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Some Tulsa Area deaths
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AARONSON, Millicent, 94, formerly of Tulsa, died Jan 1989 in Swarthmore,Pa.  Rose Hill Memorial Park (Fitzgerald).
Abercrombie, J. C. (Catoosa) - 71, retired city of Catoosa maintenance superintendent, died Thur26Apr2001. Rice Funeral Service, Claremore
Abereham, Edna Mae
, 89, homemaker, died Mon30Apr2001. Metropolitan Baptist Church Oliver-Whisenhunt.
ADCOCK, Ms. Mabel, 89, retired secretary, died Jan1989. Whisenhunt.
Adolph, Georgia Turley -- 92, homemaker, died Wed 9May2001. Johnson, Sperry.
ALBERSON,  Mrs. Cora, 87,  died Jan1989 Moore's.

, Dorothy May, 83, retired librarian, died Sat 6May
2001. Oliver-Whisenhunt.
Alexander, Judy,86, waitress, died Jan 6 2000.  Butler- Stumpff.
ALEXANDER, Ray Bailey, 80, retired U.S. Corps of Engineers employee, died Jan1989 Moore's Eastlawn
ALEXANDER, Samuel H., 69, retired sheet-metal worker, Feb1989, Ninde Garden
Alexander, William, 84, Custodian died Jan 6 2000.  Jack's.
ALLEN, Mrs. Edna P., 83, homemaker, died Feb1989, Rosewood Chapel.

Allen, Ollie Adele, 91, homemaker, died Dec. 30, 1999.  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
ALLEN, Reverend Richard T. age 62, fmr Headmaster of Cascia Hall Prep School in Tulsa from 1972-1979, died in Joliet, IL on 20Mar99  
ALLISON, Teresa Darlene (Best) 24
died 31Dec1974, Interment Memorial Park, Moores Eastlawn
, Celia Lee , homemaker, died Fri 27Apr2001.
Adair City Cemetery  
, Anna Muriel
, 73, died Fri 27Apr2001.
ANDERSON, C. H. "Andy," 77, retired owner of Andy Anderson's Supply, Jan 1989 
Anderson, Virginia Fern (Baldwin), 94, homemaker, died Wed 9May2001.  Moore's Eastlawn
Andrews, Johnny Ruth, 56, formerly of Tulsa, homemaker, died Dec 28 1999.  Cryer, Obion, Tenn.
ANGELL, Lillie, 89, Jan 1989
ARMS, Mrs. Velma, homemaker, died Jan1989, Park Grove Cemetery,
Armstrong, Barbara, 88, gourmet chef, died Thu 13Jan2000. Butler-Stumpff
, Lee Delbert, 76, retired Tulsa Schools principal, died Jan 1989 Moore's Eastlawn.
Ary, Lois Marie Bixby -- 86, homemaker, died Wed 19Jan2000. Bixby Funeral
, Ben F., 78 , retired automotive paint and body worker, died Sat 28Apr2001.
's East- lawn
ASHBY, Mrs. Elda R. "Rae," 54, receptionist, died Jan 1989

Ashby, John F.
, 72, retired Episcopal bishop, died Thu 10May2001. Fitzgerald
Atkins, Gerald Leon
, 45, laborer, died Jan. 1. Jack's.
Avery, Amelia "Amy,"
79, homemaker, died Mon 10Jan2000. Leonard & Marker, Bixby.


Baber, Thelma Victoria, 89, homemaker, died Wed 19Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.
, Terry Lee, 43, American Airlines employee, died Tuesday 24Apr2001 
Rose Hill
Baker, Betty Jane, 81, died Tue.24Apr2001  Moore 's Rosewood.
Bailey, Mary, 91,BROKEN ARROW - retired teacher, Feb1989 Gracelawn
Bailey, Maxine
, 74, homemaker, died Tue 11Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma.
Bailey, Odella, 101, homemaker, formerly of Tulsa, died Jan. 13. Mitchell's
Baird, Alpha Blanch, 92, Tidewater Oil Co. employee, died 7May2001 Ninde Garden
Mattie, ( Leonard), 95, homemaker, died Tue 24 Apr2001.
. Leonard & Marker, Bixby
Balay, Carol Jean , 71, retired telephone operator, died Sun 29Apr2001 
Moore 's Rosewood
BALMER, Thomas, 68, retired McDonnell Douglas Corp. employee, Jan1989. Moore's Eastlawn.
Banks, Rashard Matthew, infant son of Dorris Willson and Ernie Banks, died 3May2001. Memorial Park Cemetery. Nick Reynolds
Banks, Sashard , infant son of Dorris Wilson and Ernie Banks, died 5May2001 Nick Reynolds

BARNES, Lena Belle, 84, 28Feb1989 (Moore's Memory).
Baskin, Mary Broken Arrow -- 75, retired Sons Drive-In owner, died Sat 15Jan2000. Shipman, Wagoner.
Baxter, L.C.
, 82, hospital administrator, died Dec 30 1999, Ninde Garden Funeral Home Chapel.
Barnes, Lucy M. 77,(Turley)  retired from Zebco, died Tuesday.May1,2001 Fairview Cemetery, Owasso  Johnson, Sperry.  
Barnett, Bennie J., 68, Main Street Emporium owner, died Jan 2 2000.  Stanleys
BARKHURST, Mark, 87, retired manager of Oilwell Supply Division of U.S. Steel, died Jan1989. Stanleys.
BATTLES, Emma Elizabeth, 51, Jan 1989 (Dyer Memorial). 
BAYLESS, MRS. ROSA, age 79, of 7342 E. Virgin St., died Tuesday.  Moore Funeral Home. July 20, 1966, page 64
Bean, Betty L. Owasso --73, homemaker, died Mon 7May2001. Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs
John Patrick (Skiatook) , 74, died Thur26Apr2001
Hillside Cemetery . Sien-Shelton
Beasley, Edna Marie
, 83, retired DeHoney's Cleaners wool presser, died Wed 12Jan2000. Memorial Park Cemetery, Moore's Memory.
BEATY, William C., 85, retired from U.S. Jaycees, Jan1989, Moore's Memory

Beckham, Norma  Jenks   78, retired teacher's aide and homemaker, died Jan 4 2000. Bixby Funeral Service
Bradley James, 38, psychotherapist, died Jan 1989 of pneumonia. Moore's Eastlawn.

Bell, Jason J.
, 19, dry wall installer, died Wed 19Jan2000. Nick Reynolds.
Bell, Mable Lorraine
,81, retired electronics assembler, died Fri 21Jan2000. Sien-Shelton, Skiatook
, Alice J., 74, died Monday.Apr30,2001.
Woodlawn Cemetery. Claremore Funeral Home
BELLMAN, Doris June, 58, homemaker, died Jan 1989 in Savannah, Ga. Floral Haven C
Belt, Tollie Joe, 53, died Tue 8May2001. Hayhurst, Broken Arrow.
BENIGAR, Garland W., 69, retired from American Airlines Inc., Jan1989, Moore's Eastlawn
Benjamin, Christopher Gene Sand Springs26, self-employed construction worker, died Jan 2 2000. Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery. Mobley-
Bennett, Mary, 89, retired librarian, died Wed 19Jan2000. Fitzgerald
BERRY, Mrs. Pauline G., 93, former secretary for Tulsa Water Department, formerly of Tulsa, died Jan1989 in Woodland,Calif. .
Bevard, Ronald  Bixby  56, retired McDonnell Douglas manager, died Dec. 31,1999. Bixby Funeral Service

Bianco, Joseph F. Sr.,Broken Arrow -- 72, retired G.R.C. employee, died Mon 7May2001. Hayhurst Funeral Home
Bickle, Hattie,
87, homemaker, died Jan 4 2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma.
BICKLE, Haskell Lee, 86, retired handyman, died Jan 1989 Memorial Park Cemetery.
Biggs , Florence Lila Broken Arrow --  88, homemaker, died 3May2001 Park Grove Cemetery. Nick Reynolds
BIVENS, Mrs. Gladys, 83, homemaker,  died Dec 30 1999.  Ninde Garden
Blair, Bryan K. , 39, oilfield driller, died Wedn25Apr2001. Heath- Griffith 
Blake, Frances, 86, retired OK Dept of Human Resources secretary, died Jan 4 2000.  Fitzgerald.
Blakes, Kathleen, (64) formerly of Tulsa, died Dec. 31, 1999. , Heartland Funeral Home, Bangs. Texas.

Blau, Kathe F., 94, homemaker, died Thu 13Jan2000. Fitzgerald
BLEVINS, James Philip, 25, appliance technician, Jan1989 (Moore's East lawn).
Bolin, J.D., 77, retired American Airlines painter, died Jan 6 2000.  Moore's Southlawn
Bolt, Ruth V., 89, formerly of Tulsa, retired secretary, died Jan 1 2000. Memorial Park Cemetery Chapel. Moore's Southlawn.
Bomar, Doyce Wayne, 56, stone mason, died 4Jan2000  Calvary Temple. McLemore-Sloan.
Bowdler, Thomas J. Sr., 78, retired coal miner, died Jan. 2. 2000. Moore's Memory. Sonora Cemetery, Henryetta.

Bowes, Timothy Allen , 28, welder, died 6May2001. Nick Reynolds.
Bowser, Nancy K
., 63, retired commercial artist, died Mon 17Jan2000. Ninde Garden.
BOYD, Loyle Dean, 53, construction worker, died Jan1989. Hayhurst, Broken Arrow.
Bozeman, Dorothy T., 86, retired from American Airlines, died Jan 5 2000. Moore's Southlawn
Bradshaw, Kermit Alvin, 80, retired accountant, died Tuesday.May1,2001. AdamsCrest Cremation Center
Brase, Richard W., 87, retired from Amerada Petroleum Corp., died Jan 5 2000. Moore's Southlawn.
BRANDBORG, Alta Maie- Transcribed from Tulsa World 23Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com
Brewer, Allen Cornelius "A.C." III , 52, steel industry laborer, died 4May2001 Ninde Garden
BREWER, Fred A., 76, self-employed contractor, died Feb1989 Heath-Griffith.
BRIGGS, Mrs. Charles B., 65, homemaker, died Feb1989.Memorial Park Cemetery Chapel. Moore's Southlawn.
BRILEY, Mrs. Brooksie, 88, homemaker, formerly of Tulsa, died Feb1989 in Idabel.Memorial Park Cemetery.

Blanche N. Broken Arrow 85, retired from insurance sales, died Jan 7 2000. , Hayhurst
Brooks, Clarence Broken Arrow 94, retired coal miner, died Jan 6 2000.  Hayhurst.
Brooks, Hazel  Broken Arrow 94,retired from Arkansas Valley State Bank, died Tue 11Jan2000. Hayhurst.
Brower, Lloyd, 74, mechanical maintenance worker, died Wed 12Jan2000. Memorial Park Cemetery, Moore's Southlawn
Brown, Alfred H., 72, Lambert-Brown Inc. president, died Sat 15Jan2000. Fitzgerald Ivy.
Elaine D. Broken Arrow 65, secretary, died Jan 6 2000. Floral Haven.
Brown, Helen Juanita, 80, homemaker, died Jan 5 2000. Memorial Park Cemetery. Moore's Southlawn.
Brown, Pearl Elizabeth Sperry -- 96, homemaker, died Thu 13Jan2000.  Johnson, Sperry
Brumley, Jewell K., 73, homemaker, died Jan. 1, 2000.  Oliver-Whisenhunt.

Bruner, Leonard Jr., 54, laborer, died Wed 12Jan2000. Jack's
Buckley, Tommy "Tom ," 77, died 6May2001 Nick Reynolds
Burdick , Lucille Ophia
, 89, homemaker, died Mon 10Jan2000. Mark-Griffith Memorial-Westwood.
Burgess, Tina Sand Springs -- 83, retired Kerr Glass inspector, died Thu 3May2001. Mobley-Dodson
BURGETT, Timothy Hoy, infant son of Vicki Lynn Burgett, Jan1989, Floral
Burnett, Helen Collinsville -- 73, homemaker, died Mon 17Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma, Tulsa
Burnham, Otis Darrell Broken Arrow --83, maintenance man, died 8Jan2000 Christian-Gavlik.
Burroughs, Sallie Mae Dixon, 67, homemaker, died Jan. 6. Jack's.

BURT, Dr. James Houston, 87, retired physician, Feb1989 (Jack's).

Burton, Billie Jean,
71, Aloha Answering Service owner, died Tue 8May2001. Johnson, Sperry
Ritzhaupt D., 75, died
April 20,2001. Jack's
Bush, Bill R. , 73, died Sat28Apr2001.  Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs. 
BUSHNELL, Donald N.  Transcribed from Tulsa World 23Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com

Butler, Frank, 80, retired machinist, died Tue. 24Apr2001.  Sand Springs. Moore 's Eastlawn.
Butler, Jimmie Harold
, 56, glass blower, died Mon 10Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
, Stella Mae , 47, died Thu 26Apr2001.  Rose Hill. 



Calamease, Clifford, 74, died Dec. 27, 1999.  Dyer
Caldwell, Marie, 57, retired truck driver, died Jan. 1, 2000.  Ninde Garden.
Calvert, Don. E., 77 city employee, died Wed 12Jan2000. Butler-Stumpff
Campbell, Francis Lee, 82, Frisco Railroad master car man, died Sat 15Jan2000. Memorial Park Cemetery, Moore's Southlawn.
CAMPBELL, Hollie Transcribed from Tulsa World 24Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com
Campbell, Joanna C., 70, retired secretary, died Jan. 2, 2000.  Butler-Stumpff  Cremation Society of Oklahoma.
Campbell, Jon Michael, 53, bookkeeper, died Tue 11Jan2000. Nick Reynolds.
Campbell, Thelma R
. (Marchall), 77, homemaker, died Sun 9Jan2000. Heath-Griffith.
Campbell , Willie Estelle, 81, retired cook, died April 18.2001 Dyer.
Canada, Edythe, 93, homemaker, died Dec. 30, 1999. Stanleys
CANTRELL, Joe L., 62, of 2001 E. Skelly Drive, Jan 1989 Moore's Eastlawn 
Cargill, Lucille M., 93, homemaker, died Jan 6 2000.  Moore's Southlawn.
Carlson, Gladys Ross
, 102, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000. Stanleys
Carnes, Fain Richard , 68, died 7May2001 Ninde Woodland
Carpenter, Jewel Nadine,
69, Cloud Nine Custom Pecan Farm owner, died Tue 8May2001. Kennard, Broken Arrow
Carson, Bennie Attie, 96, homemaker, died Mon 10Jan2000, Palestine, Texas. Moore's Rosewood.

Beulah Raye Broken Arrow --  63, homemaker, died Thu 20Jan2000. Palmer Funeral Home, Cushing.
, Harold C. Skiatook -- 78, retired electronics shop owner, died Thu 13Jan2000. Johnson, Sperry.
Carter, Leroy,57, truck driver, died Jan 6 2000.  Rose Hill.

Cartwright, Mittie Catherine
, 94, homemaker, died 7Jan2000. Mannford Funeral Home, Mannford.
Casteel, John Dee
, 70, retired from Oscar Meyer Packing Co., died Mon 17Jan2000. Mark Griffith Memorial-Westwood
Castens, Henry F.
, 96, retired from the U.S. Postal Service, died Jan. 1, 2000. Oliver-Whisenhunt.
Cate, Stanley Dale,78, retired from American Airlines, died Fri 21Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
, Mrs. Charlie (Edna C.), 69, Jan 1989 
Cato, Lonnie L. Jr., 36, died Thu 13Jan2000. Jack's.
Chaffin, John Frank, BROKEN ARROW -  80, retired pharmacist, Jan1989, Hart  Tahlequah.
Chalmers, James Scott III, 80, retired engineer, died Jan. 2, 2000. Moore's Southlawn.

Chaloupek, Colette C. , 72, homemaker, died Thur4May2001. Chapman-Black, Cleveland, Okla
Chandler, Ewing,age unavailable, airline mechanic, formerly of Tulsa, died Jan 7 2000. Moore's Southlawn.
Chapman, Lillian,86, homemaker, died Jan 7 2000.  Webber's Falls. Lescher-Millsap, Muskogee.
Chapman, Shirley June, 64, homemaker, died Sun 9Jan2000.  Floral Haven , Broken Arrow.
Cheek, Juanita, 78, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000. Rose Hill Cemetery. Heath-Griffith.
Randy Curtis, (Collinsville), 46, safety and asbestos dir & janitorial ser coordinator, died Tue 24Apr2001. Floral Haven,
Broken Arrow
Chilcoat, Howard K.
, 45, chef, died Fri27Apr2001. Heath- Griffith.
CHILDERS, Mrs. Verna Grace, 64, retired Smith Bros. Abstract & Title Co. employee, died Jan 1989. 
Chiomente, Helen, born Feb. 25, 1915 in Detroit, MI and died Apr. 17, 2001 in Tulsa, OK

Chipp, Maureen
, 60, sales agent, died Sat 8Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma.
Churchill, Marguerite G. Broken Arrow-- 89, stage and screen actress, died 9Jan2000.  Fitzgerald Ivy, Tulsa.
Cipriano, Ann M., 84, Dana Corp. time clerk, died Fri 14Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
Clark, Sammy D., 34, laborer, died Tue 18Jan2000. Nick Reynolds
Ms. Dorothy E., 85, retired bank clerk, died Jan 1989 Moore's.

Coates, Bobby Joe ,Owasso -- 70, retired dental technician, died Tue 11Jan2000.  Mowery.
COCHRANE - Jewel, 84, Feb1989 (Tulsa Whisenhunt).
Cohen, Ruby Marie, 88, homemaker, died Tue 18Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow. Heath- Griffith.
Louise M. Owasso -- 74, retired American Airlines computer programmer, died Mon 10Jan2000. Mowery
Coles, Vivienne Edna Lee, 77, homemaker, died Jan 5 2000. Moore's Memory.

Coley, Charles Adloe.
, 74, retired insurance agent, died Fri 14Jan2000. Nick Reynolds.
Collum, Robert Grant
, 86, retired auto repairman, died Mon 10Jan2000. Ocker- Putman Funeral Home, Van Buren, Ark.
COMBS - the Rev. Elijah, retired Baptist minister, Feb1989 (Nash-Jackson).
Condreay, Maude Emily , 90, Clark's Clothiers bookkeeper, formerly of Tulsa, died Wed 9May2001 in Durant. Memorial Park Cemetery. Moore's Southlawn.
, Penny Irene , 49, community center director, died Sun29Apr2001. Floral Haven,
Broken Arrow
Connole, Velma L., 82, Franvel Corp. vice president, died Dec. 30, 1999.  Moore's Southlawn.
Cookson, Andrew Davis , 92, retired Yuba Heath Transfer welder, died 7May2001 Heath-Griffith
Ladonna  20, wife of W. N. Cooper, died July 4, 1921 at a local sanatorium. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper had recently came here from Tulsa, Okla. 
         (From the Colorado Springs Gazette, July 5 1921, Page 5)
Cooper, Lenore , 89, retired Glass Nelson Clinic file room clerk, died 7May2001. Moore's Eastlawn
Cooper, Linda Ellen
, 45, sales representative, died Sun 9Jan2000. Musgrove-Merriott- Smith Funeral Home  Claremore.
Copsey, Scott Broken Arrow -- 40, engineer, died Wed 19Jan2000. Hayhurst.
Cormack, Mildred "Millie" Brown
, 75, retired traffic clerk, died Tue 11Jan2000. Oliver- Whisenhunt
, A. Byron, 80 died Jan 1989

COSBY - Virginia, 73, retired Southwestern Bell Telephone died Jan 1989
Cosper, Weldon D.
, 77, retired from the oil Equip Ind. died Mon 10Jan2000. Elmwood Cemetery, Abilene, Texas. Stanleys
Coshow, Hugh Broken Arrow -- 88, retired from Oklahoma Steel Casting Co., died Tue 18Jan2000. Hayhurst.
Leonard Dale ,(Owasso)  86, died Sun29Apr2001. 

Crabtree, Bessie "Pat," 86, homemaker, died Dec. 31, 1999. Nick Reynolds
Crawford, Ivory , 87, retired laborer died Sat28Apr2001.  Jack's
CRAWFORD - Florence Marie, 78, Jan 1989 (Moore's Memory).

Crawford, Okla Ouida
, 80, formerly of Tulsa, died Thu 10May2001 in Edmond. Memorial Park Cemetery. Baggerley, Edmond
Crockett, John Michael "Mike,"
55, writer and investor, died Mon 10Jan2000. Fitzgerald.
Crussell, Helen Josephine, 85, retired school cafeteria manager, died Mon 17Jan2000. Rose Hill
, Odus A. 75,(Glenpool) retired home builder, died Tuesday.May1,2001. . Smith, Sapulpa .

Cummings, Cleo Carlene, 81, formerly of Tulsa, homemaker, died Jan 2 2000. Sublette, Kan. Haskell County Funeral Home, Sublette.
Cunningham, Robbie, 71, retired laboratory technician, died Wed 19Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma
Cutsinger, Woodson George,78, welder, died Thu 20Jan2000. Mowery, Owasso
Florence E. 84, (Collinsville ) homemaker, died Tuesday.May1,2001. Collinsville
Funeral Home.




Dale, Jacob Grant , infant son of Michael and Pamela Dale, died Sun 6May2001. St. Rose of Lima Catholic Cemetery, Perry. Brown-Sisson, Perry.
Danford, Lee "Lorene,"
84, homemaker, died Mon 10Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.
Daniels (Collins)
, Mary Belle Jenks --  93, homemaker, died Jan 2 2000.  Smith, Sapulpa.
DANIELS, Mrs. Minnie, 83, Jan1989  Moore's.
DANIEL, Mrs. Wilma, 69,  died Jan1989
Davidson, Jeanette E, 85, homemaker, died Mon 23Apr2001.  Floral Haven. Broken Arrow
Davis, Anna Lee, 80, homemaker, died Mon 17Jan2000. Mitchell's.
Davis, Gladys P.  Bixby 89, retired from Conrad Farms, died Jan 2 2000.  Leonard & Marker.
Davis, Johnny C. Broken Arrow --  60, retired from Gatesway, died Tue 8May2001. Rose Hill Cemetery, Kennard
DAVIS, Kate Louise - Transcribed from Tulsa World 23Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com
Davis, Ola F.,Broken Arrow -- 83, homemaker, died Fri 14Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
Stephen, 54, formerly of Tulsa, died Tuesday.May1.2001.  Humphrey Funeral Home, Russellville , Ark
DAVIS - Whitney Shalyn, infant daughter of Deborah Davis, died Jan 1989 Floral Haven
DAVIS, William W. Age 82, long-time Broken Arrow resident died 5Aug1955 of burns suffered in a fire at his home Moore Funeral Home
Dawes, Lula Mae,72, homemaker, died Fri 21Jan2000. Musgrove-Merriott-Smith, Claremore
Dawson, Barbara D., 82, nurse, died Jan. 1, 2000.  Cremation Society of Oklahoma.

Day, Gary Wayne Sand Springs -- 36, died Tue 1May2001. Palmer, Cushing
Dean, James R.
, 84, retired from McDonnell Douglas Corp., died Fri 14Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
Dean, Mary Z., 75, homemaker, died Jan 4 2000.  Fitzgerald.
DEES, Joel Ray, 52, died Jan 1989 Butler-Stumpff. Rose Hill Memorial Park
Delozier, JoAnn,78, died Jan 7 2000.  Moore's Southlawn.
Denham, Margaret, 78, homemaker, died Tue 18Jan2000. Moore's Rosewood
Dentis, William "Bill" Earl Broken Arrow --46, automatic drill press operator, died 4May2001 Mark Griffith Memorial-Westwood
, John, 84, retired Oklahoma Natural Gas advertising executive, died Mon23Apr2001.

Devero, Raymond M., 89, retired Skelly Oil Co. land agent, died Jan 6 2000. Morris Cemetery, Stanleys.
Devlin, Mary Virginia "Jeannie,"
77, homemaker, died Sun 16Jan2000. Fitzgerald
Dignan, Vera Rebecca, 85, homemaker, died Tue 18Jan2000. Rose Hill
, Orlin Wilson Jr., 59, car salesman, died Tue 24Apr2001.  Floral Haven,
Broken Arrow
Dimmick, Bob, 58, MCI WorldCom communications technician, died Jan 1 2000.  Fitzgerald.
Dingus-Craven, Marylynne Goings  Broken Arrow 67,
emergency medical technician, died Jan 2 2000.  Ragsdale, Muskogee.
Divine, Freeda Bixby -- 77, retired from Safeway, died Tue 11Jan2000. Leonard & Marker.
Dixson, Bernice,
75, homemaker, died Sat 8Jan2000.  Dyer.
Doakes, James O. , 83, retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, died Sat28Apr2001. , Butler-Stumpff
Dobey, Josephine P., 76, retired from Tulsa Public Schools, died 8Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
Dodd, Claude C., 76, retired engineer and missionary, died Tuesday.May1,2001. Moore's Southlawn.  
Donovan, Rose L.  Owasso 97, homemaker, died 8Jan2000.  Mowery.
Dorn, Richard D. , 77, retired oil producer, died Sun29Apr2001.  Moore 's Rosewood Funeral Home
Douglas, Lorrie Sue Skiatook  32, homemaker, died Jan 1 2000. Johnson, Sperry.
Dover, Bruce C. Sand Springs  60, employee of Woodland Cemetery, died Jan 2 2000.  Mark Griffith Memorial-Riverside.
Dowell, Clyde Emil Sr. , 87, retired Dowell Service Center owner, died 6May2001. Moore's Eastlawn
DRESSER - Georgina, Jan1989 (Moore's Southlawn)

Driver, Ray Edwin, 74, retired warehouse worker, died Tue 18Jan2000. Rose Hill
Dublinske, Lance Jason,
48, real estate agent, died Sun 16Jan2000. Moore's Memory.
- Maxine, 92, died Jan 1989

DUGGER, Wendell S., 80, retired Exxon employee, died Jan1989  Rose Hill Cemetery  Moore's Southlawn.
Duke, Dusti Rhea, 19, student, died Mon 10Jan2000. Green Hill, Sapulpa.
Duncan, Max E., 70, retired from Postal Service, died Jan 6 2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
DUNCOMBE - Alice, 81, formerly of Tulsa, former editor for Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association, Jan 1989 in Frontenac,Kan.
Dunham, James S.,75, real estate broker, died 8Jan2000 Ninde Garden.
Dunlap, Billy Don,
59, retired, formerly of Tulsa, died Sun 6May2001 in Oklahoma City. Shawnee. Keller, Boley
Dunlap, Steven Ray Broken Arrow -- 54, air conditioning contractor, formerly of Broken Arrow, died Tue 1May2000 in Elephant Butte, N.M. Christian-Gavlik.

DYER, JAMES, age 78, carpenter, died Sun3Aug1997.  Ninde Garden


Early, Moneta, 84, homemaker, died Tue 11Jan2000. Oliver- Whisenhunt.
East, Geraldine, 87, formerly of Tulsa, died Thu 13Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.
East, Ralph
, 84, retired electrician, died Tue 18Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn Funeral Home Chapel
, Lulu Mae Owasso --  84, homemaker, died Thu 13Jan2000.  Mowery Funeral 
, Ida L. , 94, retired Sweetbriar Shop sales representative, died Sun29Apr2001.Hayhurst,
Broken Arrow
Edwards, Clarence Robert- BROKEN ARROW - 75, retired airline mechanic, died Jan1989
Edwards, Donald Allison , 89, retired attorney, died Jan 4 2000.  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Edwards, Julie Ann Bixby -- 36, Gatesway Foundation employee, died 9Jan2000, Bixby Funeral Service
ELLIS - Peter, 23, formerly of Tulsa, Jan 1989 in Dallas (Moore's Southlawn).
Embers, George Lloyd Jr., 46, minister, formerly of Tulsa, died Fri 7Jan2000. Wichita. Vann-Gettis Funeral Home, Wichita.
Evans, Earl, 74, retired painter, died Wed 19Jan2000. Heath-Griffith
Evans, Gladys S.
, 85, retired teacher, died Fri 14Jan2000. Ninde Garden
Exline, Catherine Holland, 64, homemaker, died Wed 19Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow



Falletti, Carlene Mae, 81, retired secretary, died Fri 14Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
Falls,  Paul Wayne Broken Arrow --65, cattle rancher, died Mon 17Jan2000. Floral Haven
, Sharon K."Shari"
, 54, Finn Jewelry and Pawn bookkeeper, died Mon30Apr2001.  Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs
Faubert, Lauray L.,79, retired teacher, died Thur 20Jan2000. Rose Hill.
Faudree, Ruby
, 88, homemaker, died Thu 10May2001. Cremation Society of Oklahoma.
Fegel, Karli Justine Owasso --17 months, died 7May2001. Moore's Southlawn.

Felkins, Lois L.
, 83, retired Zebco supervisor, died Dec. 31 1999. Fitzgerald
Fennell, Effie M., 84, homemaker, died Dec 31 1999. Nick Reynolds.
FERGUSON - Kenneth Lee, 59, retired geologist, died Jan 1989
Few, Lloyd Owasso  79, electrician, died Jan1 2000.  Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa. Moore's Southlawn,
FICKLIN, Louie Lee Roy- Transcribed from Tulsa World 23Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com
Fightmaster, Mariam Christian, 75, homemaker, died Jan 1 2000.  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.

Findley, Ethel, 93, homemaker, died Thu 20Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
, Arthur, 75, retired chemist, died Sat 21Apr2001.  Floral Haven,
Broken Arrow
Fisher, Harold Hoy Sand Springs 82, band director, died Jan 7 2000.  Mobley-Dodson.  
Flaming, Lawrence A., 77, died Thu 20Jan2000. Rose Hill.
Floyd Helton, 86, Floyd Fletcher's Trucking owner, died Sunday.Apr29,2001.  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Ford, Dorothy O. Broken Arrow -- 87, died Wed 19Jan2000. Stumpff, Bartlesville.
Ford, Margaret,82, homemaker, died Fri 21Jan2000. Stanleys
Lillian M, 73, homemaker, died Monday.Apr30,2001. Dyer.

Forrester, Faye L., 88, homemaker, died Dec. 30, 1999.  Memorial Lawn Cemetery, Emporia, Kan. Moore's Southlawn.

Foster, Hebert J.,67, retired from military and U.S. Postal Service, died Jan 6 2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.

Foster, Louis Lyle, 75, retired president of Manhattan Construction Co., formerly of Broken Arrow, Jan1989
Foster, Ronald Lee
, 53, nurse, died Mon 10Jan2000. Nick Reynolds.
Fountain, Ginny, 50, formerly of Tulsa, died Mon 17Jan2000 in Islamorada, Fla.
, Nicholas , infant son of Angela Fowlkes and Sammie Hardridge Jr., died Sat28Apr2001.
Floral Haven  Broken Arrow

Francy, Leonard J.D. "Dee" Broken Arrow -- 77, retired chairman and founder of F & S Petroleum Co., died Sat 15Jan2000. Kennard.
Franzkeit, Scott Alan , 72,retired upholster died 4May2001 Adams Crest Cremation Center.
Franklin, Essie, 82, homemaker, died Jan 2 2000.  Hayhurst Funeral Home  Broken Arrow. 
Freedle, LEORA HINSON,  80, of Catoosa,  born Dec. 18, 1918, in Spiro to Sydney PURITT and Lillie Mae PRUITT WILKETT. died May 8,1999, in Tulsa .  
Freeman, Bobby G. , 59, chef, died Wed25Apr2001. Fitzgerald's Southwood Colonial
Freeman, Loretta Faye Bixby --52, Union-Petering Elementary School employee, died 6May2001 Bixby Funeral Service 
Fuller, Larry Franklin
, 59, janitor, died Sun 16Jan2000. Butler- Stumpff
Fuller, Robert William Sr.
, 87, minister, died Mon 10Jan2000.  Coweta, Moore's Southlawn
Fulton, Ivan Eugene, 85, retired oil-field tubing painter, died Dec. 31, 1999.  Moore's Memory.

Funderburg, Charlene "Char,"
62, Sheridan Road Baptist Church secretary, died Fri 14Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
Fuqua, Rose Waeger Sangster
, 92, homemaker, died 9Jan2000 Moore's Southlawn





Gaines, Marlin Eugene, 65, retired laborer, died Jan 6 2000.  Ninde Garden.
Gammell, Benjamin Franklin , 88, retired lumber broker, died Wed 25Apr2001. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Gardner, Catherine Frances , 78, died Mon 10Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.

Gardner, JoAnne Alice , 71, retired medical transcriptionist, died 5May2001  Moore's Eastlawn.
Gaston, Wanda Lee,
age 72, Sand Springs homemaker died 9Jan2000  Moore's Memory.
Gates, Margie "Nadine", 67, homemaker, died Tuesday.May1,2001 Heath-Griffith.
GEISER, Opal Doris (Mrs. Carl) 70 Homemaker, died Jan1989 Kennard's.
Gebhart, Herbert,
92, engineer, died 8Jan2000. Moore's Rosewood.
Geeter, Tamarick Ramon
, infant son of Laquita Geeter and Lamar Osborne, died Sun 16Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Gibson, Beulah "Angel," 87, retired administrative assistant, died Mon 10Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
Gibson, David,
41, auditor, died Dec. 30,1999.  Cremation Society of Oklahoma.
Gilbert, Camille Luella Skiatook --96, homemaker, died Sat 15Jan2000. Johnson, Sperry.
, Jesus Manuel , infant son of Maria and Martin Gomez, died Wed 25Apr2001.
, Broken Arrow
Gomez, Edilia "Lily," 93, homemaker, died 9Jan2000 Fitzgerald Ivy
Goodno, Lonnie Dean "Butch
," 52, retired roofer/carpenter and truck driver, died Thur26Apr2001.  Miller-Stahl Funeral Service
Gordon, Margaret Elizabeth "Bobby" Skiatook --85, homemaker, died 7May2001 Sien-Shelton
Esther Ruth, 85, homemaker, died Monday.Apr30,2001. Floral Haven Memorial Gardens , Broken Arrow .
Goswick, William M. "Bill," 80, retired building contractor, died April 27.2001  Moore 's Memory

Goumaz , Betty Clydine (Stookey)
, 62, security guard, died Tue 11Jan2000. Memorial Park Cemetery, Heath-Griffith
Graham, Norrine J. Sand Springs 69, homemaker, died Jan 3 2000. Limestone Baptist Church. Mobley-Dodson.

Grandstaff, Theresa L. (Morton), 49, died Wed 19Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
Grason, Charlie, 70, died Jan 1, 2000. . Dyer.

Graves, Jim ,(Owasso) 51, real estate services administrator, died Thur26Apr2001. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow .
Gray, Elmer L.,83, retired building maintenance chief engineer, died Jan 7 2000.  Memorial Park Cemetery . Ninde Garden.
GRAY, Ms. Lieselotte "Lottie," 58, secretary, died Jan1989
Grayson, Charlie,70, laborer, died Jan 2 2000.  Dyer

Grayson, Charlie, 94, retired laborer, died Jan 2 2000. , Dyer
Grayson, Nora
, 73, homemaker, died Sun 9Jan2000. Jack's.
Greadington, Pocahontas, 89, retired educator, died Jan 4 2000.  Jack's.
Green, Bobby F.,72, mechanic, died 7Jan2000.  Lescher- Millsap Funeral Home , Muskogee.
Greer-Thomas, Connie , 79, retired merchant, died 5May2001 Nick Reynolds
Grieger, Arthur Edward
Broken Arrow --  80, retired, died Wed 9May2001. Kennard.
Robert B. died Aug 1976 in Sand Springs
Grindstaff, Ray G. , 93, retired furniture store owner, died 7May2001 Fitzgerald's Southwood Colonial
Grissom, Robyn (McLemore) Broken Arrow -- 39, cosmetologist, died 5May2001 Kennard Funeral Home, 

Grzclak, Maria
, 83, homemaker, died Wed 19Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn
Gullekson, Larry,
53, lawyer, died Tue 8May2001. Rose Hill Memorial Park. Moore's Southlawn
Guss, Vivian L. , 78, retired from Douglas Aircraft, died 5May2001 Moore's Rosewood

Guterman, Ursula
, 77, homemaker, died Mon 17Jan2000. Fitzgerald.




Haddock, Alexander Lee, b 25Dec1835, died 28Jan1913, Hillside Mission Cem. Skiatook
Haddock, George L. b 1Apr1897 died 8Aug1984 Memorial Park Cemetery
Haddock, Gladys E., 92, homemaker, died Fri 14Jan2000. Oliver-Whisenhunt.
Haddock, Jewell M. b 3Feb1903 died Aug1988 in Tulsa

Haddock, Mary Elizabeth. died 2Aug1943, Hillside Cemetery, Skiatook
Haggerty, Norma Jean  Broken Arrow 78, homemaker, died Jan 3 2000. Hayhurst.

, James Richard , 69, Williams Cos. painter, died Fri27Apr2001
Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
HALL, Clifford Frank, 65, press operator for John Zink Co., died Jan 1989  Memorial Park Mausoleum. Ninde.
Hall, Mary Helen , 81, homemaker, died 6May2001. Moore's Southlawn
HALLEY, Robert W. "Bob," 64, owner of Halley Tree Co.and Marie's Antiques, died Jan 1989 Ninde Garden
Hamm, Elsie, 85, died Wed 19Jan2000. Mallory Funeral Home, Stigler
Hammett, Vance Broken Arrow --  79, retired sales manager, died Fri 14Jan2000. Floral Haven

Hampton, Evelyn A. Owasso   81, homemaker, died Dec. 31, 1999. Mowery.
Hanlin, Niles Quentin Skiatook --80, independent oil producer, died Fri 21Jan2000. Sien-Shelton.
, George, 72, retired truck driver, died 6May2001 Adams Crest
Cremation Center

Harley, Benjamin Harrolle, 67, died Jan1989. Hayhurst.

Harmon, Alfred "Al," 85, retired car salesman, died Sun 9Jan2000. Mark Griffith Memorial-Westwood.

Harmon, Mary Eunice Broken Arrow -- 70, retired administrative assistant, died 4May2001 Kennard
HARPER, Ms. Lorraine, 77, retired teacher, died Jan1989, Ninde Garden
Harper, Kathryn
, 72, homemaker, died Sun 16Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Brycen Mark Bixby infant son of Nicole and Jim Harris, died 4Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Harris, Charles Lee Grant
, 55, laborer, died Dec 30 1999. , Inola. Jack's.
Harris, David Olin
, 65, attorney, died Sun 9Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
HAVERFIELD, Alonzo C. "Lon" 84 died 11Dec2003 Interment at Memorial Park
Hayes, Jerry, 78, retired manager and teacher, died Wed 19Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma

, Nora Odessa, 84, homemaker, died Tuesday.May1,2001 Restland Funeral Home , Dallas.
Moore 's Memory.
Hayward, Virginia Ilene, 56, print shop shipping manager, died Thu 13Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
HENDERSON - Mrs. Hayden (Carrie), 77, died Jan 1989
Henderson, Rosa Lee(Webb) , 73, homemaker, died Sun29Apr2001.Crown Hill Cemetery Jack's.  
Hendrix, Jerry D., 63, retired, died Thu 13Jan2000. Smith Funeral Home, Sapulpa
Henry, James D., 89, retired construction worker, died Mon 7May2001. Dyer.
Herlinger, Mary Lou , 65, retired from the U.S. Postal Service, died 3May2001. AdamsCrest Cremation Center

Herrold, Bonnie "LaFern", 81, retired salesclerk, died Jan 2 2000.  Ninde Woodland.
HESSON, DELLA MAY, age 96, of 333 E. 28th St., Tulsa. Wednesday, 4-25-1984  Interment at Memorial Park Cemetery.  Tulsa Whisenhunt Funeral Home.
Hickman, Harold Lee , 72, American Airlines crew chief, died 6May2001 Floral Haven Broken Arrow
Hicks, Opal L.
, 72, homemaker, died Tue 11Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
Hicks, Tammy Ann  ,(Skiatook) 39, bookkeeper, died Fri27Apr2001.  Peters-Stumpff
Higdon, Mildred Fatima, 83, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000. Rose Hill Cemetery. Moore's Eastlawn
Hilger,Mary Anatolia  Broken Arrow 83, retired teacher, died Tue 11Jan2000. Fitzgerald, Tulsa.
Hill, Floyd T., 53, Thomas and Betts Corp. employee,Jan1989 (Bixby Funeral Service).
Hill, Jannie P., 104, homemaker, died Wed 9May2001. Johnson, Sperry.
Hill, Laci Dawn  Bixby  25, homemaker, died Dec. 29, 1999.  Ponca City. Trout.

Hill, Trula Amma , 85, retired secretary, died Mon30Apr2001 in Los Angeles Oliver-Whisenhunt. 
Hiskett, Roy G., 81, retired from Sun Oil Co., died Jan 4 2000.  Fitzgerald
Hobson, Elizabeth, 80, retired teacher, died Wed 12Jan2000. Stanleys.
Hoffman, Kenneth C
., 72, retired physician, died Mon 17Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Holmes, Eva, 77, homemaker, died Dec. 31, 1999.  Moore's Southlawn

Holtzclaw, Cecil A., 85, retired Pennwell Publishing Co. pressman, died Jan. 1 2000. Ninde Woodland
Townsend Skiatook 81, retired postmaster, died Jan 6 2000. Peters- Stumpff.
Hood, Georgia Ann,
81, homemaker, died Sat 15Jan2000. Fitzgerald Ivy
Hood, William Hower, 73, accountant, died Dec 31 1999.  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Harmon, Alfred "Al," 85, car salesman, died 9Jan2000. Mark Griffith Memorial-Westwood.
Horn, Amani Alese , infant daughter of Deshawna Martin and Maurice Horn, died Wed25Apr2001.  Floral Haven Cemetery, Broken Arrow
Horn, Don E., 52, USMC Lt.Col.,died Mon 17Jan2000. Bradley, Muskogee.
Lillian Emaline Sand Springs -- 84, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000.Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery. Mobley-Dodson.
Horton, Kirk T., 56, accountant, died Jan 6 2000.Stanleys.
Hubert, Edison Jr., 60, laborer, died Dec 31 1999. . Jack's.
Hudson, Floy Alice
, 82, homemaker, died Sun 16Jan2000. Moore's Memory
Hudson, Leondine L.
, 82, retired from Rockwell International, died Wed 12Jan2000. Calvary Cemetery. Fitzgerald.
Hughes, Juanita, 79, Retired Teacher died 8Jan2000,  Jack's.

Hunt, James C. "Jay" Jr., 66, petroleum engineer, died Dec 31 1999.  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Hutson, Robert M., 69, American Airlines mechanic, died Jan 2 2000. Moore's Southlawn.
Hunter, Joe Ned, 64, Mohawk Steel Co. supervisor, died Jan 5 2000. Oliver-Whisenhunt
Hurry, Leta Briggs, 96, homemaker, formerly of Tulsa, died Sun 16Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.




Ireland,  Esther W. Collinsville --95, homemaker, died Sun 9Jan2000. Collinsville Funeral Home
IRSCH, Charles, 95 retired, died Friday 13Dec1996 Stanleys Funeral Home
IRSCH, Medora, 89 died Tuesday 2Aug1994 Stanleys Funeral Home

ISREAL, Margaret June-
Transcribed from Tulsa World 23Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com


Jackman, Craig Tyler , 49, surgery technician, died 3May2001 Floral Haven  
Jackson, George Orville Broken Arrow -- 90, retired from D&J Drilling, died Thu 3May2001. Moore's Rosewood

William O. "Bill" , 86, retired horse trainer, died Sun 22Apr2001. Floral Haven
Jatras, Stephen James,73, civic leader, died 8Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.
Jenkins, Bobby Joe Sand Springs -- 51, truck driver, died Sat 15Jan2000.  Mobley-Dodson
Jenkins, Charles K.,
68, bus driver died 9Jan2000 Services pending. Christian-Gavlik, Broken Arrow
, Jerry L. , 62, J & J Enterprises owner, died Sun29Apr2001. Memorial Park.
Moore 's Eastlawn. 
Murphy, 52, retired from Northern Santa Fe Railroad, died Tuesday.May1,2001 Nick Reynolds.

Jennings, Herman
, Elbert, 81, B&H Alterations and Cleaners owner & retired from the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office  died Jan 4 2000  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Jennings, Kurt Edwin,
45, hotel and restaurant manager, died Tue 8May2001. Ninde Woodland
Jewell , Mildred Irene
, 81, electronics assembler, died Tue 11Jan2000. Robbins Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kan. Ninde Garden.
Johns, Mary L.,73, Bruner Grocery co-owner, died Fri 21Jan2000. Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs
Johnson, Bob, 77, retired construction contractor, died Jan 3 2000. Mark Griffith Memorial-Westwood.
Johnson, Cal, 75, retired construction worker, died Mon 10Jan2000. Keith D. Biglow, Okmulgee.

Johnston, Cassie Belle, 90, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000. McLemore-Sloan.
Gladys, 84, homemaker, died Tuesday.May1,2001  Collinsville Funeral Home

Johnson, James Napoleon, 73, retired detective agency operator, died Mon 10Jan2000. Moore's Memory.

Johnson, Thurman, 71, retired welder, died Jan 3 2000.  Jack's.
Johnson, William Robin, 66, Rockwell hydro press supervisor, died Fri 20Apr2001. Jack's.
Jones, Albert Edward, 75, retired quality control engineer, died Wed 19Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
, Darryl Leroy, 43, died Monday.Apr30,2001  Jack's

Jones, Everett D
., 90, retired from the Tulsa Board of Education, died Sun 16Jan2000. Butler- Stumpff
Jones, Lois Bernice,
75, franchise clothing store owner, died 7Jan2000.  Moore's Southlawn
Jones, Timothy, 29, optometrist, died Wednesday. . Jack's.
Jordan, Anna Mae , 68, retired real estate broker, died 7May2001 Keith D. Biglow, Okmulgee.
Jordan, Kenneth L. , 84, retired American Airlines inspector, died 4May2001 Fitzgerald's Ivy.

Judd, Johanna , infant daughter of Thomas and JoAnne Judd, died 3May2001 Nick Reynolds
Juergens, Grace Ann, 72, retired secretary, died Mon10Jan2000. Ninde Woodland.


Kapple, Perry, 86, retired from Frisco Railroad, died Jan 3 2000.  Smith, Sapulpa.
Kearney, Lawrence E., 68, retired from Oklahoma Natural Gas Co., died Wed 12Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.

Keese, Thomas Jerrold, 85, engineer, died Thu 13Jan2000. Ninde Garden
Keiffer, Lawrence Millard , 78, retired self-employed mechanic, died Thur26Apr2001. Floral Haven Cemetery, Broken Arrow.
Kellogg, Eugene B. Broken Arrow 85, retired from Geneva Steel, died Jan 2 2000.Sapulpa.Kennard.
Kennard, Mabel (Scott) Broken Arrow 87, retired retail saleswoman, died Sun 9Jan2000. Kennard
King, Londawn Joy, infant daughter of Cojaun and Lester King, died Wed 12Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Gary D., 45, died Monday.Apr30,2001  AdamsCrest Cremation Center .  
Kirkland, V.J., 73, retired contractor, died 7Jan2000.  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Kirst, Walter George Jr.
, 84, retired from American Airlines, died Tue 11Jan2000. Grace Lutheran Church.
, Irene Skiatook 80, formerly of Skiatook, died Jan 2 2000 in Virginia.  Peters- Stumpff.
Kincade, Velma N., 94, homemaker, died Jan 3 2000. . Dyer

Knepper, Kenneth H.,91, machine shop owner, died Jan 7 2000. Ninde Garden.

James Logan  ,(Sperry) 71, Knox Manufacturing Co. owner, died Thur26Apr2001.

Kolb , Ruby M.
, 97, homemaker, died Dec 31 1999. Green Hill Cemetery, Muskogee. Foster Petering, Muskogee.  
Koonce, Ruby, 68, homemaker, died Dec. 28, 1999.  Moore's Eastlawn.
Kramer, E. Lucile, 88, secretarial service owner, died Jan 1 2000. Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs.
Kramer, Mildred Maxine, 69, retired from Ford Glass plant, died Dec. 30, 1999., Rose Hill

Kretschman, Mary Emily, 77, homemaker, died Jan 4 2000
Kincade, Velma,94, homemaker, died Jan. 3 2000. Dyer.




Lackey, Mary Irene, 88, died Jan 5 2000.  Shurden, Henryetta.
Melvin F.  Sand Springs age 66, Memorial Machine Shop machinist died 8Jan2000. Mobley-Dodson.
Lambert, Lucille, 79, retired from Stillings Petroleum, died Wed 12Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn 
Delphia , 91, homemaker, died Fri27Apr2001.

Largent, Jesse James,66, Burns Security employee, died Jan 6 2000.  Moore's Southlawn.

Larrabee, Beryl Eugene, 83, accountant, died Sun 9Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn

LaVow, Ossie Sr. , 70, Tulsa World custodian, died Fri27Apr2001. Jack's. 
Lazalier,Beryl ,(Collinsville)
84, retired mail carrier, died Sat28Apr2001. Mowery
Lee, Carolyn Jo , 49, homemaker, died 4May2001 Moore's Southlawn
Golda Dixon ,(Broken Arrow) 81, homemaker, died Thur26Apr2001. Floral Haven. 

Leffler, Verna M. Broken Arrow --81, homemaker, died Fri 4May2001. Hayhurst.
Legg, Virginia Sue, 88, retired nurse, died Jan 5 2000.  Ninde Woodland.
Lett, Edward Eugene, 49, truck driver, died Mon 7May2001. Nick Reynolds Funeral. AdamsCrest Cremation Center
Letzkus, Harry
Lester, Bixby- 81, retired Frisco RR clerk, died Wed 12Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.
Leuthesser, Arthur F.,
80, retired Telex mechanical engineer, died Mon 17Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn 
Lewis, Carol Ann  Owasso --29, college student, died Tue 18Jan2000. Mowery
Lewis, Chester O.
, 80, retired from McDonnell Douglas, died Tue 11Jan2000. Johnson, Sperry
Lewis, Robert "Bob" Lawrence, 74, retired Tulsa Regional Medical Center courier, died Tue 8May2001. Turley. Moore's Memory
Light, Dorothy Alma,
77, financial secretary, died Fri 14Jan2000.Moore's Southlawn
Linam, Nolan, 58, laborer, died Dec. 31, 1999. Butler-Stumpff Funeral 
Cremation Society of Oklahoma.
Lipinski, John A.,
74, retired from Texaco, died Tue 8May2001. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
, Don Collinsville  66, retired Tulsa County deputy, died Jan 4 2000.  Collinsville Funeral Home.
Livesay, Velma James, 82, homemaker, died Jan. 1, 2000. Moore's Southlawn.

, David A.
, 72, retired electronics technician, died Thur26Apr2001.  Mark Griffith Memorial-Westwood
Long, James Dudley, 86, civil engineer, died 23Jul1943,(Tulsa World Newspaper 24Jul43, page 3)
Louvier, Nancy Bea (Rains), 55, artist, died Monday.Apr30,2001 Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Love, Edna , 85, homemaker, died Sat28Apr2001. Services in Lubbock ,Texas. Rose Hill.

Love, Jesse
, 82, tool and dye maker, died Jan 3 2000.  Moore's Eastlawn.
Lovelace, Riley, 52, shipping and receiving representative, died Jan 1 2000.  Jack's.
Lowery, Ellis Howard "Buddy," 75, retired from Southwestern Bell, died Mon 10Jan2000. Heath-Griffith.
Lunsford, Melvin Wayne "Pontiac," 51, painter, died Sat 5May2001. Calvary Cemetery. Ninde Garden.
Robert ,(Skiatook) 71,retired farmer,  died Mon30Apr2001.  Peters- Stumpff.  


Mack, Leamon Jr., 69, retired machinist, died Tue 18Jan2000. Jack's
Madlock, Kayla Rose
, infant daughter of Mandy and Jacob Madlock, died Jan 1 2000.  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Mailes, John Percy, 77, florist, died Jan 2 2000.  Butler- Stumpff.
Markham Olene , 83, retired from ONEOK Exploration, died 7May2001. Moore's Southlawn
Marshall, Glenn Edward Jr. , 57, renovator, died 5May2001 Oliver-Whisenhunt
-Tahlequah Cemetery
Martin, Charles V., 69, retired Rockwell International engineer, died Jan 3 2000. Moore's Southlawn.
Martin, Louis G. "Buddy" Sand Springs, 60, machinist, died Jan 2 2000. Mobley- Dodson, Sand Springs. 

Martin, Terry, 48, U.S. Postal Service employee, died Tue 11Jan2000. Rose Hill
Violette Emma Broken Arrow 85, retired teacher, died Jan 6 2000. , Alva Cemetery, Alva. Christian-Gavlik.
, Willie Evelyn Broken Arrow 94, milliner, died Dec. 31, 1999.  Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa. Kennard.
Mathis, Herbert Clifton -Broken Arrow, 67, retired from Air Force, died Tue 11Jan2000. Floral Haven
Matthies, Leslie Herman, 91, Systemation Inc. owner, formerly of Tulsa, died Dec. 31, 1999.  Claffey and Rota Funeral Home, Napa, Calif
, Barbara Ann , 54, homemaker, died Sat28Apr2001.Floral Haven,
Broken Arrow
May, Rosetta, 87, retired from Atkins Pickle Co., died Wed 12Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Mayabb, Martha Jean Skiatook --67, homemaker, died 7May2001 Sien-Shelton.
, Allene Oliphant , 76, homemaker, died Sun29Apr2001.
Stanleys .
Mayo, Mary Frances, 85, former Jenks city clerk, died 9Jan2000, Memorial Park Cemetery. Moore's Southlawn.  
, Margaret Eleanor , 86, retired receptionist, died Thur26Apr20011. Floral Haven,
Broken Arrow

McAlister, George F., 81, retired district circulation manager, died Wed 12Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma
McCalvin, Elizabeth D. Jenks -- 88, homemaker, died Wed 19Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma, Tulsa.
McClain, Rick , 33, Webco fork-lift operator, died 7May2001 Moore's Eastlawn
, Sylvia Marcellious , 83, homemaker, died Thur26Apr2001.  Moore
's Eastlawn
McClain, Walcie Faye Sand Springs -- 81, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000. Mobley-Dodson.
, Michael Ray,
47, died Wed 25Apr2001.  Mark Griffith Memorial-Westwood.
McCollum, Betty "Tiny" (Oberste,) 72, died Dec 31 1999 in Hartford, Ark.  Hardwick, Clarksville, Ark.
McConnell, Allie M., 71, homemaker, died Jan 6 2000. Jack's

McCullough, Garnett I , 90, homemaker, died 9Jan2000. Stanleys
McCurry, Beverly, 81, retired Tulsa Public Schools secretary, died Tue 18Jan2000. Ninde Garden
, Leonard B. , 56, retired police officer, died April 9,2001.AdamsCrest
Cremation Center
McDowell, Richard, 79, retired surgeon, died Mon 17Jan2000. Fitzgerald.
McElroy, Patricia Joyce, 52, college professor, died Dec. 26 1999. Jack's.

Mildred Irene, BROKEN ARROW 83, died Jan 1989  Hayhurst
McGinnis, Clyde Raymond, 86, retired sporting goods salesman, died Mon 10Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
McGinnis, Jeanette L., 81, artist, died Dec.29, 1999.  Memorial Park Cemetery. Moore's Eastlawn.

McGrew, Luther C., 75, retired city of Tulsa sewer plant foreman, died Wed 9May2001. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Audrey May, (Sand Springs)
, 69, homemaker, died Monday.Apr30,2001.  Mark Griffith Memorial-Riverside, Sand Springs,
McKay, Cathy June
, 45, commercial artist, died Wed 18Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
McKinney, James Wayman , 90, retired MKT Railroad foreman, died Dec. 30 1999.  Ragsdale, Muskogee.

McLaughlin, Dorothy E., 88, retired nurse, died Jan 6 2000.Cremation Society of Oklahoma.
Mears, James Mark, 72, builder, died Sun 16Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
Meier, Mayme M. Broken Arrow --94, seamstress, died Sun 16Jan2000. Hayhurst
Merritt, Lucy Bell.
, 65, homemaker, died Tue 11Jan2000. Nick Reynolds.
Metcalf, Frank,62, retired from American Airlines, died Jan 7 2000.  Stanleys.
Metzler, Josie Lynn , infant daughter of Vicki and Jack Metzler, died 3May2001 Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
, Michael Don Gerald Sapulpa infant son of Toby Sheets and Michael Meure, died Dec 28 1999. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Miller, Bradley Thomas, 10, student, died Wed 19Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Miller, Lonnie Jewel, 91, salesclerk, died Tue 11Jan2000. Memorial Park Cemetery. Moore's Southlawn

Miller, Marquerite R.Broken Arrow --  89, homemaker, died Mon 17Jan2000. Hayhurst
MILLIRON, Isabel Belevins-Transcribed from Tulsa World 24Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com
Mills, Helen Virginia , 75, retired office manager, died 6May2001. Moore's Southlawn.
Minnix, Donald,
64, retired chemical engineer and businessman, died Wed 9May2001. Moore's Southlawn
Mitchell, Faye J.
, 82, homemaker, died 29Dec1999. Luginbuel Funeral Home, Prairie Grove, Ark. Butler- Stumpff.
Mitchell, William H.
, 89, retired Dover Corp. foreman, died Fri 14Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Monticue, Douglas E.
, 45, formerly of Tulsa, member of Air Force, died Mon 10Jan2000. Cremation Service, Wheat Ridge, Colo.
MOORE, Joseph Eric-Transcribed from Tulsa World 23Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com
Moore, Myrtle E., 99, retired nurse's aide, died Wed 19Jan2000. Vernon Cemetery, Coweta. Moore's Memory
Morgan, Jan (Daniels) Bixby -- 46, registered nurse, died Mon 17Jan2000. Leonard & Marker

Morris, Corey Adam
,20, auto body worker, died Sat 15Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma
Morrison, Brian Lee Broken Arrow -- 41, musician, died Mon 7May2001. Kennard.
Morrison, Katherine Lynn
, 43, died Tue 18Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
, Maurice Broken Arrow   42, Coca-Cola truck driver, died Jan 5 2000. Hayhurst.
Murphy,  Doris Marie Sperry --67, homemaker, died Sat 15Jan2000. Johnson.



Nash, Buford James Sr., 83, laborer, died Tue 11Jan2000. Jack's
Naveck , Raymond Thomas, 67, roofer, died Jan 4 2000.  Rose Hill.
Neff, Ruby , 78, homemaker, died 4May2001 Moore's Eastlawn.
, Hilmer C. 91,(Owasso) died Tue
1May2001. Mowery.
Nelson, Jeffery Lamar , 21, laborer, died 5May2001 Dyer.
Newman, Bessie M.
, 94, homemaker, died Tue 11Jan2000. Chapman-Black, Cleveland
Newman, J.T.,85, retired from McDonnell Douglas Corp., died Fri 21Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
Lan Duc Broken Arrow -- 66, custodian, died Wed 19Jan2000. Floral Haven.
, Clarence
F, 79, retired Nichols R.V. World salesman, died Wednesday.Apr25,2001.  Moore's Eastlawn.

, Homer Clay Sperry  75, retired from Tulsa Public Schools, died Jan 4 2000.  Broken Arrow. Floral Haven.

Nolan, Anna R. 83,(Broken Arrow) homemaker, died Tuesday.May1,2001.  Cremation Society of Oklahoma, Tulsa
Nolan, Katheryn
, 58, housekeeper, died Wed 2May2001. Jack's.
Noyes, Ronnie Joe Skiatook -- 58, retired electrician, died 7May2001 McConnel Funeral Home , Greenwood, Ark
, Ercile M. , 93, retired cabinetmaker, died Sun29Apr2001.
's Eastlawn
(Nubemyer), Leland, Ruth "Teenie" , 79, buried 22 Oct 2005, Rose Hill Memorial Park
Nubemyer, Frances A. Scovell, 78, buried 7 Feb 1949, Oaklawn Section of Rose Hill Memorial Park
Nubemyer, Frederick Theodore, 78, buried 13 Aug 1977, Oaklawn Section of Rose Hill Memorial Park
Nubemyer, Harold S., 73, died 25 Feb 1971, Rose Hill Memorial Park
Nubemyer, Opal Irene Barger, 88, buried 7 March 1991, Oaklawn Section of Rose Hill Memorial Park
Nubemyer, Ruth Frances Fuller, 65, died 10 July 1970, Rose Hill Memorial Park
Nubemyer, Theodore William, 85, buried 11 Dec 1951, Oaklawn Section of Rose Hill Memorial Park
Nubemyer, William Franklin, 75, buried 10 Feb 1967, Floral Haven Mausoleum



O'Connor, Mary Ellen, 53, University of Tulsa professor, died Fri 14Jan2000.  Cremation Society of Tulsa.
Odum Billy B.
Broken Arrow --, 70, retired petroleum engineer, died Wed 12Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
O'Hara, Arthur
, 77, retired Catholic priest, died Tue 18Jan2000. Fitzgerald.
Olsson, Hazel May, 91, died Dec. 27, 1999. Floral Haven Funeral Home, Broken Arrow.

, Terry E. , 49, engineer, formerly of Tulsa, died Tue24Apr2001 in
Fort Worth ,Texas

Ottofy, Virginia Foristell,92, diedJan 7 2000.  Stanleys.
Overton, Sally Albin, 57, homemaker, died Jan 4 2000.  Moore's Memory.

Owens, Deon Lakeith, 21, died Jan 2 2000. Jack's
Owens, Sarah Louise, 52, maintenance worker, died 8Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.



Paddock, Thelma Faye , 69, retired custodian, died 7May2001 Mark Griffith Memorial-Westwood
, Harold Waldo Broken Arrow 76, retired fireman, died Dec. 29, 1999.  Kennard.
Palmer, Kenneth J., 84, retired oilman, died Wed 9May2001. Fitzgerald's Southwood Colonial
Palmer, Pearl,
86, homemaker, died Jan 5 2000. Moore's Southlawn.
Papavasiliou, Efstathia Broken Arrow 90, retired fur finisher, died 8Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn,
Passo, Belinda, 39, homemaker, died Tuesday.May1,2001.  Nick Reynolds.
Patrick, LaVata M. , 90, homemaker, died 7May2001 Memorial Park Cemetery. Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs
, Joe M.
, 79, retired FBI agent, died Wednesday.Apr24,2001.  Moore's Southlawn

Peeples, Manuel Lee Sr. , 73, retired, died 7May2001 Dyer
Pennington, Lourena Skiatook --93, retired nursery worker, died 6May2001. Peters-Stumpff

Peterson, Cecil E.
, 82, retired steel worker, died Jan 3 2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Perdue, Nellie Mae Sand Springs 74, homemaker, died Jan.1, 2000.  Mobley-Dodson

Perrine, Robert G. "Bob" Jr., 55, formerly of Tulsa, lawyer, died Sat 15Jan2000. Havenbrook , Norman
Perryman, Pauline Broken Arrow --  74, salesclerk, died Sat 15Jan200. Memorial Park Cemetery, Moore's Southlawn
Phillips, Katherine Marie,92, homemaker,died Jan 7 2000. Moore's Southlawn.

, George Monroe Broken Arrow 93, retired Alhambra Hardware owner, died Mon 10Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn, Tulsa.
Phipps, Patricia Breith ,
56, computer specialist, died Dec. 29 1999. John Ireland, Moore. 
Pickett, Marguerite, 91, died Jan. 1, 2000.  Fitzgerald Ivy.

, Carey Keith , 38, real estate attorney, died Thu 26Apr2001.

Pleasant, Anna Marie, 81, homemaker, died Jan. 1, 2000.  Mark Griffith Memorial- Westwood.

Ethel M. Sand Springs  92, Plouch Grocery owner, died Jan 6 2000. Mobley-Dodson.
Ponder, Helen Maxine , 77, retired manager, died 6May2001 Moore's Southlawn
Polston, Etta Matilda
, 92, retired teacher, died Thu 20Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn
Poston, Raymond , 72, retired fire-fighter, died 7May2001 Oliver-Whisenhunt
Pete  Sr.,Sand Springs -- 60, mechanic, died Wed 19Jan2000. Oak Hill Cemetery, Mannford. Mobley-Dodson.
Powers, Alice Faye , 53, retired cook, died 7May2001. Peters-Stumpff, Skiatook.
Powhatan, Betty Ann , 70, retired teacher, died 6May2001 Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs.

Preston, John, age unavailable, died Mon 10Jan2000. Stanleys.

Prince, Chester Hiram, 91, died Wed 25Apr2001. Heath-Griffith.
Pringle, Mary Ellen, 77, homemaker, died Thu 13Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Pumpelly, Dinah C., 67, died Dec. 31, 1999. All Saints Anglican Church. Ninde Woodland.


Quarles, James Oliver Jr. Collinsville --47, welder, died Sun 9Jan2000.  Nick Reynolds


Ragsdale, Norman E., 83, retired sheet metal worker, died Mon 10Jan2000. Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs
Rainwater, Dovie May
, 98, retired from McDonnell Douglas Corp., died 8Jan2000.  Moore's Memory 
Randle, Delisha
, 24, certified medical assistant, died Dec. 24, 1999.   Butler-Stumpff.
Randolph, Zellfern, , 85, died Jan 3 2000. Nick Reynolds.
Rasler, Virginia C. Broken Arrow 78, retired telephone operator, died Wed 12Jan2000. Floral Haven.
Ratliff, Florence, 64, homemaker, died Dec 30 1999. Jack's.
Raulston, Alvin Dean Owasso --92, retired diesel mechanic, died Mon 17Jan2000. Moore's
Geraldine W. "Jerry," 80, homemaker, died Mon 30Apr2001 Moore's Southlawn

Reed, Leo, 84, American Canvas general manager, died Mon 17Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn
Reilly, Doris June, 61,
 administrative assistant,died Jan 5 2000. Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs.
Rennie , Dempsy "Mike," 63, died Jan 3 2000.  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.

Reynolds, Betty J., 62, Corine Childs Attorney at Law legal secretary, died Wed 9May2001. Moore's Eastlawn
Reynolds, Corrine
, 85, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000. Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs.
Reynolds, Lillie Mae, 91, homemaker, died Mon 17Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow. Moore's Memory.
, Elton "Terry
," 58, electrical engineer, formerly of Tulsa, died Sun 29Apr2001 in Lyons, Kan.  Sillin,  Lyons. 
Rhoads, Ruby "Dolly," 82, retired nurse, died Jan. 1, 2000. Moore's Memory.
, Mary Louise
, 70, retired from McDonnell Douglas, died Thur26Apr2001. Rose Hill

Rice, James Edward Sr., 66, retired Tulsa police officer, died Tue 18Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
Rice, Mandy Margarette, 84, homemaker, died Jan 6 2000. Mark Griffith Memorial- Westwood.
Rice, Mendell "Mink,"86, hotel and club management, died Dec. 31, 1999. Christview Christian Church. Moore's Eastlawn.
Richardson, John S.  Collinsville --74, Tulsa World carrier, died Jan 2 2000.  Collinsville Funeral Home.
Roberts, Alvin, 56, systems analyst, died Jan 1 2000.  Floral Haven Funeral Home, Broken Arrow.
Roberts, Katie, 73, retired registered nurse and Air Force lieutenant colonel, died Wed 9May2001. Moore's Southlawn
Roberson, Elvina
, 67, homemaker, died Mon 10Jan2000. Jack's
Robinson, Eunice 
Bixby 83, homemaker, died Dec 31 1999.  Leonard & Marker.
Robinson, James Sterling, 91, formerly of Tulsa, retired from Sun Oil Co., died Dec 31 1999. McConnell, Greenwood, Ark.

Nancy Faye Broken Arrow 92, homemaker, died Jan 7 2000.  Kennard.
RODRIQUEZ, Juan Silvar-
Transcribed from Tulsa World 23Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com

Ruby, (Sand Springs) 66, retired Ikes Chili cashier, died Fri27Apr2001.  Moore
's Eastlawn
Rogers, Lee Andrew, 78, retired laborer, died Tue 11Jan2000. Dyer
Rogers, Patricia Louise "Pat" Skiatook --48, homemaker, died Thu 20Jan2000. Collinsville Funeral Home
Willie W. "Bill" Broken Arrow 92, retired farmer-rancher, died Jan 6 2000. Hayhurst.
Rose, David Lyle
, 45, self-employed construction worker, died Sat 15Jan2000. Kennard, Broken Arrow.
, Irving C. Broken Arrow --  94, architectural engineer, died Thu 13Jan2000. Edwardsville, Ill. Moore's Southlawn,
Rowe, Jess
, 95, laborer, died Jan 1 2000. . Jack's.
Rule, Margaret B., 90, retired psychiatric social worker, died Jan 3 2000. S Nick Reynolds.
Rumbaugh, Mary Lou Bixby --  64, Oral Roberts University employee, died Mon 10Jan2000. Bixby Funeral Service.
, Larry Glen
, 49, cook, died April 26.2001. Ninde Garden.
Ruston, Pearl,70, homemaker, died Jan 7 2000. Butler- Stumpff.
Rutledge, Evelyn Ruby, 92, retired from Spartan Aircraft Co., died Mon 17Jan2000. Oliver- Whisenhunt



Salmon, LaJanice Broken Arrow -- 74, retired from Big J Store, died Saturday. Services pending. Hayhurst.
Salt, Nyla Jo, 51, assembly line worker, died Wed 9May2001. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Sames, Helen,66, saleswoman, died Jan 7 2000.  Rose Hill, Oklahoma City.

Saubert, Lauray L.
, 79, retired teacher, died Thu 20Jan2000. Rose Hill.
Sawick, Sherry
, 43, homemaker, died Thu 13Jan2000. Stanleys
Erwin Reed Bixby -- 85, electrician, died Tue 11Jan2000. Calvary Cemetery, Bixby Funeral Service.
Schaeffer, Paul David , 91, retired from Occidental Petroleum Co., died 7May2001. Stanleys.
Schneider, Elizabeth Hunt, 94, formerly of Tulsa, homemaker, died Jan 2 2000 in Kalamazoo, Mich.  Langeland Family 
, Billy A. Broken Arrow -- 67, salesman, died Wed 19Jan2000. Christian-Gavlik
Scissons, Alvin
, 67, retired from McDonnell Douglas, died Wed 19Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma
Scott, Arden, 94, railroad engineer, died Mon 10Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.

Sebring, Thelma
,101, retired teacher, died Mon 17Jan2000. Stanleys.
Segenhagen, Lorena Emma
, 82, retired accountant, died Wed 19Jan2000. Moore's Memory
Seibert, Lloyd
,76, retired Lloyd's Flowers owner, died Sun 16Jan2000. Fitzgerald
Sellers, Ailene Opal
, 82, homemaker, died 6Jan2000. Nick Reynolds.
Servaes, Wayne L. , 70, retired race car mechanic, died 4May2001 Fitzgerald's Ivy.
Settlemier, Donna, 59, retired apartment manager, died Tue 1May2001 Mark Griffith Memorial-Westwood.
Shaffer, Monty G.  ,(Sand Springs) 64, barber, died Sat 28Apr2001. Mobley-Dodson.   
Sharits Warren Max, 81, Central High School boys' physical education secretary, died Jan 3 2000.  Rose Hill.

Sharp, Kathryn Ann  Broken Arrow -- 39, dance instructor died Sun 16Jan2000. Floral Haven
Shaw, Margaret,
92, homemaker, died 9Jan2000. Fitzgerald Ivy
Sheehan , Katherine, 22, student, died 8Jan2000.  Nick Reynolds
, Gerald O.
, 57, self-employed roofer and painter, died Mon30Apr2001. Kellyville Cemetery, Kellyville Kennard, Catoosa. 

Siebert, Lloyd
, 76, retired Lloyd's Wholesale Flowers owner, died Sun 16Jan2000. Fitzgerald Ivy.
Sier, Carlos Dewayne Jr.
, infant son of Shawna McKnight and Carlos Sier Sr., died Sun 9Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Sikes, Flora Mae, 96, homemaker, died 8Jan2000.  Ozark, Ark. Smith, Sapulpa.
Silkey, Peggy Eileen, 53, cashier, died Wed 12Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma
Simmermacher, Randall H., 83, retired pier superintendent, died Thu 20Jan2000. Rose Hill.
, John "Jack" Dunham
, 77, formerly of Tulsa, died Sat28Apr2001. Lake Lawn Metairie , New Orleans .

Simon, Jimmie Abraham, 48, truck driver, died Tue 11Jan2000. Nick Reynolds.

SIMPSON, Patti H.-Transcribed from Tulsa World 23Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com
Sims, Jeff, 87, retired heavy equipment operator, died Mon 23Apr2001. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Sims, Mary Isabel, 91, died Thu 20Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn
Sisler, Augusta Sabra,95, homemaker, died Jan 7 2000. Moore's Memory.

Sisney, Beula Louise, 69, decorator, died Jan 4 2000.  Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow. Christian-Gavlik, Broken Arrow.
Skelton, Ethel M., 77, homemaker, died 7Jan2000  Moore's Eastlawn.
Skillern, Annie, 89, homemaker, died Jan. 1, 2000.  Jack's.
Skinner, Thomas "Buddy,"74, route salesperson, died Jan 1 2000. Woodland Cemetery. Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs.

Sklenicka, Dale Lee, 37, student, died Mon 7May2001. Stanleys.
Skoien, Harold LeRoy , 86, retired steel worker, died 5May2001. Green Hill, Sapulpa

Sloan, Frances B. Turley --  93, retired from Tulsa Public Schools, died Wed 12Jan2000. Ninde Woodland
Smith, Alvin E., 71, retired from American Airlines, died Sun 16Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Annie M. Broken Arrow-- 64, homemaker, died 8Jan2000. Floral Haven.
, Bruce John , 59, B-C Bumper & Auto Supply owner, died Thur26Apr2001.
Moore's Southlawn.  

Smith, Clyde Jr., 69, retired Tulsa Fire Department captain, died Dec 31, 1999. Moore's Eastlawn.
Smith, Coletta,
42, nurse's aide, died Wed 12Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma
, Darrow A. "Smitty" (Collinsville) 74, retired from American Airlines and the U.S. Air Force, died Sun 9Jan2000. Collinsville Funeral Home.
Smith ,
Ella Mae, (Sand Springs) 94, homemaker, died Mon 30Apr2001 in Tulsa
Reed-Culver, Tahlequah. 
Smith, Gloria D. "Clausing," 79, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000. Vernon Cemetery, Coweta. Wright, Coweta
Smith, Kathleen , 79, homemaker, died 6May2001 Nick Reynolds
Smith, Kathleen R. , 70, homemaker, died Wed 25Apr2001 Nick Reynolds.
Smith, Myrtle A.
, 88, homemaker, died Tue 18Jan2000. Chelsea Cemetery, Heath-Griffith
Smith, Virginia Ann "Honey," 87, retired receptionist, died Wed 12Jan2000. Muskogee. Moore's Rosewood.
Snodgrass, Joyanna "Jodie"
, 79, Red Cross receptionist, died Mon 10Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn                
, Elsa, 89, homemaker, died Sun 22Apr2001.

Karen  ,(Broken Arrow) 50, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority employee, died Sat28Apr2001 Floral Haven. Foster-Petering,
Soanes, Kathryn L., 96, homemaker, died 9Jan2000. Stanleys
, Muriel, 80, retired from Gulf Oil Co., died Tue 24Apr2001.

Spraker, Bernice E., 78, homemaker, died Sun 9Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.

Staiger, John Barry, 103, retired tennis equipment retailer, died Wed 19Jan2000. Ninde Garden
Felecie  Sand Springs age unavailable, died 8Jan2000.  Green Hill, Sapulpa.
Stanford,Ted ,(Owasso)  63, died Sun29Apr2001. Cremation Society of Oklahoma , Tulsa .
Stanley, Wilma Viola
, 82, retired computer operator, died Wed 19Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
Stapleton, Mary E., 93, homemaker, died Sun 9Jan2000. Leonard & Marker, Bixby.
Stephens, Pearl (Darrow) Sperry  93, homemaker and grocer, died Jan 5 2000.  Sien-Shelton, Skiatook
Stewart, Wilton T.
, 80, retired psychiatric social worker, died 4Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Stoddard,  C. D. Bixby--77, salesman, died Wed 12Jan2000. Bixby Funeral Service.
Strickland, Hazel, 89, cafeteria worker, died Jan 2 2000. Memorial Park Cemetery. Moore's Eastlawn

, Ada , 93, homemaker, died Sat28Apr2001.
Floral Haven Funeral Home , Broken Arrow .
Sullivan, Albia A.,101, retired seamstress, formerly of Tulsa, died 9Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.   
, Timothy Logan.
, 38, self-employed contractor, died Sat28Apr2001 Fitzgerald's Southwood Colonial.

Summers, Owen Andrew  Broken Arrow86, retired machinist, died Jan. 1, 2000. Christian-Gavlik.
Sumter, Paul Edward,77, instructor and aircraft mechanic, died Jan 6 2000.  Moore's Memory.
Swenson, Steven Lee, 48, Tulsa World security officer, died Thur 13Jan2000. Memorial Park Cemetery. Moore's Southlawn.




Tallman, Mildred J., 75, retired from Zebco, died Mon 27Jan2000. Kennard, Catoosa.
Tate, William Ramsey , 21, died 4May2001. Oliver-Whisenhunt.
Taylor, Louise
, 64, died Thu 20Jan2000. Fitzgerald.
Taylor, W.D. "Bud,"
80, tractor salesman, died Jan 3 2000.  Moore's Southlawn.
Taylor-Stevens, Yvonne, 65, homemaker, died Tue 8May2001. Dyer Funeral Home, Calvary Cemetery
Teague, Netta "Louise," 83, retired licensed beautician, died Jan 3 2000. . Moore's Memory.

Terry, Edith,
94, homemaker, died Thu 13Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.
, Effie Y. , 88, homemaker, died Fri 27Apr2001.
Thomas, Eldridge "Edge," 78, retired mechanic, died Thu 20Jan2000. Oliver-Whisenhunt.
Ken  Sand Springs--39, Magic Empire Girl Scouts ranger, died Sun 16Jan2000. Mobley-Dodson.
Thomas, Mildred Elsie, 82, homemaker, died Thu 13Jan2000. Ninde Garden.

Thomas, Timothy L,
59, laborer, died Thur 6Jan2000. Dyer.
Thomas, Virginia, 49, homemaker, died Jan 6 2000. Jack's.

Thompson, Charlotte Louise, 66, retired technical writer, died Tue 18Jan2000. Stanleys
Thompson, Nuncie, age unavailable, homemaker, died Wed 9May2001. Stanleys
Tidwell, Mary Louise
(Cobler), 60, homemaker, died Jan 4 2000. Dick Duck Cemetery, Catoosa. Moore's Memory.
Tiernan, Golda Scott, 93, homemaker, died Jan 2 2000.  Moore's Southlawn
Tilley, Jaqueline Sand Springs --68, homemaker, died Fri 21Jan2000. Mobley-Dodson
Tincup, Joseph
, 92, retired carpenter, died 22Dec2000  Moore's Rosewood.
Tisdal, Danny Lee , 60, retired photographer, died 6May2001 Floral Haven Funeral Home  Broken Arrow
Tollefson, Hazel
, 75, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000. Memorial Park Cemetery. Moore's Rosewood.
Tolon, Viola, 74, homemaker, died Sun 16Jan2000. Ninde Garden
Tomy, Marie Thorne,85, retired from insurance business, died Wed 19Jan2000.
Carl E.  Sand Springs -- 88, retired engineer, died Mon17Jan2000. Mobley-Dodson
, Gwendolyn
, 61, Gwen Trammell Personnel Agency owner, died Tuesday,May1,2001.  Floral Haven , Broken Arrow.

Troutt, Mary Elizabeth , 49, quilter, died 5May2001 Moore's Southlawn.
, Florence, 88, art gallery owner, died Sun 22Apr2001 Floral
Haven , Broken Arrow 
Tucker, Lela Christine, 73, homemaker, died Sat 15Jan2000. Smith, Sapulpa
Turley, Richard Michael
, 23, process server, died Sat 15Jan2000. Johnson, Sperry.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy,(Glenpool), 40, died Sat28Apr2001. Keith D. Biglow, Muskogee

Turner, Lurlene Barnes, 85, bookkeeper, died 5May2001. Ninde Garden
Tyler, Joe Earl, 82, psychiatrist, died Dec 31 1999.  Christ United Methodist Church.




Ulrich, Darrell, 48, minister, died Dec. 29. Walnut Grove. McLemore-Sloan.



Vance, Betty Jane, 67, payroll clerk, died Mon 17Jan2000. Nick Reynolds.
Joseph Charles  ,(Broken Arrow) 77, retired petroleum engineer, died Fri27Apr2001.
Floral Haven
Versen, William J. "Bill,"
80, retired from American Airlines, died Sat 15Jan2000. Moore's Rosewood
Mrs. Helen Ruth-BROKEN ARROW - 77, homemaker, died Jan 1989




Wade, Kimberly Broken Arrow --36, homemaker, died Jan 1 2000. Bixby Cemetery Chapel, Bixby. Hayhurst. 
Wagoner, Beatrice Y. Owasso -- 85, retired from Douglas Aircraft, died Thu 20Jan2000. Collinsville Funeral Home
Walker, Evelyn R., 79, homemaker, died Jan 5,2000.  Nick Reynolds.

, Shawnee Indian, died near Tulsa recently of pneumonia at the age of 109. He was born at Sabine, Texas, and fought in both the Mexican and Civil Wars.
   He was chief medicine man for the Shawnees. He suffered a thigh amputation this fall
. From:
"The Landmark" dated 30 March 1912
Wallace, Wilbur Matthew
"Bill" Jr., 81, industrial painting contractor, died Tue 18Jan2000. Moore's Memory
Wallis, Bryce Walker, infant son of Alison and David Wallis, died Thu 13Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.

Wallis, Nina Rhea Skiatook -- 95, homemaker, died Thu 13Jan2000. Osage Gardens Cemetery. Peters- Stumpff.
Walsh, Daniel B.
, 98, retired from dry cleaning sales, died Sun 16Jan2000. Ninde Woodland
Ward, Ernestine
, age 86, died 7Jan2000.  Moore's Memory.
Ware, Betty, 100, homemaker, died Wed 25Apr2001.  Cremation Society of Oklahoma 
, Lloyd Charles, 54, Computer specialist, died Tuesday.May1,2001 Moore
's Southlawn.
Warren, Marjorie Idel, 68, homemaker, died Mon 17Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow.
Agnes, (Sperry), 87, homemaker, died Tue24Apr2001.  Resthaven Cemetery . Johnson.
Washington, Robert Lee, 62, sanitation worker, formerly of Tulsa, died Jan 2 2000.  Jack's Memory
Wadsworth,  Paul Sperry --87, retired from McDonnell Douglas Corp., died Sat 15Jan2000. Johnson
Ella O. Bixby 80, retired Go Go Sand Co. co-owner, died 8Jan2000.  Bixby Funeral Service.
Weaver, Virginia , 87, homemaker, died 6May2001. Stanleys
Weaver-Hall, Sarah, 92, homemaker, died Dec 28 1999.  Jack's.

Webb, Elizabeth L -
born on 11 March 1915, died 20 December 1985
Webb, Ronald Lee  Glenpool --73, retired carpenter, died Sun 16Jan2000. Leonard & Marker, Bixby
Barbara Ann  Broken Arrow--55, teacher, died 8Jan2000. Bixby Funeral Service, Bixby.
Welch, James T., 76, retired electronics technician, died Jan 4 2000.  Floral
Wells, Arnold Douglas, 96, retired accountant, died Dec. 28, 1999. Memorial Park Cemetery Chapel. Stanleys.
Wesley, Joyce Arlene (Fuller), 59, homemaker, died Sun 16Jan2000. Heath-Griffith
Wheeler, Rosy Imogene, 65, homemaker, died Dec 31 1999.  Memorial Park Cemetery. Smith, Sapulpa.

Wherry, Edith Ethel, 88, teacher, died Fri 14Jan2000. Moore's Rosewood
, Lucille, 71, homemaker, died April 19,2001.
White, Tommy J., 31, cab driver, died Wed 12Jan2000. Haskell Cemetery, Haskell. Dowdy, Haskell.
, Virginia Broken Arrow -- 92, retired from Illinois Bell Telephone Co., died Thu 20Jan2000. Hayhurst
Whiten, James "Jim ," 61, American Airlines machinist, died 5May2001 Moore's Soutlawn.
Whitley, Helen Fay
,86, died Fri 21Jan2000. Cremation Society of Oklahoma
Wilkins, James O.,
52, building contractor, died 8Jan2000. Ragsdale, Muskogee
Williams, Christie Marie (Tolley) 37, homemaker, formerly of Sand Springs, died Sat 15Jan2000. Flowers-Leedy, Peru, Ind.
Williams, David Rogerson Jr.
,78, Williams Cos. co-founder, died Sat 15Jan2000 in East Hampton, N.Y. Carnegie Funeral Home, Camden.
, David Glenn, 85, retired Oklahoma Natural Gas supervisor, died Tuesday.May1,2001  Floral Haven, Broken Arrow

Williams, Donald K. Jr., 35, Mazzio's delivery man, died Thu 13Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
Williams, Edwin B., 66, retired small- business owner, died Tue 8May2001. Fitzgerald's Ivy Funeral Home
Williams, Geneva Margaret , 85, homemaker, died 6May2001 Mobley-Dodson, Sand Springs.

Williams, Homer B.
, 82, sales representative, died Sat 15Jan2000. Moore's Rosewood.
Williams, Leroy, 83, retired, died Sat 5May2001. Dyer, Crown Hill Cemetery.
Williams, Priscilla, 87, retired nurse's assistant, died Dec. 29, 1999.  Butler-Stumpff.

Williams, Robert "John"  Jr.,Broken Arrow --  39, communications salesman, died Sun 6May2001. Floral Haven
Wilson, Kathryn Elizabeth
, 80, retired from Doctors Hospital, died Wed 12Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.
, Lita R., 64, retired teacher, died April 19.2001.
Highland Park Christian Church. Johnson, Sperry.

Wilson, Mae , 77, homemaker, died 3May2001 Jack's Memory
Wilson, Mary Ruth, 70, retired cook, died Jan 3 2000.  Dyer.

, Murlene Fern Turley  72, homemaker, died Jan 5 2000. Johnson, Sperry.

Wilson-Buckley, Dorothy,
89, homemaker, died Wed 19Jan2000. Fitzgerald.
Winland, Robert, 37, construction worker, died Jan 1 2000.  Butler-Stumpff

Winter, Leo, 86, retired from Spartan Aircraft, died Wed 9May2001. Musgrove-Merriott-Smith Funeral Service, Claremore
Wise, George Wayne
, 87, retired engineer, died Wed 19Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn
Witt ,Terry Rae Bixby -- 57, Metron Gas Measurement regional sales manager, died Thu 3May2001 Bixby Funeral Service
Woermann, Albert Joseph
, 76, retired salesman, died Sat 15Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
Gary C. Sand Springs 53, cutting tool salesman, died 8Jan2000 Mark Griffith Memorial-Riverside.
Wolfe, Wayne Sand Springs  60, died Sat 19Apr2003 Green Hills Memorial Gardens, Green Hill
, Richard "Dick" Sr. , 68, Unit Rig Co. buyer, died Thur26Apr2001.
's Southlawn.
Wood, Ann Nellooma, 71, homemaker, died Thu 13Jan2000. Moore's Memory.

Wood, Elmer
, 75, Texaco Oil land man, died Tue 11Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
Wood, Griffin H.
,81, retired Air Force colonel, died Mon 17Jan2000. Elmwood Cemetery, Wagoner. Mallett, Wagoner.
, Cheryl Marie  Sperry  40, social worker, died Jan 1 2000 Johnson
Woodall, Dorothy Virginia,76, government secretary, died Fri 21Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn
Woodring, Justine R.
, 95, homemaker, died Wed 12Jan2000. Services 10 a.m. Friday, Christ the King Church. Fitzgerald
Woodring, Sherry, 68, retired from American Airlines, died Tuesday.May1,2001 Maramec Cemetery, Maramec Cremation Society of Oklahoma .
Worden, Robert C. "Bob," 37, carpenter, died Wed 12Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.
, Bobby L. II, 42, laborer, died Sat28Apr2001. Dyer. 

Wright, Darrell Ray
, 59, maintenance man, died 7Jan2000.  Butler-Stumpff.
WRIGHT, Leelyon Mae Transcribed from Tulsa World 23Sep1992 by Marcenath@aol.com
Wriston, Mildred , 89, retired teacher and social worker, died 7May2001 Moore's Southlawn



Yandle, David, 48, city employee, died Mon 17Jan2000. Moore's Eastlawn.
Yates, Juanita Couey, 85, formerly of Tulsa, died 7Jan2000.  Anderson (Mo.) Cemetery. Ozark Funeral Home,
Yeagley, Frederick N.,50, pharmacist, formerly of Tulsa, died Jan 6 2000.  Oklahoma City. Chapel Hill, Oklahoma City.
Yerkey, David Allen, 66, nurse, died Mon 17Jan2000. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow
, Cledith Mae ,
81,(Broken Arrow) retired nurse's aide, died Tuesday.May1,2001 Christian-Gavlik.
Michael DeWayne, 39, waiter, died Tuesday.May1,2001. Stanleys .
Young, Binnie Dorris, 75, formerly  Public Schools of Tulsa, died Fri 14Jan2000. Moore's Southlawn.
, George, 72, died Tue 24Apr2001.Hayhurst,
Broken Arrow
Young, James Neill , 65, retired Amoco telecommunications specialist, died Tue 11Jan2000. Nick Reynolds
Young, Vera Tommy, 95, homemaker, died Jan 2 2000. Moore's Memory


Zarrow, Anne, 84, philanthropist, died Jan 7 2000.  Temple Israel. Fitzgerald Ivy.

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