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(Tulsa County ONLY) I have also started adding the Surname associated and linked to the Query for that name. 11/11/11
Click on the surname to email the person who posted the surname or  posted a Query,
(if one has been submitted or more information ).
Note:  The email address' are old and might not work.
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Abbot, Adair, Adams, Adams, Alexander, Alred, Allen, Allred, Anderson,  Anthamatten, Anthony, Archer, Arculeer, Arnold, Ashlock,  

Babb, Bacus, Bader, Bailey, Baker, Ball, Barbee, Barber, Barker, Barlow, Barnes, Barnett, Bartlett, Basse, Beall, Beasley, Beasley, Beasly, Beattie, Beckett, Bell, Bell, Benediktson, Bennett,  Bercher, Berry, Berry, Bevard, BlackBlackburn, Blankenship, Blankinship, Bobo, Bond, Boone, Boots, Boseman, Bowman, Boydston, BradyBraninburg, Brandenburg, Brimm, Brooks, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Brown, Bryant, Bryant, Buckner, Buffington, Burgess, Burham, Burhans, Burkhart, BurksBurley, Burton, Butterfield, Byrd, BOWMAN, BRUCE

Cahoun, Cardenas, Carner, Carter, Caruth, Casebeer, Casebeer, Caswell, Caulkins, Caughey, Cearley, Chastain, Cheadle, Cheadle, Childers, Childers, Church, ChurchClark, ClarkClouse, Cobb, Cobb, Coble, Cochran, Coker, Comer, Conner, Connery, Condreay, Conry, Cooper, Cooper, Coppick, Cox, Crain, Crawford, Creekmore, Creed, Crook, Crutcher, Culver, CunninghamCutburth

Dahlan, Dalton, Dalton, Daugherty, David, Davidson, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, DavisDavisson, Dearston, Dearstone, Deberger, Debusk, Dempsey, Dick, Dickerson, Dickey, Dillinger, Dobbs, Dobson, Dodson, Dorman, Doty, Downey, Drake, Duke, Duncan, Dunivan, Durham

Eakin, East, Eaton, Eaton, Eaton, Eby, Ecker, Eddy, Edwards, Ellis, Engard, English, EnyartEvans

Featherson, Felker, Fenton, Fergerstrom, Fields, Fields, Fiske, Fitzhugh, Fleetwood, Flinn, Ford, Ford, Foreman, Forman, Foster, Freeman, Freymuth, Fritch, Fritts, Frost

Gallagher, Gamble, Gamble, Gammel, Gann, Gardner, Gay, Geheb, Gentner, Gilbert, Gipson, Gilmore, Gist, Glasgow, Glossop, Goldberger, Good, Goodrum, Gosnell, Graham, Gray, Gray, Green, Greenlee, Gregory, Gregory, Griffin, Gross, Guthrie

Hackleman, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Haley, Hamby, Hanby, HandbyHannaford, Hannebrink, HarlowHarmon, Harper, Harris, Harris, Harris, HarrisHarrison, Harter, HayesHayes, Hays,  Hays, Hendrix, Hennings, Henry, Herndon, Hill, Hodge, Hoffman, Hoffman, Hogan, Holmes, Homer, Hood, Hopper, Hosler, Howard, Howard, Hudson,  HUNTER, Hurst, Hutchinson, Hyatt

Ingle, Isham

Jackson, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jones, Jordan, Junger, Justice

Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kellogg, Kellogg, Kemp, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Keylow, Killion, King, Kirk, Kissee, Knox, KolterKrigbaum, Kuck

Lafarlett, Laforge, Lancaster, Lander, Lawfer, Lawley, Ledbetter, Ledford, Lee, Leverett, Lewis, Lewis, Libbert, Locke, LockwoodLomax, Louis, Lombard, Long, Love, Loving/Loring, Lyle, Lyles, Lyon

Mabie, Mabrie, Maddox, Maines, Martin, Martin, Martin, Marshall, Mathis, Matlock, Matson, May, Mays, McAnaw, McBroom, McCain, McCartney, McCowen, Mc Donald, McDonald, Mc Farland, McGehee, McGuire, McKay, Mc Nair, McWilliams, Medlin, Meyers, Millender, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, MillsMinesinger, MitchellMoffett, Moody, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moreland, Morris, Morris, Morrow, Mosing, Mowbray, Mullikin, Myers

Nichols, Nichols, Nichols, Neese, Netzger, Norris

Odell, O'Hara, O'Hara, Olsen, O'Rourke, Orman, Orvis, Overbay, Owens, Owens

Pack, Page, Palmer, Parks, Parnell, Payne, Perry, Perry, Perry, Peters, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Pickford, Pigford, Pitt, Poplin, Poplin, Porter, Powell, Price, Prosser, Puett


Raffety, Ragsdale, Rayborn, Reed, Reese, Reeves, Reeves, Reynolds, ReynoldsRichards, Richie, Riddle, Rigsby, Rippetoe,   Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Robertson, Robertson, Robinson, Rodney, Rogers, RolandRowland, Rule, Ryan

Sanderson, Sanderson, Schroeder, Scoles, Scott, Scott, Sedlacek , Seifried, Selvidge, Severs, Sevier, Sewell, ShafferShannon, Sharp, Sharp, Shay, Sheets, Shipman, Shipley, Shubring, Shunterman, Sigler, Simms, SimonsSiner, Sinor, Sisney, Skelton, Skinner, Sloan, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smittle, Smotts, SneedSnow, Souter, Southwood, Spaid, Sparks, Sparks, SpauldingSpeaks, Springfield, Spurgeon, Spurgin, Stanfield, Stevens, Stewart, Stokes, Strange, Stunkard, Sullivan,

Tackett, Talley, Tate, Tattershall, Taub, Taylor, Teague, Tedford, Terhune, Terrell, TipswordThrasher, Thede, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, ThompsonThompson, Thornberry, Tincup, Tipton, Titsworth, Tomer, Tompkins, Trammell, Trout, Trowbridge, Troxell, Tugman, Turner, Turner, Tyer, Tyler, Tysen, Tyson

Valodin, Vaughan

Wadlow, Wagner, Walkup, Wallace, Wallace, Wallis, Waltrip, Ward, Wards, Wasson, Watchous, Waters, Watts, Webb, Weber, Weiss, Welkson, West, Wheaton, Whidbee, Whitcomb, Whiten, Whitten, Whitten, Whittenburg, Williams, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wolfe, Wolfenbarger, Woods, Woolford

Yadon, Yeager, YorkYount,


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