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District 36

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Woodmen of the World Picnic at Eight Mile Creek
South of Hennepin

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This was a well attended picnic staged by the Woodmen of the World in 1901.  The men on the float in the center of this picture are L.N. Sales and E.L. Moles, an early day Hennepin merchant.  The girls are Leone Looney, Mae Morton, Maude Morton, Mae Salee and Verdie Sales.  Standing in front of the float are Dr. Morton, Henninger Looney and Ben Looney.  This photo part of the Ian Sales Kyser collection.

Hennepin School
District 36
School Year 1932 - 1933

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County Superintendent of Schools Year Book

School – Hennepin    Garvin County District No. 36          School Year 1932 - 1933

General Levy Fund 14.27 Mills
Bldg. Fund ___ Mills
Sinking Fund Levy 3.16 Mills
Total Levy 17.43 Mills

School Census
White 53 Male, 46 Female, 99 Total
Colored 6 Male, 26 Female, 32 Total
Aggregate 59 Male, 72 Female, 131 Total
Indians 0 Male, 0 Female, 0 Total
No. 8th Grade Graduates – 7
No. 12th Grade Graduates – blank
Model School  No  Points
Accredited School – No

Revenue From Sources Other Than Taxes
County Apportionment - blank
State Appointment – blank
State Aid - blank
Federal Aid - blank
Transfer Fees – blank
Other Revenue – blank

Valuation of Assessed Property
Personal Property - 6745
Real Estate - 29052
Public Service - 34142
Total Valuation - 99989 (listed as all in dollars column but s/b 999.89?)

General Fund Appropriation – blank
Sinking Fund Appropriation – blank
School Expense this fiscal year – blank
Deficit at close of year – blank
Surplus at close of year – blank

School Officers
Name                                               Post Office                  Term Expires              Appointed Date
Director –
R. L. Mouton(Morton?)Hennepin                     March 1935               blank
Clerk –
E. R. King                         Hennepin                       March 1934              blank
Member –
W. C. Cooper              Hennepin                      March 1933              blank

Name                              Address              Yrs taught Monthly Salary Certificate College/University Attended
C. L. Drennan                Hennepin                         7           $100.00                 Life                         blank.
Mrs. C. L. Drennan      Hennepin                        5              100.00                 Life                       blank

Length of Term          Summer Term – blank                              Winter Term – 7 1/2   months
Opening School         Summer Term – blank                             Winter Term – October 3, 1932
Closing School           Summer Term – blank                            Winter Term – May 5, 1933

Estimate Approved for school year
Gen Control    $7.00
Teachers Salary    1520.00
School Library    25
Janitors Salary    55
Janitors Supplies   10
Light Fuel Water   50
Maint of Buildings    25
Int. on Warrants   60
Transfer Fees    80.60
Total    $1832.60

Name of pupil transferred to district From Dist No Cost of transfers
Anna Lee Pope            18                 $25.00

Acres in site – 5                     Estimated Value of Bldg $3000.00
Date Erected – blank, First Cost - $3000.00 Value of Equipment - $1000.00,  Insurance - 2000.00

                                    Total enrolled to date Total Days attended Av Daily Attendance     Days Taught 
Total Boy, Grades              39                           4534                         29   
Total Girl, Grades                34                           4417                          29                                150                                 
Total Boys, High School     
Total Girls, High School           


Some of those pictured are Verdie, Mae, Vergie and Walter Salee, Mae and Maude Morton and Jodie Underwood.  If you can name anyone else pictured here please let us know.

Second row down from the top and fourth from the right is my grandmother, Susie Jane Poe.
Top row and third from the right is her half brother, Joe Henry Poe.
  Submitted by Portia Sword


hennipenschool.jpg (42870 bytes)

Mr. & Mrs. Drennan's 1935 class at Hennepin.  Students are (bottom row left to right) Bobby Jacks, Keith Foster, Sonny Drennan, Dot cochran, Lola Hean Lowe, unidentified, Dick Morton, Herschel Lowe, Kenneth Findley, Nell Walker and Gene Jones. (Middle row left to right) Dorothy McCaskill, Cecil Carter, Carlton Carter, unidentified, Donna Dennison, Georgia Gina Jacks, Imogene Haynes, Julius Lowe, unidentified. (back row left to right) Mrs. Drennan, Mr. Drennan, Juanita Ealey, Edna Ealey, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Betty Ritcheson, hart Sams, Dorothea Hedrick, Doris McCaskill, Isiah Carter.

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