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If you take the back way between Pauls Valley and Elmore, just go on across Highway 29 and on south.  This road will go straight into Katie about 5 or 6 miles down.  The cemetery is right behind the old school house.  You can't miss it.  If coming from Elmore City, where Highway 29 curves back to the left, take the side road that goes on straight.  You will come to a 4 way stop.  Turn right/south here and it goes straight into Katie.  Also coming from Wynnewood, on Highway 29, turn back left/south when you are about 3 miles from Elmore City.  Fairoaks Pentecostal Church is on the north side of Highway 29 and an old store and a pink house is on the south side, just where you would turn.  Follow the road all the way into Katie, 5 or 6 miles. Or you can get there from Highway 74 by turning east at the Satterwhite school and following this road on around.  It get back in some places and has an old bridge that doesn't look too safe, but if you stay with the main road it runs right into Katie.

According to James R. Millwee's information, Katie was named after a little girl named Catherine (Kate) Millwee.  She was born June 27, 1890 in central Texas to John Harvey and Mary Alice (Hargove) Millwee.  Her mother died about three weeks after she gave birth to Kate.  She and her older brother were taken to live with their Hargrove grandparents for a period of years until her father remarried years later.  The Hargroves petitioned the government to have the town named after their family member of that name.   He went on to say that this had been verified by an article in the Pauls Valley Democrat, dated April 26, 1987.  There was a picture of the young Catherine Millwee Beard with the article.  Submitted by Karla Millwee Bowen

  Katie currently exists at a crossroads where the old school building is located.  The volunteer fire department is just down the road to the north and the two churches are down the road to the east.  If you go straight south from the Katie crossroads about 5 miles,  you will come to Hennepin and Highway 7.  If you go east I was told, the road would fork and come out at the meridian, and near I-35.  The cemetery is just behind the school.  Below are a few pictures:

katieschool1.jpg (17539 bytes)        katieschoolsign.jpg (28728 bytes)

This is the old Katie School House which is currently used as a community center of sorts and also houses a museum of sorts
about Katie.  In the front window are many many trophies.  The above plaque is set in the wall near the entry way.

katiewpa.jpg (28477 bytes)        katiefiredepartment.jpg (14903 bytes)

The above sign is also on the Katie School House, near the front door and the red and white metal building houses the
Katie Volunteer Fire Department.

katieview2.jpg (17769 bytes)        katie1.jpg (15891 bytes)

This is a view of the cemetery which is behind the Katie School House, with a gazebo of sorts in the forefront.  Also a picture
of the Katie School House from a distance with one of the churchs also in the view.

katiechurch1.jpg (18849 bytes)        katiechurch2.jpg (15266 bytes)

These are pictures of Katie's church houses.  The one to the left is the Katie Victory Baptist Church and to the right is the
Katie Missionary Baptist Church

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