Garvin County OK Schools

Contributed by Jean Brand

             School Teachers  8th Grade Graduates

In the days of early statehood a law was passed that required there be a school every 3 miles (within walking distance for all). This was the day of horse and buggy.  You couldn't get in your car and drive 10 miles to school in a few minutes.   This is what created so many of the small one room school houses of Garvin County. Early W .P. A. projects replaced most of the one-room school houses with nicer rock or brick buildings, most of which were later turned into community meeting houses or churches after being annexed.

Antioch - District #3 was organized  December 16, 1907 with the first classes being held on January 11, 1908. It was annexed in 1962 to Elmore City and Maysville with the last day of classes being June 29, 1962.

Arnold view school ( School District No. 50 McClain County was organized in 1913 almost solely through the efforts of RC Arnold . It closed in 1959. Carl & Clovis Hughes of Pauls Valley taught 5 years at Arnold view. Some of the students were:
Martha Scott, Jewell Orr, Mary Anderson, D. Scott, Herman Bennett, Mary Jo Bennett, Mildred Massey, Helen Arnold, Hazel Arnold, Essie Brewer, LaNora Brewer, Malcom Haney, Billy Joe Beam, Ozell Beam, Charles Boyd, Jay Bennett, RC Howard, Kenneth Bennett, Dean Anderson, George Pope, Paul Walker, Warren Scott, Jimmy Brewer, Hott Arnold, Addie Orr and Paralie Orr. Mrs. Clovis Hughes of Pauls Valley and her late husband, Carl, taught 5 yrs there.

Averitt View, Route 2, Elmore City, School District No. 46 ----- Maulsie Bulter of Elmore City taught at Averitt View. Among her students from the mid 1950's were Paul Isaac Miles, Raymong Perry, Larry Glen Russell, Maxine Stevenson, Lawrence Williams, Lilian B. Stevenson, Durant Lamey, Joe Lee Stevenson, Ella Mae Colbert, Jacquelyn Miles, John I. Perry, Marvin Perry, Elsie Rae Stevenson, Cleaven L. Perry, Curtis L. Stevenson, Maxine Smith, Billy Rae Shirley, Maxine Stevenson, Sharon Gail Kendrick and Helen Jean Shirley.

Beaty -

Bell - District #14 was located east of the Tabletop Mountains near Foster. Loyce Roller was a teacher there in 1932 with students such as Jim Bostic, Henry Roller, Woodrow Ketchem, Helen Brewer, Juantia Redman, Bit Fowler, Loyd Brooksher,  Claud Ketchem, Lea Roy Russell, Truly Bell Ketchem, Neoma Roller, Walter Brooksher, Maude Russell, Waunice Graves, Ralph Graves, and D. Johnson.  Jessie Mae Roller as a teacher there during the 1940 term.  Some of her students were Jugh Gardenhire, Jimmy Ray Gardner, Neva Fay Tomlinson, Junior Davis, Randal Griffin, Sammy Weaver, Jessie Ray Johnson, Harold McCaskill, Robert Russell, Roy Earnest Tomlinson, Marvin Davis, Linnie Davis, J.D. Duvall, Wetona Brooksher, Ruby Duvall, Pauline McCaskill, and Tommie weaver. Bell was annexed to the Elmore City and Pernell school districts in November of 1941.  Back steps and part of the foundation are all that is left of Bell school.

Bethel - District #67 laid out in Jan, 1911 and Built March 2, 1911 with classes beginning March 15, 1911. Jean and W.W. Futrell taught school at Bethel in 1941-42.  Students included Homer Brown, W .C. Fagan,  Bud Hamilton, C lovis Webb, Lupe Bazan, Vanoia Duncan, Janice Brown, Roxie Fagan, June Himes, Nadine Mcpherson, Richard Crull, David Sheppard, Joy Daniels, Gladys Smith, Tony Bazan, Carol Dean Webb, Beneva Brown, Joyce Lee Burton, Peffy Caudle, Genever Curtis, Willie Jean Duncan, Panzy Smith, Wayne Hayes, Donald Ray Webb, Kenneth Webb, Andrew Wilson, don Hollis, Marjorie Fagan, Nona Fae Fagan, M.Bazan, Delos Brown, Vernon Fagan, Dorothy Duncan, Freda Mae Fagan, Ella Wilson, Tom Bazan, Billy Jim Brown, Joe Burton, Bobby Joe Hines, Lynn Jones, Clifford Sherar, Bobby Tate, Pauline Jones Billy Ray Cowan, Clifford Fagan, Hendrix Hayes, Byrd Vandever, Cedell Webb, Gloria Lee Hamilton, Effie Lee Hines, and Fairy Bell Wilson.

Blanton View was named after the late JT Blanton, a Pauls Valley attorney. It was organized in 1908. The first teachers were Alice Holt and Roxie Hughes. The school closed in 1955. It was located in the northeast corner of Section 34, 5 north, 2 west of McClain County.

Blue Branch was a segregated school located South of Rosedale. The school was organized about 1910 and closed in 1955.

Brady - Was organized Dec 24, 1907 with classed beginning Jan 11, 1908 and was located 7 miles west of Wynnewood.  The first school board members were S.W. Adams, G. S. Brady (Clerk) and R. P. Baker.  Brady had an enrollment of 171 students.    The Brady School disbanded in 1930 and was annexed  on Dec 15, 1949 as District 26 to Wynnewood.  Vennettea Pope was the teacher at Brady in 1925.   Some of her class was Leslie Anthony, Haskell Blackburn, Eual Buckner, Theodore Fox, Raymond Fox, Cecil Ruppe, Loyd Shirley, Bessie Nelson, Leslie Bucker, Reubin Cash, Harvey Long, Harley Nelson, L J. Pearson, Oland Warren, Truman Warren, Eugene Watson, Arnold Watson, Eula Buckner, Pearl Buckner, Sallie Killmer, Minnie Knight, Jannie Knight, Lillie Thompson, Ruby M. Warren, Ruby Warren, Nadine Watson, Eula Cash, Ora Pyle, Marie Ruppe, Eunice Sparks, Loydale Ashby, Fay Brassfield, and Ruby Noland.

Brown Springs - R.L. James, Vannoy Green, and Laurena M. Jordan were teachers at Brown Springs, near Wynnewood and the old Big Woods community, during the school year of 1941-42.    Some students were Timothy Harper, Lenten Jackson, Florence Edwards, Ethel Mae Harper, Mary Rose Kemp, Mona Ruth Smith, Elizabeth Coats, Willie Harper, Warren G. Kemp, Lillie F. Edwards, Leroy Harper, Loedis Harper, Gertie Edwards, Mattie Lee Kemp, Lewis Lee Lester, Francis Edwards, Rosie Lee Jackson, Mildred McBroom, John Allen Kemp, James smith, Sergent Vaughn, and Lydia Edwards.

Bryant -

Bug Scuffle - was a one room school house west of Whitebead which was run by the Whitebead School Board.  It was an elementary school.  Some of the teachers were Lara Ward, Ida Whitfield, Nola  Brimes, Clara Jo Holt, and Mary Spradling.  It was closed in the early 1930s.  Some students were Clarence Lavendor, Frank Seratte, Toy McCurley, Floyd Plummer, Roy Seratte, Roy White, Homer Plummer, HarveryChildress, Louis Childress, Jake Jones, Elmer Holt, May White, Clyde Watkins, Ott Seratte, Lulie Mae Campbell, Denzel McManess, Mazzie Davis, Lillian Matthew, Jewel McManess, Sylvia Walker, Ruby Jones, Marie Dongan, Nellie White, Frances Dongan, Norfaye  Seratte, Dessie Dongan, Myrtle Davis, Lois Watkins, Jessie Davis, Vada McManus, Mable Plummer, Lois  Sehpard, Lois Roberts, Iva Watkins, Auben Jones, Shirley Jones, and Frank Graham.


Byford  District #70 was located 2 miles west and 1 1/2 miles south of Stratford.  some of the students in Mr.  C.M. Dunn's class in 1941-42 were don Eads, Wallace Skelly, Lois Brown, Francis Jones, Lois Lunsford, Hazel Skelly, Junior Brown, Edward Smith, Mary Louise Dansby, Thelma Lee Jones, Imogene Prather, Patsy Raines, Luther Dansby, Lowell Wren, Calvin Russell, Omegia Brown, Lorene Jones, Eva Jean Prather, Virginia McMillin, J P. Skelly, Neta Jane Raines, Wanda Prather, Mona Smith, Luther Dansby, Wanda Fae Eads, Virginia Meadow, Shi Wren, and Joy Belvins.

Choctaw School was located approximately 3 � miles South of Byars in Garvin Co. It was torn down in the mid 1940's. Students in 1934: Arron Smith, LD Bollinger, Stanley Blevins, Hasteen Dykeman, Paul Bollinger, Wilford Keenom, Ethel Keenom, Bertha Shackett, Vivian Meely, Nora Smith, Louis Bollinger, Clarence Keenom, Gene Bollinger, Alice Kenom, Maried Smith, Marion Meely, and teachers, Delma Webster and Elmo Ray.

Civit School 1925:teacher Elmo Ray, among students: Zeltie Ray, Bethel Jackson, Ethel Jackson, Ralph Dykeman, Helen Sanders, Roy Belvins, Pat Ray and Windsey Duke.

Clabber Flats: now covered by Longmire Lake. Nora Glover was the teacher at Clabber Flats in 1902, Indian Territory. (I have a original picture, my great aunt attended here, Dolly Mae (Malicoat) Beddo). Flat was one of the few school houses that existed before statehood. The log building was located 4 miles West and 2 � miles South of Stratford. It's location, as well as that of the Clabber Flats Cemetery, is now covered by Longmire Lake. When school districts were organized in 1907, this area fell into the Walker District and was served by a school referred to as "North Walker." Members of the Brown, Watson, Gidden and Malicoat families attended school at Clabber Flats.

Cocklebur - was a white, two room building.  Garland Hope attended school here before 1919.  Jess, Bland, and Hubert Shegog, Gladys Bost, and Kate Bost also attended school here. The school was located about halfway between Maysville and Lindsay on Hwy 19 then 2 miles south in section 22, 3 west, and 4 north. It was near a like which has since been drained for farm land.

Consolidated Three School District - Con 3


Cottonwood -District 57 Was located in Section 6, Range 2 West, Township 3 North, Garvin County on R.L. Holland's land 2 miles west of Stratford and about 1 1/2 miles north of Hwy 19. All the Holland children attended school here and one daughter was even a teacher. Mozelle Todd taught there during the school year 1940-41 and Mrs. Ever Abernathy taught ther 1941-1942 year.  Their students included Benny Beck, Bobby High, Bobby Plaster, Jimmie Winchester, Doris Daniels, Claudene McKee, Barbara Sweetman, Phyliss Daniel, Jack Lee, Wanda Mae Mills, W.A. Danile, Donald Grimes, Carvel LaMascus, John LaMascus, Cleta Faye Adams, Violet Bunch, Jimmie Winchester, Jonnie Colwell, Joyce High, Joyce Loper, Harold Wilson, Jessee LaMascus, Leroy Coody, R. T. Plaster, Wahnella Rae Daniel, Lucretia Lee, Lema Lee Wilsom, Kenneth LaMascus, Bonnie Dean, Roger Daniel, Betty Jo Adams, Wesley Wigley, Billie Lee and Doris Daniel. Ernest Willard and his wife taught in 1904-41 also.  Some of their students were Edward Smith, Rilly John Thrasher, Nadine McGehee, Curtis Clutts, Bela Evans, Danny Joe Farly, Mattie Mae Robinson, Nadine Freeman, James McManus, Nadine Freeman, Kathleen Hones, Barbars Phillips, John Best Ernest Evans, Clyde Wayne Best, James Smith, Mary McManus, Emma Price, Daniel Evans, Rex Farley, Willie Thatcher, Foyle Gibson, Mary Ruth Jones, Petty Phillips, Mary Loou Best, Juanita Sue Robinson, Herbert McGehee, Ed McManus, Altus Freeman, Billy Joe Gray, W. J O'Bryant, Perry Lee Rakestraw, Bernice Farley, Bessie Henager, and Wanda O'Bryant.

Crawford - Located five miles southwest of Wallville near the tabletop mountain was named for Jim Crawford. Some students there in 1938 were George Walker, Lon Stewart, Curley Harmon, Dale Webb, Floyd Bell, Billy Webb, L.C. Stewart, Kenneth Webb, Homer T. Harmon, Grady Stewart, and Buddy Harmon. Had as many as 100 students at one time.  

Crossroads  - District #46 - Attending in 1938 were M.C. Dennis, Myrtle Dennis, John Brumley, Arvey Dennis, Bill Paine, Leory Dennis, Leonard Brumley, Jack Paine, Virginia Webster, Genetta Lou Auld, Emmitt Pruitt, Wilam Cllxton, L.V. Hulsey, Edith Stalcup, Virginia Claxton, Ervin Pruitt, Joe Dennis, Pud Ward, Kenneth Dennis, Clinton Dennis, L.d. Anderson, Arvil Lee Dennis, Geraldine Pruitt, Minnie Burnett, Harold Dillard, Cleon Auld, Calvin Anderson, Laura Hulsey, Ruby Brumley, Dorothy Brumley, Rosa Brumley, Mary Dennis, J.R. Rose, Hank Anderson, Floyd Stephens, Melvin Dennis, Bailey Dennis, Alvin Stephens, Tim Stalcup, Scooter Tompkins, Dimp Tompkins, Laveta June Goodson, Peffy Perkins, Ray Anderson, Edward, Lee Perkins, and Bobby Carpenter.  Teachers were Kennard Spence and Beulah Auld.

Davis - District #47. Near Elmore City was annexed by Elmore City School system in 1958.  O. C. Vanbebber was a teacher in 1939-40.   Some of his students were Martha Joy Burch, Patsy  Burch, M.L. Trammel, Bruce Holly, Lurline Abshure, Pauline Holly, June Tillery, Laudie Mae Tillery, Mildred Womack, Dorothea Mitchum, Truman Donaho, John Glass, Ray Selby, Raymond Tillery, Perry Davis, Loywayne Agan, Aline Coomb, Geneva Selba, Vinita Tillery, Clara Bell Womack, Eula Burch, Leotis Smith, Clara Bell Burch, Goergia Glass, Mari eReed, Veda Roller, Dean Hollingsworth, Raymond Morton, Lee Tillery, Bill Tillery, Daphine Combs, Doris Morton, and Neva Trammel..

Daylight - District 54. The first school at Daylight was named Doaks.   In 1903, the community decided to build a school of it's own.  Sam Raggin gave the land for the school and the new school was called Raggin.  After statehood, the county was divided into school districts and Raggin was not large enough.  The community took bids and got a contractor to build a new building in July 1908. The school closed July 7, 1950. Richard and Bessie Martin taugh the first term at Daylight in 1908.   It was called Daylight because it was so far back in the woods that people remarked that you could not see anything but daylight. Some students that attended shcool at Daylight in 1939-40 were Wayman Ashley, O. W. Layton, Pauline Whitaker, Harold Hall, Sylvia Layton, Emlie Meridth, Erman McGee, Earl Courtney, Lois Courtney, Alton Whitaker, Betty Whitaker, Morman Combs, and Worth Hill.  The teacher was Martha Jane Driskell. Mrs & Mrs. Ray Allen were teachers there during 1940-41.  Some of their students were W. L. McCurley, Shirley Conway, Junior Whitaker, Anna Marie Jones, Alma McCurley, Ruby Whitaker, Kennith Johnson, Harold Courtney, Billie Jo Jones, Harold Hill, W. C. McQueen, Sylvia Layton, Early Courtney, and Betty Jo Whitaker.  Some 1926-27 students were Velma Carter, Tresae Henderson, Mabel Pettigrew, Bill Yandell, Opal Layton, Ruby Holder, Elsie Clazton, Delsie Claxton, Ollie Mae Yandell, Bessie Knight, Lessie Knight, Lena Wilson, Ruby Ollis, Ruth Layton, Beatrice Holder, Cleo Layton, Trudie Shipley, Clara Mae Shumake, Jessie Clazton, Lola Walker, Sterling Tompkins, Woodrow Claxton, and Cletus Ramsey with Nina Miller as teacher.

Dunbar Elementary was first organized by Bonny Youngblood, superintendent of schools.  After providing books, blackboards, and desks, he hired a young woman to teach black students at the Methodist Church at the time.  After a while the school was moved to the corner of Bradley and Maple but later was moved to it's final home at the corner of Birch and Tennessee.  The building bgain as a simple frame building.   In 1948, brick was added and in 1955, an annex was built to provide more room for the growing school.  According to the school's last principal, the late Freeland Cudjoe, funds for the Dunbar School did not come out of state funds like other elementary schools.  Instead, Dunbar received it's money from county-wide levies or millages.   Four classrooms made up the final school for as many as 165 students at one time.   Grades on through eight were taught at the school with each classroom having one teacher teaching two grades.  After completing the eighth grade, students were bussed to black high schools if their parents could afford it. An all black high school was organized in Wynnewood and students were bussed there until integration in the 1950's.   Principals at the school also had to teach two grades just as the other teachers were required to as part of their duties.  Those serving as principal were L. J. Hilburn, 1912-1914; J.R. White, 1914-1939; G.M. Richardson, 1939-1940; Emery Sampsoon, 1940-1942; B. M. Elsberry, 1942-1959, and Freeland Cudjoe, 1959-1966.  Even though salaries were not the same at Dunbar as other schools, the quality of educations was, according to Cudjoe.  Teachers at Dunbar included Beulah Black, Gertrude Garlington, Ana A. White, Mary Bracken, Lucinda Jackson, Lollie Bryant, Willie P Bates, Madge C. Boddie, Leanie Vickers, Vassar M. Buford, Gladys Currie, Wilba Clark, G.L. Anderson, Geneve Anderson, Edna Bradley, Clyde Ables, Altha Dorn, Eva Dell Lucas, and Velah C. Ross.   The seventh and eighth graders from Dunbar were sent to the Junior High in 1963, reducing the shcool to only grades one through six.  With desegregation, the school was closed at the end of the 1965-1966 school year with all students m oving into the rest of the Pauls Valley School system.  Even though the building remained vacant for more than 20 years, children continued to gather and play basketball on the school ground.   By the late 1980's, the building had seen it's better days and the school board voted to demolish the building as it posed a health and safety hazard to children in the area.  The land the school once sat on now belongs to the Bethlehem Baptist Church.   The bricks from the building were put in a brick yard just south of the Santa Fe Depot Museum with some of the bricks being used to build posts along the train right of way and to pave the courtyard.

Erin Springs - Dependent # 10 was organized in 1908.  Some teachers were T. F. beach, Hazel Bales, and  Ruby Bennett.

Farris Chapel - District 31 - 1940-1941 school term attendee's were Cecil Stevenson, Travis Steverson, Vivian Benett, Particia Knowles, Maxine Nero, Pearlie M. Reed, Ruby F. Williams, Daisy M. Williams, Marie Stevenson, U. D. Stevenson, Louise Munns, Delbert Shirley, Jack Bennett, Johnell Nero, Percy V. Russell, Thelma Davis, Sadie Munns, R.D. Russell, Vivian Bradford, Delia Bradford, Ollie Perry, Jeraldine Wells, Lorine Wells, Rose Marie Stevenson, Cecil Knowles, Leroy Riggins, Nora B. George, Ragna Munns, Arvel Nero, Bernetta Richards, Thelma Roberts, Beulah M. George, and Irene Avirett.

Florence Chapel RJ Mantooth and Mary A. Wallace taught during the school term beginning July 10, 1939 and ending September 1, 1939 (Summer Term) and beginning October 9, 1939 and ending April 26, 1940. Some of their students were Odell Turner, Junior Turner, James Taylor Jr., Austin Ashley, David Lee Ashley, Betty Jean Baker, Gladys Burnett, Bobby Ferguson, Lola Felan, Richard Felan, Robert Boren, Raymond Butts, Robert Mantooth, Haskell Sutton, Wanda Faye Henderson, Sue Mauldin, Yvonne Parteu, Mae Phillips, Raymond Ellis, LC Turner, Glenn Thrasher, James Whitely, Ouida Bingham, Betty Ferguson, Sarah Gosnell, Billy Earl Butts, Gerald Gosnell, Ray Sharp, Jimmie Boren, Geneva Whitaker, Harold Ellis, Donald Gosnell, Vera Pauline Radke, Katy Butts, Francis Taylor, JW Sutton, JW Thrasher, Jo Lee Bingham, Lenora Sharp and Velma Jewell Taylor. Florence Chapel was annexed by the Pauls Valley school district in 1955. (Sarah Gosnell was murdered in Sacramento, CA., Donald Gosnell died in a plane crash near Anchorage, AL., they were my 1st cousins, 2 grandchildren of Joseph Sanford Davis and Sarah Elizabeth Malicoat) My grandparents moved to what is known now as Garvin County, in 1891.)  see 1938-1939 class picture


French school, District 37, was named for A. J. French who was McClain county superintendent. It was organized in 1908. Some of the teachers at French were Mr. French, Mr. Tolbert, Mr. Pickle, Mr. and Mrs. SC Carlton and Mr. Justice. The school closed in 1958 but fond memories are left with Fred Miller, Charles Garner, T. C. Adams, Anna Faye Idleman, Donna Merritt, Phyllis Merritt, Kay Wren Merritt, Patricia and Nita Garrison and one Yorks. It was located on Hwy 24 North of Maysville.

Garvin Springs - District #62, built Feb 24, 1908 with classes beginning Mar 17, 1909 and closed July 5, 1957.

Grady - District #64 held classes for the first time in October, 1908.


Hennepin - 1935 teachers were Mr. & Mrs. Drennan.  Some of their students were Bobby Jacks, Keith Foster, Sonny Drennan, Dot  Cochran, Lola Jean Lowe, Dick Morton, Herschel Lowe, Kenneth Findley, Neil Walker, Gene Jones, Dorothy McCaskill, Cecil Carter, Carlton Carter, Donna Dennison, Georgia Jacks, Imogene Haynes, Julius Lowe, Juanita Ealey, Edna Ealey, Betty Ritcheson, Hart Sams, Dorothea Hedrick, Doris McCaskill, and Isiah Carter.

Higgens Chapel - Some students were Roy Boyd, Ted Walker, Crawford Winters, Billy Schwartz, Lola Dennis, Louis Walker Standridge, Edna Mumford, J.D. Schwartz, Sid Boyd, Geneva Ercanbrack, Vera Brooks, Jewel Seratte Marcum, and Lorene Mumford.  Teacher was Alvin Powell.

Hopewell - The first black school in the territory was taught in Hopewell Church by Mrs. Hyde and Mrs. Boles. Later a academy called Bethesda Mission was established in 1905 by Miss E. Fanny Johnson and Miss Crawford.  This was a territorial school although it was financed by the families of this community.  It was a boarding and a day school.  Trustees were: Dixie Smith, Sr., Steven Allen, Zack Allen, George Wiley, Monroe Smith.  As pupils graduated, they were sent east to higher educational schools.  The school was destroyed by a storm in the 20's and Miss Johnson was injured.  She later died in the Hopewell Church. Some early teachers of the school were Mr. Parker and Mr. Buchanon.

Hoover - District #34. In 1924 Donna Wlaker was the teacher.   Among her students were Herman Aaron, Alfred Aaron, Jack Box, Thomas Box, Opal Bridges, Lewis Bridges, Neilus Bridges, Alfred Cone, Brown Cone,  Viletus Digby, Bill Fox, Carl Harrison, Wesley Harrison, Calrence Harrison, Carlton Jones, Rufus Jones, Steve Hunt, Nolan Hunt, Jim House, Vernon House, Edgar House, Grover House, Leon Myers, Gage Moore, Ralph Rowe, Troy Skipwith, Eula Aaron, Melrena Adnerson, Eva Bearden, Era Bridges, Nola Lee Brown, Hattie Bean, Thelma Cone, Cottie Bell Carter, Pauline Carter, Lorena Maud Chivers, Velma Fox, Fannie Hunt, Lorena Hunt, Lottit House, Nora House, and Evelyn Box.

Hughes - 1946-47 students included Royce Landers, Leon Powell, Ray Brown, Jessee Jensen, Patsy  Scoggins, Maggie Owens, Jewel Jensen, Janice Adams, Mary Ann Wocks, Joe Walker, Bennie Bagley, Jaye High, Clyde Pratt, Leon Chandler, Tommy Hawkins, Ophelia Newberry, Bonnie Bagley, Patricia Casker, Don Knapp, Bill Knapp, Dean Phillips, Wanda Fox, Bessie Jensen, Willie Rollins, and Doris Faye. Teacher was Bessie Pemor.  Hughes was annexed in June 1968.

Ignorant Hill - Organized in 1914, located 1/4 mile south of Hwy 19 between Pauls Valley and Maysville.

Indianola College - Wynnewood, Oklahoma.  see picture

Jefferson School - Before recontruction in 1941 was designed as a replica of the Alamo. Mrs. C. S. Bush, Helen McNeal, Stella Terry, Mattie Kinder, Lillie Latimer and Ruby Perry were members of the first faculty at Jefferson.

Katie - Dependent # 46 was organized in April 1908.  Some of the teachers were Roy Romine, Vera Romine, Maulsie Butler all from Elmore City.

Kiser School and community was named for George Kaiser, a local merchant who ran a hardware store that sold everything from washboards to wagon tongues. The Post Office operated from June 26, 1901 to December 31, 1907. Ruby Flin was the first territorial teacher.  Parents paid $1.0 per child per month for their children to attend.. Orvilla Light was the first statehood teacher and was paid $50.00 per month. In 1911, school turned out for the students to get a good look at the first automobile, a Model A Ford. William I Seymour bought the school building and moved it to their homeplace. It is still standing atop Rattlesnake Hill. (Steward homeplace now).  Some students in the early 1900's were Willie Fox, Tom Seymour,  Claud Seymour. Ms. Light boarded with the Seymours when she was the teacher there.  Daisy James, May Rollow, Ludie Smitherman, Anah Terry, Ellla May Smith,  Laurence W. Smith, Beulah Darnell, and Delia Hamilton were some of the teachers.

Klondike - Class of 1901 included Pate Blankenship, Cleyburn Bennett, Henry Dewberry, Zan Driskill, George Driskill, Emma Pyle, Mary Pyle, Ocie Ward, Bernice Blankenship, Clarence Redman, Annie Bennett, Denie Raddin, Ivy Lee Dewberry, Donnie Bennett, Altha Houser, Laura Ward, Sally Driskill, Beatrice Gerod, Dempsey Collins, John Driskill, Palmer Williams, Paul Driskill, John Ward, Tom Pyle, Pearl Houser, Emily Ward, Esther Pyle, among others.  Teacher was Tom Peace.

Lee School - A 3 story building before it died in 1940

Lewis Chapel - Class of 1936 - Mary Evelyn Richardson, Clarece Lewis, Ruby Joyce Townsend, Helen Marie Callen, Thelma Clay, Jessie Tinnin, Emma Lee Milam, Georgia Mae Bailey, Viola Cottrell, and Loyd Ray Roland.  Mrs. Joe Davis was the teacher.

Liberty - first known as Elliot Chapel, the name was changed by a vote of the students. Built December 16, 1907 with classes beginning January 14, 1908.  Annexed in 1942 with classes ending June 1, 1942.  District 25: Lavora Spradlin was the 1st teacher at Elliot Chapel in 1927. Her students included Ray Gosnell, Phillip Hall, Clyde Johnson, Nellie Fitzgerald, Nattie Fitzgerald, Edna Wilmot, Annie England, Fay Foster, SC Hughes, Anna Hall, Fern Gosnell, Jimmy Stevens, Roy Stevens, Earnest Knight, Lester Vaughn, Cletus Fitzgerald and Robert Wilmot. Elliott Chapel was later known as Liberty. Bessie Martin taught at Liberty School in 1940 and 1911.

Lincoln High School - The first black school in Wynnewood was taught by Thomas Drake.  It was taught in a church until 1904 when a two-room building was built on the locations of the Lincoln Separate School grounds.  The school was first called Douglas.  The principals of this school have been: J. H. Gresham 1904-13, R. T. Jamed 1913-18, L .M. Jordan 1918-20 (poor health forced him to quit).  C. A. Totton was principal of the Lincoln High School when the brick building was constructed.  He resigned in 1939 and was followed by Dean James, who remained with the schools until 1956.   Some of the teachers were Mrs. Hattie Clark who started teaching in 1915 and Mrs. Laurena Jordon started teaching in 1920.  Both taught until integration in 1956.   Other teachers were G. A. Henyon, Prof. Kirpatrick, Grace Alexander, Henry Bufford, Iva James, Abilene Calhoun Matthews, Oline M. Richardson, Linell Evans Nolen, Venoy Green, Francis Ellis, Richard McCurdy, Marilyn Ford, among many others.  Lincoln school was integrated by turning it into a 5th and 6th grade school and the name was changed to Parkview.

Lindsay - Lindsay's first brick school building was built in 1910.   This building burned to the ground in 1918 while being  fumigated because of an influenza epidemic.

Lone Hill was located about 5 miles. North and one quarter mile East of Stratford in McClain county. The 1st school house was a one room log building and was destroyed by fire in 1911. Another school house was built on a site donated by George Hayes. The 3rd school house was built in 1921 just north of the previous one.
The teachers at Lone Hill in 1934 were Lois Forehand Willard and Ernesy Willaed. Their students included JU Fisher, Frank Furr, Faye Heath, Eloise Turner, Syble Campbell, Maude Heath, Velma Hayes, Dorothy Furr, Jimmy Turner, Mildred Strickland, Pauline Heath, Imogene Campbell, LaVina Haynes, and Lucille Heath.

Love School - District #56 - 1939-40 term teacher was Rena Coffey.   Some of the students were Tom Bishop, Junior Boney, Buford McCurley, Frankie McCurley, Curtis Loyd, Billy Bagwell, Frances Bagwell, Marcie Lee McCaskill, Jewel Pelfrey, Irene Wickware, Leona Mae Bishop, Loretha Evane, Joel Boney, Andrew Kelley, Herman McCurley, G.A. Murray, B.J. Wickware, Frank Garrison, Ellen Gilbert, Neautha Howard, Zelma McManus, Amber Morris, Junia Morris, Denzel Pyle, Valene Shaw, Mozell Wickware, Betty Jones, and Lois Brixie.  Some 1953-54 students were Joe Murray, Hurman Fowler, Jan Maness, Phillip Searcy, Jerry Maness, Dan Croo, Ed Pyle, Royce Searcy, Ann Croom, Ruth Morris, Troy Stinson, and Hazel McCunlley with Lela Croom as the teacher.

Maysville - In 1935 some students were Loyce Cooper, Geneva Sheefof Butler, Betty Willis, Dalphene Bass Lane, Alice Cannon Crouch, Juanita Roberson Hodges, Thelma Lane, Janette Stephens Hewett, Geraldine Stephens Pitzer, and Wanda Cooper Zimmerman.

McCarty - was organized from Dec 24, 1907 with classes beginning Jan, 1908 and closed in July 1964. Alton Ellis was the teacher during the school term of 1955-56.  Some of his students were Gary Couch, Dale Dobbins, Richard Dobbins, Andy McNiece, Bill White, Sue Simmons, Jannett Ward, Karen Ann Griffin, James Brooks, Howard Evans, Gearl Pyle, Norma Sue Carlton, Gay Mercer, Ray Farris, Jimmy Wright, Eddie Sanderson, Yvonne Carlton, Carol Ann Evans, Thelma Ward, Linda Sue Friffin, Robert Borrks, Bryan Carlton, Bobby Dobbins, Sammy Hollinger,  Billy Mercer and Dewayne White.

McGee - was located about 2 miles north of Stratford was annexed in 1953.  Mr & Mrs M.H. Finch, Mrs. E.M. Farmer, Walter Fields, and Henry Standridge were some of the teachers. 

Mexican Springs -A subscription school was built about 1890 4 miles norht and 3/4's miles east of Wynnewood near a live spring.  A Mexican family lived there so it was given the name "Mexican Springs". Some of it's teachers were John H. Vaughan, Suzie Blevins, Lyla  Ridings, and W.H. Stewart.  The building burned about 1910.

Moore - Located in the Randolph community was first called Randolph.   It was organized in 1910 and annexed in 1957. Some of the teachers were Nona Faye Dennis, Mrs. John Sterling, Mrs. Fred Randolph, and Monte Barton. 1946-47 class included Freddy Max Randolph, Donna Sue Randolph, Eugene Williams, Joyce Renfro, Leroy DeArman, Jane Ellen Stephens, Buddy Rains, Kenneth Southwell, Patsy Gilbert, Morris Rainey, Mary Wright, Kent Johnson, Delores Rains, Jerry Ray Stephens, Virginia DeArman, Martha Watson, Joe Whatley, Loma Ann Whatley, Delcine Gilbert, Charles Person, Katherine Watson, Ray Selmon, Joyce James, Bertha Jean Rains, Jerry Isbill, Fayne James, Sidney Renfro, Treva Williams, Luanne Webster, Loretta Webster, Mack Isbill, Bill DeArman, E.J. Williams, Dolton Rainey, David Watson, Bob Pearson, Sue DeArman, and Wanda Williams.

Mountain View - Was originally built on top of the Table Top Mountains and called Coe but the wind blew it down. It was rebuild just down from the top. This school was annexed to Pernell in the 1940s.  Some of the teachers were Mr. & Mrs. Sam Vandever, Mrs. A. J. Hinkle, H. Terry, and Mabel Strickland. 1927 class included Charlotte Shirley, Murl McConnell, Alvin Reynolds, Perry Lee Thomas, Ralph Ivie, Bernice Saunders, Louis Ehalich, J.B. Smith, Buddy McConnell, Bernice Walker, Truman Ivie,   Lena Reynolds, Imogene Smith, Ruth Davis, Charlie Davis, Viola Thomas, Ellis Thompson, Odis George, Ruby Thompson, Lee Horton, Irene Saunders, Velam Garner, Hazel Garner, Darsie Horton, Cora  Bell Davis, Charles Primrose, Dixie Primrose, Claudine Primrose, and Junior Gibson.

Mt Zion - District #30 - 1953 class was taught by C.M. Franks.    Some students were Armetta Buckner, Loretta Jackson, Herman Stevenson, James Franklin Jr., Melvin Miles, Walter Leon Williams, Odell Richardson, Vernon Prince, Marvin Prince, Roger Johnson, Lillian Franklin, L.V. Richardson, Lee Earl Franklin, Odell Wright, J.R. Miles, Altus Franks, and clara  Ella Richardson.

Nahola -The first school in the Nahola community was called Buttermilk.  It was a government school and was financed by the Muskogee Indian Agency.  After Buttermilk there was an old rock school house built of concrete block and rock.  The name Nahola meaning 'white man' was given to the school by S.M.White.   In  1909 or 1910 the school was moved and was annexed to Wynnewood in 1950.   Ella Mae Ammons taught at Nahola in 1927.  Some of her students were Lois Andrews, Nina Andrews, Fred Beauchamp, Vollie May Burns,Walter Keiner, Boyce Kimfull, Wanye Roberts, Ova Mae Roberts, Robert Smith, Mildred Thomas, Gorman Thompson, Estelle Weeks, Zelma Weeks, and Jennie Thompson.  Kittie Johnston taught at Nahola in 1926.   Some of her students were J.C. Beauchamp, Fred Beauchamp, Bernice Dickerson, Clara Dickerson, Alice Gaile, David Ivie, Frank Ivie, Mary Ivie, Ruben Ivie, Rufus Ivie, Boyce Kimbrell, Eugene Kimbrell, Viola Russell, emma Russell, Mildred Thomas, Gorman Thompson, and Jennie Thompson.  Some other teachers were Nora Seaton, Dora Himes, and Mrs. Howell. The first school board members were S.M. White, W. H. Stewart and Ed Johnston.   Some of the first teachers were Nora Seaton, Mrs. Howell and Dora Himes.  Morey, Williams, Chestnuts and Tompkins were later teachers.

New Hope -  The first school in this community, located seven miles east and one and one-half north of Wynnewood, was built about the year 1900.  It was made of logs and served as a school and a church.  The seats were benches with backs like park benches.  There were no desks as a slate, blue backed speller and an arithmetic book were all that were used.  Mr. McQueen was the first teacher. There was another school, a subscription school, located eight miles east and two and one-halp miles north of Wynnewood,  This was called the "Tabernacle" and was also used for church services.  It was located on the Henderson Harris farm.  It was made of boxing boards around the bottom, with a canvas roof.  Dora Smith was one of the first teachers.  Brother Butler from Roff and Brother Reeves from Pauls Valley preached here.  Martha Carmichael and J.M. McAlister were married here in 1906.  To pay for the construction of the Tabernacle the community held box suppers. The third school, was built in about 1910, seven miles east and three-fourths miles north of Wynnewood,  The two acres on which the building was built was patented to School District 23 from the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations in May, 1909.  This school was also used for church services.  Some of the teachers were, Finch, Yoder, Bowser, Morrison, Harrison, Pipkin, Barnett, Vanderslice, Beck, Courtney, Brashears, Lovelace, Johnston, Carter, Wilburn, Land, Himes and Powell.  See 1920 New Hope Student List



Oak Grove - Some students were Jimmy Bray, Larkey Loyd Stewart, Jack Archer, Odellia Cox, Ophelia Cox, Ruby Jo Gregory, Lora Vanetta, Joyce Stewart, Glen Burns, Oliver Eugene Cox, Dretha Largent, Bobby June Wilson, Betty Sue Yarbrough, Jerry Jester, E.R. Shelton, L.C. Stewart, Jaunetta Bray, Charles Ray Bray,  Donal Bray, Glen Largent, Virgie Cox, and Jessie Largent.  In 1943 the teacher was Audie Burrow.   In 1919 Pearl Wall and Pearle Brents both of Stratford taught at Oak Grove.

Oak Ridge - District 33 - Fannie Sue Hale was the teacher at Oak Ridge during the school term of 1924-25. Among her students: Clifton Cotterell, Olen Cotterell, Edgar McCaskill, Cartlon Jones, Ross Smith, Fay Moss, Inez Russell, Velma Evans, Louise Martin, Alice Jones, Mildred McCaskill, Pearly Coffee, Fannie Russell, Woodrow Been, Mattie Jones, Lillie McCaskill, R. L. Morris, Lou8ise Smith, Jewel Dodson, Marjorie Dodson, Howard Smith, Elzie Martin, and Jessie Beere. Howell was also school district no. 33.

Okra was a subscription school in existence from 1898 to 1907. The town of Okra ceased to exist after the OK Central Railroad built to the South of town instead of through it. Okra was located near Rosedale in McClain County.

Paoli School 1932: Mrs Jewell (Walker), Tom Montgomery, Kathleen Brooks Vergie (DeVille) Dykeman, Mr. Hoggitt was the teacher were among the students and teachers. First Graduating Class of Paoli High School -1921: Burgess Futrell, Cleta Gibson, Ferral Boren, Jeanette Thompson and Bertha Isbill. 1947 teacher was Herman Melford.  Some of his students were Douglas Whitaker, Ike Carter, Billy Goodman, Tommy Sterling, Noble Lee Edwards, Bobby Stephens, Danny Hawkins, Corky  Wigley, John Dodson, Sid Renfro, Sybil Beam, Virginia Shatley, Allene Everett, Eldon Michael, Kenneth Campbell, Mary Ellen Thrasher, Beth Bohanon, Marchita Steward, Gwen Craddock, Fern Craddock, Drucilla Tillson, Doris Mallory, Margaret Ward, Mary Lou Whitfield, Alice Hart, and Betty Kissire.


Parks - was established in 1908 4 miles north and one mile west of Elmore City and was closed in July of 1964. The building burned and all that is left is the cellar which served as a storm shelter for the community.  Harold and Overton Bradley were some of the students.

Peavine -   was located northeast of Pauls Valley.  The school burned in the 1980s. The teacher during 1930-31 was Lorene Powell Knight.

Pernell - 1934-35 students included Katharine Barnett, Margie Wilson, Ruth Gist, Veda Bucham, Jospehine Wilson, Juanita McConnell, Jane Bivins, and Lily Mae Harrell.


Pilgrim Rest - Located near the Big Woods community not far from Wynnewood.

Pleasant Hill - District #71. Laurena M. Jordan taught at Pleasant Hill in 1940-41.  Her students included Ben Calhoun, Bernice Lowe, Sandy Lowe, Elzora Calhoun, William Lowe, Leroy Peters, Mack Calhoun, Reecie Calhoun, Henry Coats, Dan Lowe, Willie Calhoun, Hazel Calhoun, Mildred Calhoun, and Virginia Lowe. This school was near the Big Woods community.

Prairie Grove - District #14,organized Dec 30, 1907 with first classes beginning on Jan 11, 1908. H. R. Martin taught at Prairie Grove, near Stratford, during the shcool term of 1941-42.  His students included Joe Shi Burlison, H. Ray McNeill, Jerold M. Underwood, Bernice Melton, Billy Jo Phillips, Billy Ruth Simpkin, Louise Bogarth, Carl Brown, Louis Charles Guiles, Billy Good, A. Underwood, Calvin Russell, Lavena Aaron, Izora aaron, Delores Clonts, Mary Lou Russell, Opal Ledford, Joe Ben Brundidge, Louis F. Nichols, Bernice Dykeman, Sherwood Burlison, Ivan Fischer, Mildred Brown, and Muriel Russell.

Prairie Point - was first names Harrison.  Miss Jessie Mae Gragg was a teacher there in 1927. Margaret Harmon, Lora Tomlinson, Kenneth Graves, Alfred Barnett, Eula Hawley, Robert Hawley, Elizabeth Terry, Clyde Graves, Edward Harmon, Dennis Tomlinson, Joe Bill Terry, Louis Barnett, Jack Harmon, Margaret McKay, and Ruby McKay were some of her students.  1939-40 Owen Cantwell taught there.  Some of his students were Joe Paul Blankenship, Drucillia Glass, Wanda Mae McNeill, Ruth Johnson, Billie Joe Bradley, J. M. Glass, Pauls Harmon, Lillie Lopez, Voncille Anderson, LaFern Terry, John Harmon, Joe Lopez, Claud Maddox, Jack A. Anderson, Lloyd Griffin, Captala Harmon, Carda Massegee, and Ida Holman.

Prairie View - District #41 was located near Roff. Ben H. Walters, Annie Perry, and Mrs. Bert T. Womack were teachers.  Some of their students in 1939-40 were Jimmy Davis, Dave Mercer, Royce Patton, Bobby Gene Vandever, Willa Dean Eldred, Betty Lou Graham, Betty Lou Harmon, Willa Mae Reed, Alma Summers, George Granthum, Preston Granthum, Billy Lackey, Frank Shackleford, Joe West, Irene Buttes, Betty Jean Miller, Ola Faye Mallory, Uldene Patton, Mildred Shackleford, Imogene Summers, Earl Glen Story, Fred Summers, Dave Vandever, Gladys Brown, Vaughnia Lue Dobbs Ruby Louise Herrington, and Lillian Ruth Story.

Purdy School House- 1943-44, Ruth Russell and Miss Seitter taught, among their students: Jim Whitt, Bill Whitt, June Wall, Robert Wall, Ray Wall, Joann Jones, Joy Barnes, Burnis Simmons, Al Jones, Bobby Joe James and Loyd Harmon.
Elmer Davis taught the school year September 2, 1940 to May 14, 1941. Among some students were Mildred Adkins, Joy Barnes, Jack Davis, Bobby Lee James, Leon Scoggins, Jimmie Ray Whitt, Dorothy Boyston, Ruth Brown, Anna Faye Rogers, Pauline Sims, Tom Davis, Paul Jones, James Parr, Doyle W. Billingsley, Claudia Cosby, Estelle Cosby, V Brown, and Charles Shoemake. Purdy was annexed by the Lindsey school district in 1957. (My grandparents Joe Davis and Sarah Elizabeth Malicoat attended this school in the 1890s).

Roady - District #31, built December 17, 1907 with first classes held Jan 15, 1908 and closed April 26, 1966. Early teachers were Ethel and Wendell Brashears, Arthur White & Norma Ruth White..

Rocky BLuff was located on the county line of Garvin and McClain counties northwest of Lindsey. C. Fallon taught there during the school year of 1942-43. JC Howell, Rond Killgore, Hubert Holden, Jo Brown, Mack Burns, Josephine Burns, Jimmie Jo Howell, Mollie Jane Worden, Norella Killgore, O. W. Cox, Roy Ballard, Vernon Brown, Gaila Mae Burrous, Gebe Brown, Charles Ray Brown, Neva June Bullock, Ivy Mae Brooksher, Thomasina Worden, Arlene Ballard, Inetha Davie and Talmadge Wood Ward were among the students.

Rocky Point - closed in 1946. Lucille King was a teacher as was Jessie Mae Roller.  The class of 1941-42 included Troy Chandler, Charles Copass, Charles Evans, C.W. Hixon, Hancel Lambert, Jerry Marshall, Jackie Miles, Willie Dean Powell, Donald Wayne Wall, Jerald David Burgess,  Billy Ann Clark, Mary Lee, Della Mae Winters, Bobby Ince, Clifford Miles, William Trout, Kenetha LeKoy Davis, Ruby Jo Gregory,Ethel Copass , Mary Lambert, Alta Jean Wall, Patsy Ann Trout, David Lee Ince, James Manning, Garland Shoemake, Mazine Aday, Eula Faye  Copass, Jessie Mae Largent, Carrie Smith, and Coletta Winters.

Rounds Creek - Mr. Russell Bales taught at  Rounds Creek, Route 3, Lindsay during the 1941-42 school year.  His students included Raymond Alexander, Buck Elam, Raymond Banks, Emma Lee Beam, Ohreta Vaughn Howel, Bobby Elam, Noaman Harris, Clayton Peck, Winford Smith, William Sizemore, Mildred Thomason, Orval Alexander, Joan Rice, Olivine Smith, Elvis Clark, Billy Ray Hill, Cherborne Schoonover, Wanda Lee Harris, Mary Dell Hoover, and Pauline Thomason.

Sandy, Like Christie, Cletus Griffin, Casey Cavnar, A. L. Watson, Miss Cromer and Opal Ogden taught at Sandy. It was first organized in 1904 in Oklahoma Territory and the first teacher was Mr. Whittwig. Another school house was built in 1916 but it blew down. Some of the students of 1933 were: James Dobbs, Bug Christie, Leroy Ferguson, Wyman Dobbs, Dorothy McAfee, Leroy Adkinson. Ernest Strawn, Lemora Moody, May Gibson, Robbie Dobbs, Eual McAfee, Eula Ferguson, Orville Collins, Nelson Christie, Johnnie Gibson, Roy Hollingsworth, Wayford Fox and Sonny Adkinson.

Satterwhite - Dependent # 30 was organized Dec 17, 1907 with classes starting Jan 9, 1908 and closed April 26, 1966.  Some of the teachers were L. E. Roller, C. M. Franks, Mrs. Ruth Kennedy, and G. McLellan. Some students in 1940-41 were Howard Kearns, Henry Kroth, Jenneth Wright, Everth Green, Kenneth Brown, Mildred Fisher, Mildred Gebhart, Ornega Otela Johnson, Frances Osteen, Annie Faust, Eva Ruth Fisher, Margaret Long, Catherine Smith, J.C. Dillingham, Edgar Faust, Noel Long, Junior Lynn, James Stephens, Carol Devine, Dolton Gillespie, Margaret Horton, Mae Pearl Johnson, Joycie Jolly, Dorothy Neal, Bertha Ann Shepard, Lois Brown, Jeral Batch, Calvin Moon, Kenneth Long, Dovie Burch, Alice Johnson, Leona Johnson, Wanda Rose Kerns, Madge Tibbeart, Zella Smith, Joe Paul Blankenship, Marvin Gillespie, Herman Horton, George Long, Lewis Neal, Wayne Brown, Ida Mae Dutton , Ruby Durrall, Arthur Devine, Loretta Hooks, Arleta Hook, Viola Moon, Betty June Snellgrooes, Joe Lee Bush, W.R. Church, Garland  Clemens, Troy McKee, Jean Ray Drennan, Loyd  Ray Henry. Other students were Joann Choate, Retha Mae Choate, Ben Choate, Leo Choate, Monte D. Choate, Charles D. Pickel.

Shady Grove -  - located Section 5, 1 north, 3 west about 1 1/2 miles south, 2 miles west, and 1/2 mile south of Foster.

Signal Hill, McClain County, was organized in 1908 and closed in 1951. The men of the community donated their time to build the school house. It was named after an old signal that was used by Indians to send signals to points in the Arbuckle Mountains. Mr. Browning was the first teacher.

Snider - Route 2, Lindsay - W.C. Seitter was the teacher for the school year 1940-1941.  His students inclued Wayne Johnson, Winifred Smith, Nora Jane Neal, Leona Price, Elgitta Williams, Virginia McIntosh, James McCully, C.L. Williams, Euna Nelson, Billie Jean Koshler, Olivenne Smith, Betty Robertson, Calvin Johnson, George Walker, Arvil Williams, Norman June Johnson, B. Nelson, Leon Johns, Leotis  smith, Nettie Walker, Charlotte Walker, and Lareu Combs.  snider was annexed by the Lindsay school system in 1952.

Story - Some students were George Kizziar, Margaret Smyers, D.C. Ward, Billy Smith, Don Ledgerwood, Lloyd Morphew, Pat Ivy, Glen Burditt, Sally Ward, Jimmy Bowen, Beverly Smyers, Don Ivy, Shirley Smith, Jerry Selmon, Jame sSelmon, Shirley Chambers, Harold Stephens, Harold Rice, Donald Mack Gillham, Bif Olstott, Joe Bowen Ed Lauderdale, Dwayne Burditt, Charles Whitis among others.  Kennard and Junnelle Spence were two of the teachers.

Stratford - Stratford's first school was held in an old store building owned by S.S. Lee and was located odn the lots near where Sam Eldridge had his service station in the fall and winter of 1907.  It was a subscription school and was taught by F. A. Gronendyke, who taught all the grades from primary to the 8th grads.  In 1908 the district voted bonds and erected the brick veneered building that was used until the file of 1936.  The school board was composed of S.S. Lee, Hug Stevenson, and R. M. Brown.  That was back in the days when the children were either brought to town in a buggy, a wagon, or even on horseback.  When the fire destroyed the old school it was a calamity as the district could not afford to vote bonds for another school that would adequately take care of the rapidly growing school.  The school board got in touch with the government agency responsible for matters such as these and they promised to help build a new school house.  Albert S. Ross, of Ada, was employed to design and furnish plans for the new building.  The building was 325 feel long with 14 class rooms and a large study hall. While the school was being built school the 1936-37 school term was held churches, stores, and the city hall.

Sweet Home - located near Katie.  Dora J. Hamilton taught the 1940-41 school term.  Some students were Charley Brooks, Ulysses Brooks, N. Stevenson, Freddit Perry, Flora Mae Perry, Roger Perry, V. Brooks, Geneophy Williams, Veola Stevenson, Lenora Brooks, Katherine Stevenson.  Loicy J. Harper taught during the 1953-54 term.  some of her students wee Billy Ray Shirley, Roosevelt Wrice, Kelvin Pollard, Azell Wrice, Sharon Kendrick, Helen Jean Shirley, carol Toler, Audrey Shirley, Willie Dean Shirley, Mary Ellen Wrice, Teny Kendrick, J.M. Shirley, and W.M. Shirley.

Union Springs -

Walker - First named consolidated #3. Kiser, Horseshoe, North Walker, and Central Walker were consolidated and assigned the designation of district #3.   Bonds were voted in the amount of $20,000 and a two story building was built and opened in 1922.  The first school board consisted of Flim Little, Jim Malone, and Mr. Gillian.  Mr. Davis was the first principal.  The teachers were Mary Ruth Atkins, May Morgan, Grace Angel, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Fuscell, and Brad Thomas. The building had 4 ground rooms and the upstairs which served as auditorium with stiff backed theater seats and at night with as a community building with lanterns used for lighting.  On the east side, divided by folding doors, was the upper grades.  This building was torn down to make room for the building now at Walker built in 1938.

Wallville - Located in the near extinct community of Wallville was a school and church.  The community had pie suppers in the fall which raised money for the community Christmas held there.  Sherman Holt and Frank Holdsclaw were early school board members and among other things it was their responsibility to see that firewood was supplied for the school year.  School would not begin until late fall after cotton picking time and lasted until early May.  Maude Yoder, Mrs. Patterson, and Bertie Allison taught at the school with Mrs. Patterson coming in a buggy from Maysville to teach while Miss Bertie Allsion boarded with community families and walked the back roads with her students to school.  The Holt children attended school there with Ora Wells, Emma Wells, Henry and Bud Caskar, and their sister, Cora Wigley, Hazel, Lois, and Oscar Jensen, and the Newberrys.  T hey were just some of the children who were taught here and who huddled with the teacher around the pot-bellied stoe until the building warmed up.  25 to 30 children were in attendance for each day of classes with short periods for recess and a game of yarnball, marbles, or dolls.  Their lunches were carried in a gallon bucket.

Whitebead - The first school was built in 1906 after the Indian School, Pierce Institute, was torn down. Teachers were Mr. Hayes who was the principal and taught upper grades and Bertie Johnson who taught lower grades. I. R. Tolbert took Mr. Hayes place and taught for 20 years, retiring in 1930.  The school now in use was built in 1919. W. G. Kimberlin, G. W. Southern, and M. C. Powell were board members.   Whitebead had a high school from 1925-1947. Due to small enrollment Whitebead lost the highschool  with students going to Maysville, Elmore City  and Pauls Valley.

Wilson - named for President Wilson was located just past the intersection of old highway 19& Lael Road east of Pauls Valley.  All that is left now is the cellar.

Woodland -  Garvin Co OK -- Woodland School, Dist No. 35, Hoover, Garvin County, Oklahoma. Teacher - Ola Hartness Year Beginning November 13, 1919 and Ending May 14, 1920 Grade and kind of certificate held by teacher - 2nd, Beulah Haley 9 F - This my Aunt she married William Green son of James I Green and Lillie Stewart James is son of John Green and Margaret Kilmer who is buried in Pauls Valley submitted by Janet Green

Wyatt Chapel -  was located about 3 miles from Foster. E. L. Wyatt donated an acre of land  from his farm.  The Wyatts had acquired their farm in 1906 and the Wyatt children would have had to travel some distance to attend school without this donation.  Mr. Wyatt and neighbors John cook, The Mintons, H.H. Fitzgerald, John Bost, the Millers, the Graves, the Pyles, the Harrells, and others worked together to build the one room school house.  Eventually a second room was added. The building was used for community gatherings and church services.  This was the reason for the name of Wyatt Chapel but everyone knew the school by it's nickname 'Wrinkle Sock School'.  Maybe because the students socks were always wrinkled.

Wynnewood - Some early students were W.R. Wheeler, C. Poole, V. McClain, Delno Brewer, Woodrow Burnett, L. Secrest, L. Luke, Earl Hays, Ruth Poole, Delena Thorn, Vivian Robb, Mary Carvers, Gay Baker, Matty Evelyn Lee, and G.P. Burnett.   Teacher was Mrs. Williams.

Wynnewood View - In the 1930's some teachers were Kitty Johnson, Ms. Norman, and Jo McClure while some of the students were Herman Watson, Ruth bevers, Mirie Tutor, Lucille Baxter, Louise Kennedy, Earl Offholder, Crack Tutor, Paul Palmtree, Lillie Thompson, J. Noland, Marie Ruppie, Tootise Stuxet, Lee Mitchell, Ora Pyle, Nadine Watson, Susie Stell, Raymond Cash, McAuthor Boyce, A. Hudson, Elsie McCray, Vera Palmtree, Oleta Cash.  This school was annexed in 1953 by theWynnewood School District.

Religious Schools

submitted by Marilyn A. Hudson" <>
The Stratford Pentecostal Holiness School (1913-1915)
                In 1913 the annual conference of the Pentecostal Holiness church met in Delmar Gardens in Oklahoma City.  W.D. York, who had continued to promote education,[1] spoke on behalf of the Pentecostal Holiness school in Stratford, Oklahoma.  The address motivated the 251 members to raise over seven hundred dollars for the school. 
                The Stratford school opened for its first term on February 24, 1914 and was a first through eighth grade grammar school with plans for a high school. Its faculty consisted of Dan W. Evans and Rexie Evans. The Board of Trustees included James Patterson, W.D. York, Dollie York, M.L. Dryden, L.F. Menser.
                However, by 1915 the school was closed down by an invasion of what was termed “unscriptural teaching” to the area. Then it closed completely when it was blown down in a severe storm. The teachings were described as “perfectionist” and “crucifictionist”[sic] and were declared, according to Bishop Dan T. Muse, to be both “unscriptural” and “erroneous” in the 1913 and 1914 annual conference meetings.[2]
Wagoner Literary Bible School (1915-1916)
                One source indicates that Evans may have also attempted an school in this area (ca 1908).    What is known is that Dan and Rexie Evans went back to Wagoner to launch the Wagoner Literary Bible School later in 1915.  It was located in the large residential property of a well known successful jeweler named Mann, and housed a grammar school of eight grades with the addition of a freshman high school class.   It is noteworthy for this history because of the “Pentecostal” revival that broke out in the school one Friday.  Seven year old Flossie Meredith was reported to have spoken in tongues at that time. Others receiving the Pentecostal Baptism of the Holy Spirit included: Aminee Collier (daughter of Rev. And Mrs. T.J. Collier), Beulah Beall, and 5 year old Esther Beall (daughters of Rev. and Mrs. R.S. Beall).[3]


  [1] York, Advocate, pg. 5.  In this article York indicates that he sent for Dan Evans to come and teach at a school in Ong, Oklahoma and that then Evans was in Stratford in
       1910-1912. The IPHC Archives has an early flyer and postcard for the school.
 [2] Oklahoma Conference Minutes, 1913-1914; Historical Sketches by Dan W. Evans; referenced in papers of Dan T. Muse.  An excellent volume covering the probable
       nature of the theological dispute is “The Rejected Blessing” by Jim Kerwin (Minneapolis: OTC, 2003.)
 [3] Evans, Dan W. Historical Sketches.



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Bennight 55   North District 21
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Bug Scuffle 16   New Hope Joint 3
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Po Box 278  Paoli, OK 73074
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Po Box 589, Stratford, OK 74872
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Hoover 34   Satterwhite 30
Hennepin 36   Shilo 31
Harrison 59   Shady Grove 55
Higgins Chapel 69   Story (Joint 1) 60
Horse Shoe 74   Snider 63
Hughes Consolidated 1-1   Toole 35
Ignorant Hill 52   Tidwell 64
Jordan 75   Union Springs 50
Kiser 20   Vaughter Joint 3
Katie 46   Wallville 13
Klondike 49   Whitebead
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LINDSAY Elementary School
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800 W Creek St, Lindsay, OK 73052(405) 756-3133
800 W Creek St, Lindsay, OK 73052(405) 756-3132
9   Walker (Consolidated 3) (D-8) 21
Little Whitebead 16   Wynnewood View 32
Liberty 25   Woodland 35
Little Flock 40   Wynnewood
CENTRAL Elementary School
702 E Robert S Kerr Blvd, 
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702 E Robert S Kerr Blvd, Wynnewood, OK 73098
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702 E Robert S Kerr Blvd, Wynnewood, OK 73098(405) 665-2045
Lone Prairie 48   Wyatt-Pernell (Consolidated 4) 40
Love 56   Wilson 74
Lewis Chapel 76      
McGee 1   Mt. Zion 46
McCarty 37   Tatum 46
600 1st St, Maysville, OK 73057
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600 1st St, Maysville, OK 73057
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7   Averit View 46
Myers 42   Sweet Home 46

    Note:     Maysville from 1922 - 1949 - Consolidated 2
Maysville 1950 - 1957    - ?

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 2 - PAOLI
Po Box 278, 
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Po Box 780, 
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Po Box 589, 
Stratford, OK 74872
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702 E Robert S Kerr Blvd, 
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Eighth Grade Graduates 1912 - 1919

Antioch School

Beaty School

Burrows School (Unidentified Pictures) Help?

Byford School, 1910 by  Inis Faye Bloomster
Byford School, 1931 by
May Snyder

Old Davis School in Antioch

Davis School Class about 1926-1927

Bell School, 1932

Brady School

Bray Girls Basketball Team, 1930s

Civet School, 1916

Crawford School 1938 & Unknown

Daylight School, 1926

Doyle Sophomore Class
Doyle High School Class

Elmore Class, 1905
Elmore City School, 1930's
Elmore City 1912 Girls Basketball Team

Elmore City 1963 Senior Class Picture

Erin Springs School, 1950's

Fair View School Year about 1933
Fair View School Year about 1930

Florence Chapel School, 1938-39
Florence Chapel School, 1913 - 1914

Foster School, 1907
Foster School, 1909 & 1911
Foster Girls Basketball Team, 1935

Hennepin School

Hughes School, 1941-1942
Hughes School Seniors 1956

Indianola College at Wynnewood

Katie School Building

1918 - 1925 Kiser School, Wynnewood

Klondike School

Liberty School, 1930's

Lindsay Football Team, 1915
Lindsay 8th Grade, 1917
Lindsay High School, 1920's
Lindsay School, 1927-1928 & more

Lindsay High School Ball Teams, 1920

Love School, 1920's

Maysville School, 1922?
Maysville 1925 Graduating Class

McGee School Building
McGee 8th Grade Grads, 1944

East Side School Building, Pauls Valley

West Side School Building, Pauls Valley

Pauls Valley 1897 School
Pauls Valley 1901-1902 Class 
Pauls Valley 1911 Girls Basket Ball Team

Pauls Valley 1910 Girls Basketball Team

Peavine School, 1930

Pernell School, 1915? & 1945?
Pernell 9th Grade Class, 1929
Pernell School, 1942 - 1943
Pernell School - Year
Probably 1947
Pernell School - Year about 1936
Pernell 1st & 2nd Grade Year
1944 or 1945

Pierce Institute, White Bead, I.T.

Prairie Point School, 1920's

Prairie View School, 1942 - 1943

Purcell School, 1947

Rocky Point School, 1920's
Rocky Point or Prairie Point School(?)

Rounds Creek School, 1940's

Satterwhite School 1922
Satterwhite School Rosters

Story School Class, 1936
Story School Class, 1939-1940

Unknown School Class
Submitted by Betty Barnett

Unknown School Classes
Submitted by Danny Phillips

Union Springs School Circa 1923

Old Vanoss School - No year

Walker School Building
Walker School, 1911?

Whitebead School 1909
Whitebead Main Six Basketball Players, 1933-1934

Whitebead School 1946 - 1947

Woodland-Hoover School, 1902

Wrinkle Sock (White (Wyatt?) Chapel) School

Wyatt Chapel 1929

Wynnewood Grade School 1942-43
Wynnewood(?) Mid 1930's Girls Basketball Team

Wynnewood Central School - Mixed Grade 1921
Wynnewood 8th Grade 1942-1943

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