County War Casualties

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In memory of those who fought and died for our country
These names were provided by the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs but may not be complete.   If you know of any name which may be missing from our list please let us know.

Garvin County Military Hall of Fame


James C. Williams

Ernest E. Billingsley Jr. Douglas Baker
William R. Ball Samuel Eli Elkins Glenn Allen Faulk
William Edward Grumbles Noah L. Whisenhunt --
Clyde Edward Roark Thomas E. Smith James L. Colson
Ace Cox Louie Laurren Davis Charley B. Dory
Robert H. Harmon Richard Gelen Mason William Allen Morgan
John W. Tolle George W. Cooper James W.Goodwin
Elvin E. Mitchell Lynwood Shults Paul E. Crews
Glen C. Allen John Allen Thomas Marion Doake
Ben E.Coffey Billy Jess Shearon Charlie Yarborough
Burney "Pake" Blankenship   William A. Morris



Clarence L. Abney

Cecil R. Alexander Julier P. Anthony
Alexander, Tommie H.    
Eugene Bagley Harley Bain Paul E. Baker
William F. Baker Jasper N. Bean John W. Beaver, Jr.
Robert E. Booze James W. Bozarth Buster Buckelew
Richard Burton Harold K. Butts Wendell E. Callen
L.T. Carter Carl W. Childress
Added info 2011
Jack D. Conatser
Charles H. Culver Billy J.Davis Ernie J. Dickenson
James W. Dickson Wilburne H. Dobbins Paul A. Dodgion
Lee F. Duke Frank T. Easton Howard M. Eastwood
Woodrow W. Erwin Albert S.T. Evans Cleo M. Finch
Cecil J. Floyd Atkins Frenchman Henry Garrett
Gorace J. Gillespie Rochier Griffin James L. Griggs
Gevet b. Grimes Ralph a. Hall Homer J. Hardaway
Leo J. Hays Samuel L. Herron Humber A. Hooven
Virgil E. Hope Jesse E. Ivey Sylvester R. Ivie
J.B. Jackson Ivan E. Lane L.P. Lauderdale
Woodrow P. Lofton Choice R. Maness Charles W. Minton
Wilson H. Mixon James H. Montgomery Paul E. Nation
Cephus N. Neil Edward L. Pettigrew Billy G. Ponder
Walter A. Porter Edward Rendak Robert R. Riggs
Thomas S.F. Riley George V. Rollow Milton I. Russell
Cecil C. Sheegog Elmo J. Stephens Clarence D. Thomas
Harvey R.Tiner John Wallace Wallace B. Watkins
W.R. Weatherford Kenneth R. Webb Otis Weeden
Wallace B. Williams Acie L. Wolf Robert Clay Florence

Also Known to have served was Pfc James W. Schmidt (See Info)



Leland L. Buttler

Billy G. Casker Silas E. Griffin
Eugene M. Grubbs Floyd Kinard Newman C. Pruitt, Jr.
William Richardson Delbert G. Rouse Olen J. Sikes


Richard B. Clements Billy C. Chambers Arvel R. Smart
Larry M. Beck James L. Armstrong William L. Crawford
Robert W. Hammer Martin R. Maness Murl A. Moyers
Oscar W. Pierce Gary Allen Jimmy Newfield
Roscoe Wright, Jr. - -


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