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Business Directory for Paul's Valley 1893

Business Directory for Paul's Valley 1909

Where Garvin Oklahoma is

List of Populated Places of Garvin County, Oklahoma from the
U.S. Geological Survey

Feature Name Lat/Long USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map
Antioch 344330N/0972419W Elmore City North
S.W of Pauls Valley
Brady 343722N/0971656W Hennepin
Bug Scuffle
West of White Bead
Civit 344721N/0970731W Pauls Valley East
Elmore City 343722N/0972346W Elmore City South
Erin Springs 344839N/0973623W Lindsay
Florence Chapel
West of Paoli
Foster 343659N/0972920W Elmore City South
Gulf Junction 344344N/0971211W Pauls Valley
Hennepin 343032N/0972048W Hennepin
S.W. of Maysville
Katie 343446N/0972107W Hennepin
Lindsay 345005N/0973608W Lindsay
Maysville 344902N/0972420W Maysville
West of Pauls Valley
McGee 344932N/0965725W Stratford
Neill 344918N/0973044W Lindsay
Paoli 344936N/0971532W Paoli
Pauls Valley 344424N/0971319W Pauls Valley
Pernell 343341N/0973035W Pernell
Prairie View
East of Wynnewood
Purdy 344257N/0973514W Lindsay South
Satterwhite 343353N/0972417W Elmore City South
Story 345119N/0972730W Maysville
Stratford 344748N/0965733W Stratford
East of Pauls Valley
Wallville 344605N/0973013W Lindsay
White Bead 344548N/0971806W NW Pauls Valley
East of Hennepin
Wynnewood 343836N/0970951W Wynnewood




Feature Name Lat/Long USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map
Bethel Church 344653N/0970952W Byars SW
Cottrells Mission 344313N/0970113W Pauls Valley NE
Dixon Chapel 345027N/0970326W Byars
Fair Oak Church 343908N/0972106W Elmore City NE
Free Holiness Church 344933N/0971245W Byars SW
Home Sweet Home Church 343504N/0972000W Hennepin
Little Flock Church 343358N/0972723W Elmore City South
Love Church 344241N/0972214W Elmore City NE
Midway Church 343036N/0973035W Pernell
Mount Zion Church 343137N/0972419W Elmore City South
Mount Zion Church 344106N/0970525W Pauls Valley NE
Mountain View Church 343813N/0973207W Purdy
Prairie View Mission 343903N/0965807W Hart
Roady Church 343447N/0971622W Hennepin
Saint Timothy Church 344305N/0971315W Pauls Valley
Salem Church 343117N/0972109W Hennepin
Sandy Hill Church 344424N/0970011W Pauls Valley NE
Shady Grove Church 343537N/0973057W Pernell
Southside Church 344315N/0971247W Pauls Valley
Valley View Church 344558N/0971130W Byars SW
Walker Church 344417N/0970602W Pauls Valley NE


City and Township
Personal Property Assessments
Taken from Garvin County Newspapers

This material is donated by people who want to communicate with and help others. Every effort is made to give credit and protect all copyrights. Presentation here does not extend any permissions to the public. This material can not be included in any compilation, publication, collection, or other reproduction for profit without permission.

Walker Township-Personal Property Assessments-May 20, 1920

Stratford City

Stratford Township

1923 Turner Tax Receipt



What the Heck is a Township?

First of all, a township has nothing to do with a "town".  Already confused aren't you.  There are two types of Townships.  One is a Congressional township.  The other is a political township.   

A Congressional Twp. is a unit of measure for land.  With the addition of the Western frontier of Ohio, Oklahoma etc, Congress wanted to survey the new land to find out how much there was and to create some uniform standard for land survey and ownership.  This was to replace the old "meets and bounds" system which ran from some creek to some tree and then north to some other tree.  Problem is that creeks move around and trees die.  Congress decided to create the Township.  Each township was composed of 36 sections of land measuring 1 mile square.  Hence a Congressional township was a unit of land that was 6 miles by 6 miles.

A political township is one of no standard size.  The Turner township in Murray county is 99 square miles in size.  Mosley township is exactly 6 miles by 6 miles and is exactly 36 square miles in size.  A political township was began as a way to build and maintain Schools, Roads, Justice of the Peace, Constable, etc that have meaning in every day life.  Because the counties were not exactly square in shape, there are parts of another Congressional township attached to a Political Township.

The sections, or one mile squares of land, are numbered in an odd way as can be seen on the diagram below.  With North being the top of the diagram, the sections are numbered from right to left and then the number wrap back and forth.  Each 1 mile section contains 640 acres.

Townships are measured from two lines that cross at right angles.  The line that runs east and west is called the Baseline.  The line that runs north and south is called the Meridian.  All of Oklahoma, except the Panhandle,  is surveyed from a point 1 mile south of Ft. Arbuckle on the Murray - Garvin county line.  The north-south line is called the Indian Meridian.  The baseline 'generally' runs along the course of Highway 7 across Murray County.  

Each Twp. is measured as north or south of the baseline, such as Township 1 North.  This means that the Twp is the first six mile by six mile square of land north of the baseline.  So this Twp would be from 0 miles to 6 miles north of the baseline.

Now the east - west dimension is called a Range.   Now, if a township is east of the meridian or north/south line, it has an East designation.  The Twp. west of the Indian Meridian, it has  a West designation.  So, a township that has a designation of Range 1 East would be the first 6 mile by 6 mile east of the Indian Meridian.

To progress further into this, a township with the designation of  Twp 2 North, Range 2 East,  would mean that the area we want is about 12 miles east of Ft. Arbuckle and about 12 miles north of the base line.


Diagram of a Township

6 5 4 3 2 1
7 8 9 10 11 12
18 17 16 15 14 13
19 20 21 22 23 24
30 29 28 27 26 25
31 32 33 34 35 36

Now, we come to the legal description of a piece of land.  This is very easy to understand.  We have the Range and Township down by now.  All we have to do is add the section of land to the description.  Let's  assume  that  we  have  a  description  like:  S 31, T 1 N, R 1 E.   Looking above at the Diagram  to section 31.  This area would be the section where the Indian Meridian and the Baseline cross on the west boundary and the south boundary.  So, the southwest corner of the section 31 would be the Initial Point (IP) or the beginning point of the survey.

Intersection of the baseline and Meridian

The Green Township is T 1 N, R 1 E.

Twp 1 N, R 1 W 6 5 4 3 2 1
7 8 9 10 11 12
18 17 16 15 14 13
19 20 21 22 23 24
30 29 28 27 26 25
31 32 33 34 35 36
Twp 1 S, R 1 W Twp 1 S, R 1 E

We now know that a township is measured north or south of the baseline and east or west of the meridian.  We know that each township contains thirty six sections that measure one mile square.  Each section contains 640 acres.  Therefore a half section is 320 acres and a quarter section contains 160 acres.  Lets look at Section 31 in the diagram below.

Section 31

NW 1/4 160 acres NE 1/4 160 acres
SW 1/4 160 acres SE 1/4 160 acres

If we owned the 160 acre piece of land that was at the convergence of the baseline and the meridian, the legal description would be the Southwest 1/4, Section 31, Township 1 North, Range 1 East or in shorthand,  SW1/4 S 31, T 1 N, R 1 E.

Now you know what a Township is, why they were created and how they work.

Garvin County Township Map


This material is donated by people who want to communicate with and help others. Every effort is made to give credit and protect all copyrights. Presentation here does not extend any permissions to the public. This material can not be included in any compilation, publication, collection, or other reproduction for profit without permission.

Not sure what time period this is as I can name at least one community, Homer, which it does not show.  Homer was down around Hennepin & Hoover and may have been over into Murray County



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