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Another Listing of Tulsa County Cemeteries

Alice Burgess Cemetery (at Find a Grave)
Located west of Memorial Drive & north of 111th St. So.

All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery (at Find a Grave)
Located on E 91st St. between the Rolling Hills and Cavalry Cemeteries, behind the All Saints Anglican Church, this is a tiny, spotless cemetery, just a few years old.
Also at Interment Net

All Souls Memorial Cemetery (at Find a Grave)

Asbury Columbarium & Prayer  Garden (at Find a Grave)

Bartlesville Cemetery (at Find a Grave)

Bixby Cemetery           Some Photos     At Find a Grave
City of Bixby Cemetery
PO Box 70
Bixby, OK 74008
(918) 366-4430
Some Tombstone Photos provided by Nancy Fry Bryant

Blakemore (at Find a Grave)
NW of E 76th St. N. & N. 75th E. Ave. Owasso

Boston Avenue Methodist Church Columbarium (at Find a Grave)
1301 S. Boston Ave. Tulsa

Calvary Cemetery (Section III, Little Flower)     (at Find a Grave)
9101 South Harvard Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74137
(918) 299-7348

Captain Cemetery  (Picture of the entrance -at Find a Grave)
From Sperry, Oklahoma go west on Main Street to the stop sign, by the school. Turn north, right, and follow the road and curve to the west. Go past the Ferrier College to the first intersection & turn north, right. It is about 1 miles to the cemetery.

Charley Cemetery,
Sperry- (at Find a Grave)
North on Lewis off E. 106th St. N. first turn east on an Oil Field Rd. South about 200yds the about .8mile Fenced with sign.

Chisholm Cemetery
(In Archives)    (On Line) 
Also at Interment.Net   
  (at Find a Grave)

Clinton Oaks (Red Fork) Cemetery,    (at Find a Grave)
OWNER: City of Tulsa
W. 43rd. Street 
Tulsa, OK 74107 
(918) 596-5801 (County Courthouse land office) 

Auditors advised city of Tulsa to find a private owner for Clinton Oaks Cemetery and Oaklawn Cemetery, as upkeep costs ($23,000 annually) are too expensive for city to maintain. See story in Sunday's Tulsa World newspaper - October 3, 2010: http://bit.ly/aaT7LE

Community Cemetery, (at Find a Grave)
East side of Harvard Ave. at about 92nd (Behind Calvary Cemetery)

Covey/Rosencutter Cemetery, Jenks -
(at Find a Grave)
East on 81st from HWY75 to Maybelle, south on Maybelle l/2 mile Privately owned

Crown Hill Cemetery (at Find a Grave)
 (Located 4301 E. 66th Street North, Just east of Highway 75)
802 East Pine Street (Office Address)
Tulsa, OK 74106
(918) 583-0563


Duck Creek Cemetery- Prairie Gardens Liberty Mounds - (at Find a Grave)
North side of E. 201st, between Elwood and Peoria.

Elm Creek Cemetery 

E.76th St. N. at 120th Ave.

Fairview Cemetery - Owasso        (On Line)   (at Find a Grave)
Two blocks east of  HWY 169 on 76th St. N. in Owasso
Also at Interment.net

Also by Brenda Franklin

Family Memorial Planning Inc
5115 South Memorial Drive
Tulsa, OK 74145
(918) 622-0999
(Office for Memorial Park Cemetery)

First Presbyterian Church Columbarium  (at Find a Grave)
709 Boston Ave, Tulsa (918) 584-4701

Floral Haven (on line)  (at Find a Grave)
6500 South 129th East Avenue
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 252-2518
(918) 250-9774 (fax)
Also at Interment.net

Fox Family Cemetery (at Find a Grave)
S. Yale Ave & E. 211th St. S.

Garden of the Last Supper (at Find a Grave)

Gilcrease Museum Grounds (at Find a Grave)
1400 N. Gilcrease Museum Rd. Tulsa

Gooden Indian Cemetery,  (at Find a Grave)
Wekiwa Road, west of Sand Springs

Grace Lutheran Church (at Find a Grave)

Graceland Memorial Park (Private)
(Located on Highway 20 about 5 miles east of Highway 169)
12620 East 86th Street North # 108
Owasso, OK 74055
(918) 274-9110

Grayson Cemetery   
 (at Find a Grave)
East end of 15th St. off S.89 East Ave.
TYPE: Family, Indian

Grayson Family Cemetery at Find a Grave
West of South 185th East Ave. between E. 121st St S.(W. Tucson St.)
and E 131st St. S. (W. Jasper St.) in the city of Broken Arrow

Green Acres Memorial Gardens
  (at Find a Grave)
12410 N. Yale Ave. (Sperry)
Tulsa, OK 74070
(918) 492-4005

Green Hills Memorial
400 East Teel Road
Sapulpa, OK

Haikey Cemetery,
Southeast Tulsa, west of South Memorial off 91st Street

Harlow Cemetery - (at Find a Grave)
Between Owasso & Tulsa -Exit HWY 169 on 56th St. N. go east across Bird Creek Bridge, 1st Gate on South side of road.
OWNER: Oxley Ranch
TYPE: Indian

Hillside Mission Cemetery
- Skiatook- (at Find a Grave)
Between Hwy 75 and north of Hwy 11 on 186th St. N. (918)296-1511
Also at Interment Net

Indian Territory Cemetery 
(at Find a Grave)
2800 W. 21st St. S. Sun Oil Property

John Knox Presbyterian Church (at Find a Grave)

Leonard Cemetery
North on S.145th E Ave. off HWY64, left on E 161st, west .6 mile to gate.

Liberty Community Cemetery (at Find a Grave)
Also known as Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery

Lockridge Cemetery -White Church Cemetery    From Pioneer Papers
12109 S. 129th Street, Broken Arrow
Located on a 4.5 acre tract in the  E/2 NE/4 Section 5 t 17, R 14 of Tulsa County, 121st St. and south 129th E. Ave.  (at Find a Grave)

Lord's Cemetery - Owasso    (On Line)  
(at Find a Grave)
North of Turley
Also at Interment.net

McCoy Cemetery          On Line   (at Find a Grave)

McHenry Family Cemetery  (at Find a Grave)
Broken Arrow

Meadowbrook Cemetery  (Updated June2005)     (at Find a Grave)

5665 S. 65th West Ave Tulsa 74107 (918) 477-2222
New cemetery with the first burial in March 2002. Since this is a new cemetery, some of the headstones have not been placed. Meadowbrook is located in west Tulsa. Take I-44 west to exit 223B. Turn left on W. 51st ST. Go approximately of a mile to S. 65th W Ave., turn left. The cemetery is located mile on the left side of the road.

Memorial Gardens Cemetery (at Find a Grave)
Broken Arrow

Memorial Park (On Line) -
Mausoleum-Burial   (at Find a Grave)
5111 South Memorial Drive             Partial listing online (Section 49)
Tulsa, OK 74145
(918) 627-0220                                    
(918) 627-0258
More on Memorial Park

Memory Chapel at Find a Grave

Moores Eastlawn at Find a Grave

Oak Hill Cemetery at Find a Grave
Broken Arrow

Oaklawn Cemetery (At Find a Grave)
1133 East 11th Street       Sections 3,4,5, & 18(on line)
Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 596-7267
The City of Tulsa maintains it and has the complete cemetery survey. (918) 591-4325  
Auditors advised city of Tulsa to find a private owner for Clinton Oaks Cemetery and Oaklawn Cemetery, as upkeep costs ($23,000 annually) are too expensive for city to maintain. See story in Sunday's Tulsa World newspaper - October 3, 2010: http://bit.ly/aaT7LE


Old Burial Ground [Perryman]

Osage Gardens -Partial (West side of Skiatook) (at Find a Grave)
 Lenapah and Highway 20 (918) 396-2797

Park Grove Cemetery (work in Progress by John Lehr) (at Find a Grave)
1000 West Houston Street
Broken Arrow, OK 74012              
(918) 259-8691
Also at Interment.net
Some Photos

Park Grove Cemetery 
Located at Broken Arrow.Gov

Perryman Cemetery
(at Find a Grave)

Pleasant Porter
      On Line    
(at Find a Grave)


Postoak Cemetery at Find a Grave
Sand Springs

Prairie Gardens Cemetery (AKA Duck Creek)  (at Find a Grave)

Rentie Grove Historical Cemetery   (at Find a Grave)
Just south of E. 93rd St. (East of Jenks)

Rest Haven at Find a Grave

Ridgelawn Cemetery
Collinsville (at Find a Grave)
South side of Highway 20 West end of Collinsville (E. 146th St.)
Some photos of the Veterans Tombstones
Also by Brenda Franklin
(Photo of Entrance)

Rock Creek Cemetery at Find a Grave
Located 1/2 mile south of 41st West on S. 209th West Ave. Sand Springs

Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens
  (at Find a Grave)
4300 East 91st South 
Jenks, OK 74037
(918) 299-5705

(once known as the Booker T. Washington Cemetery founded in the early 1920s)

Rose Hill Memorial Park
Cemetery Layout Map

     (at Find a Grave)
4161 East Admiral Place    Sections 2 & 3 (on line)
Tulsa, OK 74115
(918) 835-4421         Sections 4 & 10 (on line)
(918) 836-0376
At Internment Net

Rosencutter Cemetery at Find a Grave

Saint Dunstans Episcopal Church at Find a Grave
Saint Johns Episcopal Church at Find a Grave
Saint Matthews Episcopal Church at Find a Grave
Saint Peter's Episcopal Church at Find a Grave

St. Pius X Church at Find a GraveSaint Therese Catholic Cemetery at Find a Grave

Samuels Cemetery (aka )Mose Perryman Graveyard

Sandridge Cemetery at Find a Grave
Off 115th St. North (Highway 20) just east of 177th East Avenue in Owasso

Sanger Cemetery, Bixby- Also On Line   (at Find a Grave)
Mile and half south HWY 64 on Mingo Rd. out of Bixby located on HENDERSON's Property

Skiatook Cemetery, Also On Line   (at Find a Grave)
136th East of HWY 11 to Osage Dr. go south on Osage. Cemetery on east side at end of road
Old Skiatook On Line Also at Interment.net

Snake Creek Cemetery ,Tulsa
SE corner of Garnett and E. 191st S.

No 1 Snake Creek Cemetery Some Photos provided by Nancy Fry Bryant   At Find a Grave

Snake Creek No.1 Church and Cemetery is located South of Bixby at the end of South Mingo Road before it becomes the North 4010 Road.  Known also as a Native American Church and Cemetery.  Snake Creek Cemetery is very, very close to the Okmulgee Co., Line that some may say it is in Okmulgee Co.,  When calling one of the Bixby funeral homes, they say it is in Bixby, Tulsa Co.,

Sperry Rest Haven (A partial List-on line)
8809 North 22nd West Avenue
Sperry, OK
(918) 288-2700
Also at Interment.net
Some Photos

Spybuck Cemetery, Sperry (at Find a Grave)
Near 96th St. N. and Peoria.
TYPE: Private Indian

Tiger Bones (S of Sand Springs) at Find a Grave
Off 41st & 98

Trinity Episcopal Church Columbarium at Find a Grave
501 S. Cincinnati

Tullahassee Cemetery, Sand Springs   (At Find a Grave)
Keystone Shopping Plaza. Intersection of Adams and Charles Page Blvd.
Also at Interment.net

Some Tombstone Photos provided by Nancy Fry Bryant

Tulsa Park at Find a Grave

Tulsa Public Cemetery
Bounded (North)  by 8th  St.; (East) by Peoria Ave ;(South) by 11th St. & (West) by Madison St,

Twin Mounds Cemetery (History)

Twin Mounds Cemetery,
Glenpool   (at Find a Grave)
East side of S. 33rd West Ave. between W.171st S. and W. 161st St. S. about mile and half SW of Glenpool
Some Twin Mounds Tombstone Photos provided by Sherry Petty

Victory Cemetery,
Collinsville. (at Find a Grave)
North on 12th St. out of Collinsville to end of St.
TYPE: Indian on Private Property
By Brenda Franklin

Wealaka Mission Cemetery

East of Turley

Woodland Memorial Park
(Partial Listing on line)   (at Find a Grave)
1200 North Cleveland Avenue
Sand Springs, OK 74063
(918) 245-4142
(918) 245-8725 (fax) Also at Interment.net
Picture of the Entrance provided by Nancy Fry Bryant
Some Tombstone Photos provided by Nancy Fry Bryant
Some more Photos provided by Nancy Fry Bryant



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