Surveys Along Deep Red Run and Fraziers Creek, Greer Co TX

An undated map, #24528 at the Texas GLO, the original can be downloaded here.
Based on the watercourses and matching names and grant numbers with the Survey map 4962 (exact matches for the area between Fraziers Creek and Bitter Creek on this map), this is land west of Altus, in T2N R21W and T2N R22W, and the northern parts of T1N 21W and T1N 22W.
The Deep Red Run here is today's Turkey Creek; Frazier's River is today's Salt Fork of the Red River; Horse Creek is today called Horse Branch; Bitter Creek has retained its name.

Names listed (reading west to east):
These are matches to the names, lot and grant numbers shown on Survey map 4962, sometimes revealing what initials stand for, etc.
More of these are missing grant numbers which suggests this map may be before the #4962, made 18 Dec 1883.
Many of these surnames are in later Jackson County. Names shown here with stars have a surname match in the later BLM grants in this area, they may be family matches, but no guarantee. If you know this to be true of any of these starred names, please let me know!

Along and down the east side:
*35 C. M. Jones D. 1606
89 W. P. Zuber D. 1613 [H. A. Zuber on map 4962]
32 L. C. Cunningham D. 1634
33 William Phillips D. 1607

Main central block reading west to east:
93 John Harvey D. 1633
88 Pendleton Rector D. 1627
58 A. Buffington D. 1614
57 E. Swearingen D. 1608 [B. Swearingen on map 4962]
50 W. W. Hornsby D. 1602
*49 Alphonzo Steel D. 1605
*92 Sanders Walker D. 1604
*94 Minerva Montgomery D. 1632
87 Betsy C. Cochran D. 1626
59 B. F. Foster D. 1638
56 Mrs. Jul. A. Thomas D. 1609
*51 D. Mrs. Juana Hensley D. 1635
52 Mrs. Eva Lancaster D. 1612
91 Mrs. E. P. Anderson D. 1629

95 Sallie McKinney D. 1630
86 G. H. Love D. 1625
60 J. B. Pier D. 1616
55 Mrs. Hermine Bunton D. 1610
54 Jas. M. Hill D. 1611
52 L. C. Clemans D. 1583
90 Oscar Farish D. 1603
61 Mrs. B. Bilshee [Mrs. B. Belcher on map 4962]

*96 N. Austin D. 1628
*70 Bethany Johnson D. 1621
69 James Burch D. 1620
62 J. L. Dallas

97 Row McManus D. 1600
71 Chas. R. Duncan D. 1622
68 Geo. B. Erath D. 1619
63 G. W. Petty

98 S. J. Reames D. 1599
72 Jno. Sweeney D. 1623 [Sweney on map 4962]
*67 Amanda Wright D. 1618
64 Daniel McKay

*99 Was. Anderson D. 1598
73 Edw. Manton D. 1624
66 Ben F. Whitaker D. 1617
65 Mrs. C. M. D. K. Campbell

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