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Indexed by Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky
with the help of her husband Ernie. Names were typed "as read."
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NG = Not Given
*Age was written as 16. This is obviously an error

(f) indicates the head of the household was a female

C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian

W = White

B = Black

MU = Mulatto

S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced

(number following M indicates number of times married)

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Surname Given Name Relationship C/R Age S/M/WD/D Born
PAGE 15A                    
GENTRY T. C. head W 53 M1 AL
  C. E. wife W 52 M1 AL
  Lee son W 18 S TX
  Fred son W 15 S TX
GENTRY D. C. head W 33 M1 AR
  Beulah wife W 22 M1 TX
  Loice daughter W 8/12 S OK
RYAN Walter head W 34 M1 OK
  Mable wife W 30 S MO
  Elbert son W 03 S OK
  A. J. son W 1 11/12 S OK
CAIN F. W. head W 35 M1 TX
  Cora wife W 33 M1 TX
  Hershell son W 10 S OK
  Ella daughter W 08 S OK
WALKER A. L. head W 31 M1 TX
  Callie wife W 28 M1 TX
  Marcella daughter W 03 S OK
LISPIE L. D. farm hand W 25 S IL
GOODLOE R. G. head W 72 M1 NC
  Harriett wife W 52 M1 AR
  Minnie Belle daughter W 18 S AR
  Albert S. son W 24 S AR
  Harriett Pearl daughter W 20 S AR
  K. Z. daughter W 27 S AR
WRIGHT W. H. hired man W 40 S TX
MILLER W. D. head W 51 M1 TN
  M. C. wife W 51 M2 TN
POPEJOY B. B. head W 23 M1 AR
  Maggie wife W 23 M1 OK
  Limis son W 1 6/12 S OK
RYAN J. W. head W 55 M2 MS
  M. N. O. wife W 36 M1 KY
  George son W 16 S OK
  Maggie daughter W 15 S OK
  Minnie daughter W 13 S OK
  Oren son W 08 S OK
  Paul son W 06 S OK
  Ellen Jewel daughter W 03 S OK
  Freddie son W 1 8/12 S OK
RYAN E. C. head W 22 M1 OK
  Allice wife W 18 M1 OK
PAGE 15B            
SMITH John T. head W 56 M2 LA
  Mary E. wife W 45 M1 NC
  John D. son W 25 S TX
  Fontaine son W 19 S TX
  Emma daughter W 15 S TX
McGRAW Wm. W. head W 49 M1 IA
  Catherine F. wife W 45 M1 KY
  Goldie daughter W 17 S TX
  Clyde son W 14 S TX
  Ray son W 12 S TX
  Neal son W 07 S TX
  Glendon son W 05 S TX
RICHIE John R. head W 29 M1 TX
  Beulah wife W 21 M1 TX
  Lloyd son W 1 2/12 S OK
  Sam D. brother W 24 S TX
HAMMOND J. N. head W 54 M1 KY
  Mollie E. wife W 50 M1 TX
  Chester son W 29 S TX
  Edith daughter W 23 S TX
  Dalton son W 16 S OK
  Sikon son W 14 S OK
  Earnes son W 11 S OK
  Gison son W 06 S OK
TAYLOR Fountain F. head W 36 M1 TX
  Kittie wife W 21 M1 TX
  Oscar son W 06 S OK
  Claud son W 04 S OK
  Vera daughter W 03 S OK
ROSE Pierce boarder W NG S US
VICKERS J. C. head W 54 M2 KY
  L. M. wife W 44 M2 MO
  James B. son W 17 S KY
  Nola Z. daughter W 15 S KY
  Willis H. son W 12 S KY
  Johnnie T. son W 10 S OK
  Don C. son W 08 S OK
  Anna T. daughter W 04 S OK
PAGE 16A            
WARFORD C. W. head W 54 M1 GA
  L. C. wife W 68 M2 MS
SHELTON Ethel daughter W 20 WD TX
  Effie daughter W 14 S OK
CARTER P. D. head W 61 M1 LA
  B. A. wife W 44 M1 LA
RABORN E. T. sister W 41 WD LA
PICKET Harvey hired man W 19 WD TX
RABORN Ess hired man W 21 S TX
VICKERS E. C. head W 29 M1 KY
  Clarice wife W 23 M1 TX
  Otis son W 1 2/12 S OK
MILNER J. C. head W 29 M1 TX
  Jannie wife W 27 M1 LA
  Curtis son W 06 S LA
  Ila daughter W 05 S LA
  Earl son W 03 S LA
  Other daughter W 1 10/12 S OK
WILLIAMS W. G. hired man W 26 S TN
PAGE 16B            
COATS W. D. head W 51 M1 TX
  Fannie wife W 51 M1 TX
  Cary daughter W 25 S TX
  William O. son W 26 S TX
  Freddie son W 24 S TX
  R. L. son W 22 S TX
  Thedore son W 15 S TX
  Dub F. son W 12 S TX
  Curtis son W 10 S TX
RYAN W. R. head W 33 M1 OK
  Florence wife W 31 M1 TX
  Beulah daughter W 11 S OK
  Delbert son W 10 S OK
  Lillie daughter W 08 S OK
  James son W 05 S OK
  Ester daughter W 04 S OK
ARNNER William C. head W 23 S AR
  Mary E. mother W 57 WD TN
  Noah brother W 20 S OK
  Lottie M. sister W 17 S OK
  Lula R. sister W 14 S OK
KIRKLAND Dan hired man W 22 S TX
MALONE Lizzie head W 43 WD AR
  W. L. son W 22 S AR
  Tom son W 20 S AR
  Vadie daughter W 16 S AR
  Willie daughter W 12 S AR
  Johnnie daughter W 08 S AR
JENKINS Jonah head W 44 M1 AL
  Lula wife W 33 M1 TX
  George son W 12 S TX
  Bryant son W 11 S TX
  Stella daughter W 05 S TX
CREW M. C. head W 60 M1 AR
  S. M. wife W 50 M1 AR
  Jess son W 22 S AR
  Coleman son W 20 S AR
  Callie daughter W 15 S AR
  Olen son W 11 S AR
SMITH H. H. head W 36 S AL
  Samantha mother W 56 WD AL

Pgs 15A - 16B, Pgs 17A - 19B, Pgs 20A - 22B, Pgs 23A - 25B,


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