard, who served as Mary Berry's assistant for some time, was appointed as Postmaster on July 6, 1968.

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Bob and Katie Studdard next to the new Foster Post Office.

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Byron's Corner

Submitted by Diane Gann

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Byron's Corner, Foster, Oklahoma

Melvin Rains Store Foster OK


Melvin Rains Home Foster OK