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(Note:  The terms Chickasaw & Choctaw Nations are used here to refer to a place not to a people/tribe)

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These  records were transcribed by Mary Turner Kinard and are being printed here with the permission of J.D.Kinard and family.  They are for your personal use only.  NOT TO BE COPIED FOR USE IN ANY COLLECTION FOR PROFIT OR DISPLAY.

CENSUS ROLL # 1849 (Part)

Enumeration Districts

162     Doyle, Claud, Foster, Pernell, Carver (Pages 254-276)
163     Bray (Pages 277-302)
164     Marlow (Pages 303-326)
165     Sunray, Comanche, Empire City (Pages 1-29)
166     Harris (Pages 30-56)
167     Velma-Alma, Santa Fe (Pages 58-81)

Some of these districts are in two counties and names will be listed in both counties.   Try different spellngs to find surname.  Also look up first name as last name if all else fails.  Crossed or uncrossed T's. L's & T's look alike and P's & F's look alike.  Members of each household have the same family number. For proof get photostatic copy of original census page from historical society.  This book has not had final proof reading.  It contains 13, 135 names.  It does not contain any of range 8 west of other Indian Nations or 3 T south.

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