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Mrs Lamar Looney
Mrs. Lamar Looney

Oklahoma's First Female Senator (1921) served 4 terms in Oklahoma Senate.

Lamar Looney,
Darrell K. Royal,
Hon. H. Treadway

Jeanette Coaly's Lists

Old Greer County: Greer, Jackson and Harmon Lists

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Harmon County Archivist -
Jeanette Perrin Coaly

Previous County Coordinators

Harold Massey Webmaster to Jan 18, 1998

Bill Cook Webmaster Jan 18, 1998 - May 18, 2003, over 18,700 visitors

Jeanette Coaly Webmaster May 2003-Dec 2010, 57763 visitors
Oklahoma State Coordinator
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Gene Phillips

Harmon County History

Greer County, Texas / Oklahoma TerritoryHarmon County, part of the original disputed Greer County claimed by both Texas and the United States, was created by special election in 1909, and named for Judson C. Harmon, a governor of Ohio and later U S Attorney General.

Hollis is the county seat.

Located in extreme southwestern Oklahoma, the county is known today as the "Irrigation Center of the Southwest."  The economy of the county is based largely on farming and ranching, principal crops are wheat, cotton and sorghum.  Recently contributing industries

Harmon County Dairy (closed July 2009),

Western Fibers Insulation Plant,
    manufacturing insulation from recycled paper

Buck Creek "Honey" Mesquite Company,Inc.,
    processing mesquite for use as a flavor enhancement for barbecued meats

Lake Hall provides fishing and recreational opportunities for the area.

"THE COTTON PICKIN' FESTIVAL is held the 2nd weekend in OCTOBER!
Watch October 9, 2010 Festival on youtube, click on link. Festival PREVIOUSLY was called: The Black-Eyed Pea Festival and was held annually during the second week in August.

Harmon County is named for Judson Harmon (1846-1927)

There are three Harmon County history books
"Planning the Route" and "Planning the Route 2" and NEW book
"PLANNING ROUTE 3" a History of Harmon County 1909-2009,
also "Vinson Memories", "Gould School" and "Arnett School"

Oklahoma Historical Society Encyclopedia, Harmon County

BlogOklahoma, Harmon County Courthouse

Birth records from 1909, marriage records from 1909,
and death records since 1909. Land, probate,
and court records are on file in the county courthouse since 1909.
Tax Record books and others can be found at the
Harmon County Historical Museum

1915 map of Harmon County

                                 Harmon County 1915

Harmon County Towns

Past and Present
A post office established February 8, 1909. Original townsite name was Gibson. Named for John A. Gould, first postmaster.
County seat of Harmon County. Post office established October 31, 1901, named for George W. Hollis, townsite owner.
Originally Francis, post office name changed to Trotter, April 25, 1902. Post office name changed to Vinson, August 20, 1903, named for Henry B. Vinson, townsite owner.
Rural community, 5 miles northwest of Hollis.
A post office from December 29, 1902 to December 31, 1913, named for Carl, son of Walter H. Armstrong, first postmaster.
Cora Lea
A post office from January 16, 1893 to March 30, 1907, named for Coralea Merideth, daughter of early resident and *physician, James S. Merideth.
A post office from June 30, 1892 to January 31, 1919, named for John Dryden, English poet and dramatist.
A post office from October 10, 1891 to August 31, 1909, name comes from Greer County in which site was located prior to statehood.
A post office from June 12, 1900 to June 15, 1910. First Postmaster, Robert A. Moran.

A post office from March 5, 1903, discontinued February 7, 1905, mail sent to Hollis February 28, 1905. First postmaster, Wright Worrell.**
A post office from June 1, 1892 to October 15, 1912, named after Tourney Looney, first postmaster.
A post office from April 25, 1891 to April 30, 1925, named after Louis Goemann, first postmaster.
A post office from March 13, 1895 to December 31, 1913, named after Madge Lumpkin, daughter of a pioneer resident.
A post office from September 16, 1892 to April 15, 1912, named for Levi F. Martin, first postmaster.
A post office from June 27, 1901 to August 15, 1911, named after Edward McKnight, pioneer resident.
A post office from August 29, 1910 to September 30, 1955, named for Edward B. McQueen, townsite owner.

A post office from February 20, 1905 to August 31, 1911, named for Hugh Metcalf, first postmaster.

A post office from June 5, 1900 to March 31, 1906 in south-east Harmon County 5 miles north-west of Eldorado.
A post office from April 9, 1892 to February 14, 1903.
Ron had a consolidated school, a cotton gin, a grocery store, and a church. However, it never had a railroad, a post office, or a newspaper. The school closed in 1964.***
A post office from _ to _.
A post office from May 12, 1902 to May 31, 1911, named for Thomas Shrewder, pioneer resident.
A post office from November 29, 1899 to November 15, 1911, took its name from T+ Ranch.

Oklahoma Place Names, George H. Shirk, University of Oklahoma Press, 1987.

*"Greer County, Texas/Oklahoma - Physicians Register, 1887-1895" http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~swokla/greer/physreg.html

**"Old Greer County Post Offices 1886-1907" http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~swokla/greer/postoffc.html

***Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture, "Harmon County"