Geography of Murray County
Map of Murray County  

As the area of the Arbuckle Mountains was settled, several things were vital to consider in  determining where to live.  First was the proximity to the supplies one needed from Texas.  All freight had to be hauled by wagon from Gainesville or Denison.  The railroads did not come to Murray county until 1887 although the Katy RR was ran through eastern Oklahoma more than 10  years earlier.  Also, the crops produced by the farmers had to be sold in Texas.  

Another consideration was that the Comanche and Kiowa were still making frequent raids into the Chickasaw Nation.  These raids always ended with all the victims being killed and all goods  taken by the raiders.  This is the reason that Ft. Arbuckle was closed in the Arbuckle Mountains and moved to it's current location at Ft. Sill.  The Cavalry had to move closer to the Comanche home territory.  Safety from raids was always on the settlers minds, both Indian and white.  The mountains provided a natural barrier.

Most important to the settler of the time was a fresh water supply year round.  This is why most of the early settlement was along streams.  Larger streams such as the Washita River were used as pathways.  Larger streams were also used to power grist and saw mills as well as water powered cotton gins. 

Another reason for the importance of the stream identification is that before statehood, many of the physical references to land were made by using streams and rivers as boundaries. Or, people simply said they lived on Squirrel Creek.  This will help locate the area a little closer.

We hope this page helps those who are looking for 'Grandpa's farm' that was located on Squirrel Creek.   Click on the map link to see a very nice, and very large  map of the county.  It takes a while to load, but is very informative.  You may be asked to accept a file to download.  It is from the USGS.  It should be safe to do so.  I did with no ill effects.

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