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Schools of Murray County Oklahoma




There were many small, one room school houses dotting the prairie and mountain communities of Murray County at the turn of the century. In 1908, there were 30 districts.  By 1936, there were at least 23 school districts in the county.  Many of the wooden structures are no longer in existence.  Some of the brick and stone buildings are now in use by farmers and ranchers as hay  and equipment barns.  This list is by no means all inclusive and we will be adding to the list as we learn of the schools.  


Colbert School - 1999

This is the condition of most Murray County Schools that still exists today.  They are used  either as a tool shed or hay barns.  This old school is located in Sec. 11, T 1S, R 1E; or 3 miles west and 1 mile south of Davis.


Davis Oak Grove
Hickory Rocky Point
Rock Creek Scullin
Drake Sulphur Jr High School

Sulphur High School
Fletcher Nebo
Big Canyon Sunshine
Red Oak Crusher
Dougherty Koller
Moss Sorghum Flat
Colbert Woodland
Carr Chapel Joy


Chickasaw Hills


Goose Nest

Prices Chapel

Old Mountain School



Valley View


History of Pioneer Schools of the Arbuckles

Oklahoma School for the Deaf

1908 School Districts

1923 School Districts With dates of Annexation and Locations of School.

1927 School District Officers

What happened to the old school buildings?

The History of Woodland School.



Schools of Murray County
We are trying to get photos of the old, now closed schools of Murray County.  We also will post pictures of the schools as they appear today, if still in existence.

Palmer School

This photo is the Palmer School as it appears today.  It is located 3 miles north and 1/2 mile east of Sulphur off  U.S. Highway 177.  It is located on the Pete Jones farm.

Nebo School

Nebo School as it appears today.  Located in the Nebo community about 8 miles south of Sulphur and 1/4 mile west

Dougherty School

   Gymnasium Building                                                      Plaque on front of Gym

Dougherty School as it appears today.  The school is located on the north side of town

Drake School

Drake  School as it appears today.  The school is located about 6 miles south of Sulphur, west 1 mile and south 1/2 mile.

  Plaque on side of the old Dougherty  School reads:

School Board

John H. Samples

Lee Howell

Jim Gardenshire


Plaque on the front of the old Dougherty School reads:

Monnot & Reid



Harvey Allred



                 JOY  SCHOOL

The community of Joy is located on U.S. Highway 77 between Davis and Wynnewood.  The school is still in use.


JOY SCHOOL Gymnasium

The school is now used for the early ed. classes as head start and kindergarten




Oak Grove School has had many renovations and is now the community Center

Unknown school

Unknown School

Colbert School & Class of 1918

What ever happened to the old school buildings?

I just recently was given some information collected by Oscar Huffines
when he was County School Superintendent a good many years ago.
For instance, following is a listing of his as to what happened to most
of the school buildings in Murray County:

#2 Palmer F. M. Jones -- used as hay barn
#6 Oak Grove Community Center
#7 Chigley Church & community center
#12 Price's Chapel On Healey Ranch
#13 Gilsonite Bought by Houston Russell & made into home at
W. 18th & Vinita
Teacherage made into home at 620 W. 13th

#14 Buckhorn Haybarn on Oscar Lowrance farm
#16 Drake Dairybarn on Grady Fox farm
#17 Nebo Used by Church of Christ
#18 Arbuckle Bud Gregory home north of Sulphur
#22 Carr Chapel Home 1 block north of Davis News & north of
Adventist Church
#23 Valley View Home owned by George Lee
#24 Rock Creek Custodian's home on Dougherty school grounds
#25 Colbert Barn on Wilson farm
#28 Red Oak Dwelling at 1220 W. Broadway
#29 Koller Home of G. W. Cannon
#30 Moss Home in Dougherty (destroyed by fire)

Submitted by Roland Earsom, January, 2002