Konawa Photographs

The following photo's were submitted by Sandy Eskew.  

I appreciate you getting out the photo album and sharing these with us.  
If anyone recognizes a face, please email me and let me know, so I can add their name to the photo.



1940 - Konawa High School Chorus Class

Back row: L>R: Helen LENTZ, ? WATSON, Maxine/Alma Marie SHARP, Mildred TULL, Teresa BEABOUT, 
		Lillian BARKER, Marcille VANCE, Wanda ROACH.
Third row:  unknown, Ruby STEVENS, Billie HUGHS, Cecelia HOUSTON, Jo HARRIS, Beulah Mae 
Second row: Maxine COLLINS, Dorothy DEITER, Evelyn HENSLEY, Maxine JONES, unknown, unknown, 
		Molly Belle BERRY, Inez ?, Julia THOMPKINS, Helen LYNN.
First row:  Mrs. WHAN, Margaret LOWERY, Ruby Jewell DAMRON, Lucille BAILEY, Eunice MEANS, 
		Bobbie MILES, Virginia "Tim" MAYFIELD, May Marie COURTNEY.

Identification of above photo's provided by:  Sandy Eskew, Annie Mae Cowsert 
and Mary Lou Cowsert.


Konawa - 1940 Jr. High Basketball Team

Back row: (L-R) unknown, unknown, Hoyt Winford Thompson, all rest unknown
Second row:  all unknown
Front row:  all unknown

Konawa - 1940's

Konawa - 1940's Main Street Garage Employees
Second from left:
 Harry Gerald Sharp

Konawa Mill - owned and operated by father of  Hoyt Winford Thompson

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