Lizzie Keel Cemetery
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Contributed by Sharon & Jay Hickman
Sharon says there are others buried here who have no head stones and she will try to get us names.  This is mainly
a small family cemetery but there are a few others buried here by permission of the family.

This cemetery is on the south side of Hwy 19 about 3 miles west of Stratford but is locked and is on private
land.  You must contact  Sharon & Jay to get access.

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Reynolds, Ted N. Dec 29, 1915 Feb 27, 1986 Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII
Keel, Billy March 17, 1923 around 70 yrs old - unmarked see obit
Keel, Junie Jun 1, 1897 Aug 30, 1899
Keel, Isom Mar 30, 1895 Aged 75 Years
Keel, William Thomas July 29, 1891 Dec 25, 1971 Georgia Pvt US Army WWI
Keel, William R.
Keel, Blossom S.
June 1, 1922
July 22, 1927
Feb 24, 1986
Nov 28, 1987
Hooten, Joseph Randolph Aug 8, 1918 Jan 29, 1993 Cpl US Marine Corp WWII
Clark, Charles Robert Aug 13, 1939 Mar 8, 1981 Sp4 US Army Korea
Hickman, Jack Carlyle 1920 1942 "In Memory of" S Sgt US Army Air Corp WWII
Purple Heart & 4 OLC

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