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Seminole County, Oklahoma

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YARBROUGH, Ada			McKinney, E.H.		27 Oct 1909	W1-334
Yarbrough, Betsey		Spencer, Yancy		26 Jan 1911	W1-531
YORK, Jame			Pope, David				W2-3
York, Mary A.			Chilcoat, Luther G.	15 Mar 1908	W1-64
YOUNG, Dinah			Dennis, Sylvester	15 Mar 1911	S1-555

Yahola, Henry			Sipley, Emma		4-21-1908	W1-88
Yahola, James			Harjo, Chinnesee	**		W1-337
Yancey, Spencer			Yarbrough, Betsy
Yarbrough, Alex			Crews, Hattie		12-24-1907	W1-37
York, H.L.			Fulton, Anna		3-12-1911	W1-549
York, J.A.			Snell, Anna Eveline	9-4-1910	W1-448
Young, Archie			Drinkwater, Rosa	11-5-1910	W1-481
Young, Harry			Tounsell, Mandy		8-2-1909	W1-305
Young, Luke			Gibson, Pearl		10-7-1909	W1-327

Zachery, L.			Dindy, Dolly		12-9-1909	W1-352
Zaneis, Hiram Price		Askins, Zilpha		11-5-1908	W1-185

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