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Author: Jack Story Date: 7 Apr 2005 6:55 PM  Neill Oklahoma 

My Dad, Dorset "John" Story was born nearby to Neill at Story I.T./OK in 1902. He always mentioned Neill but he always called it "Neill's Switch" which is common for any town or a railroad name for a siding off of a main line. He was telling me about his life growing up in Garvin County in the early 1900's, hunting up and down the Washita River and nearby creeks and bottoms. The map I am looking at is the DeLORME "Oklahoma Atlas <> on Page 52, about the middle of the page. Neill OK is on OK State Hwy. 19 about half way between Lindsay and Maysville. At one time there was a railroad running by Neill from Chickasha to Pauls Valley and there was a railroad siding where they loaded cattle located at or near. I attempted to look Neill OK in the book "Oklahoma Place Names" but it was not listed and no information on a place by that name. It is however listed on the U.S.G.S. "Topo" maps and still today is shown. Probably was only a locally known name that was used and identified by the railroad and that is why it ended up on the map.

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