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Indexed by Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky
with the help of her husband Ernie. Names were typed "as read."

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C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian
W = White
B = Black
MU = Mulatto
S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced
(number following M indicates number of times)

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Surname Given Name Relationship C/R Age S/M/W/D Born
PAGE 5A            
SCOTT James W. head W 32 M1 TN
  Birdie wife W 23 M1 TN
MENZ Andrew F. head W 54 M1 MO
  Elizabeth wife W 53 M1 MO
  Rosa daughter W 26 S MO
  Anton son W 24 S MO
  Susan daughter W 15 S OK
  Margaret daughter W 13 S OK
  Agatha daughter W 10 S OK
WOOD Lewis R. head W 34 M1 MO
  Linda wife W 31 M1 TX
  Etta May daughter W 13 S MO
  Johnnie R. son W 10 S MO
  Bertha Lee daughter W 07 S OK
  Alberta daughter W 05 S OK
  Grigsby son W 03 S OK
PAGE 5B            
PHINN J. L. head W 63 M1 IL
  Martha E. wife W 59 M1 MO
EISELY Lewis head W 24 M1 IN
  Lollie wife W 26 M1 AR
  Ray son W 10/12 S OK
SIMS Ottway head W 24 M1 TX
  Minerva wife W 23 M1 IA
EDMONSON Robert H. head W 65 M1 TN
  Sarah C. wife W 60 M1 MO
STEVENS Clay head B 33 M2 TX
  Lula wife B 28 M1 TX
  Holbert son B 14 S TX
  Dave Ella daughter B 12 S TX
LANKFORD William head W 61 M2 TN
  Livira wife W 54 M1 TX
  Thomas son W 32 S TX
  Nannie daughter W 19 S TX
  Bruce son W 16 S TX
  Clifton D. daughter W 10 S TX
PAGE 6A            
DORMAN Charley A. head W 35 M1 TX
  Nola wife W 34 M1 MO
  Murle daughter W 04 S OK
HILBURN Hubert H. head W 56 M2 AL
  Alice wife W 52 M1 GA
  Young son W 20 S AL
  Carl son W 17 S AL
  Minnie daughter W 15 S AL
BAILEY Charles E. head W 23 M1 TX
  Addie wife W 23 M1 PA
HUFFMAN Johnas D. head W 56 M1 IA
  Florence wife W 54 M1 WI
  Hallie son W 25 S KS
DALE Adam head W 32 M1 MO
  Nannie wife W 30 M1 NE
ACKERMAN Daniel E. head W 45 M1 IL
  Belle wife W 41 M1 IN
  Annie E. daughter W 15 S KS
NEWBORN John H. head W 44 M2 AL
  Dora wife W 40 M1 TX
  Andrew son W 17 S TX
  Russel son W 14 S TX
  Arthur son W 12 S TX
  Frank son W 10 S TX
  Ruby daughter W 08 S TX
  Ruth daughter W 06 S TX
  Johnnie son W 1 5/12 S TX
PAGE 6B            
DALE Jacob C. head W 71 M1 MO
  Amanda C. wife W 54 M1 MO
  Asia Lee son W 20 S MO
SMITH John W. head W 57 M2 TN
  Sarah wife W 51 M2 MS
MONGER Eva Lou stepdaughter W 12 S TX
ORMSBY Anderson head W 68 WD AL
  Belle daughter W 41 S MO
ATTEBERY Robert W. head W 49 M1 TX
  Lizzie wife W 46 M1 KY
  Claude son W 19 S TX
  Dovie daughter W 18 S OK
  Maude daughter W 14 S OK
  Willie son W 12 S OK
  Ethel daughter W 09 S OK
  Jessie son W 07 S OK
  Annie M. daughter W 05 S OK
STANLEY Alec L. head W 33 M1 TX
  Willie wife W 40 M1 TN
  Elmer son W 10 S TX
  Nina daughter W 09 S TX
  Raymond son W 07 S TX
  Albert son W 06 S TX
  Herbert son W 04 S TX
  Lola daughter W 02 S TX
BECKER Peter head W 40 M2 Germany/German
  Mima wife W 37 M2 Germany/German
  Charlotte daughter W 14 S IL
  Willie son W 11 S IL
  Walter son W 06 S IL
  Frieda daughter W 02 S OK
WILSON Richard head W 21 M1 TX
  Iva Bell wife W 14 M1 TX
JACKSON Charles head W 35 M1 TX
  Exter wife W 32 M1 TX
  Robert brother W 20 S TX
JOHNSON Alice head W 39 WD AR
  Niel son W 13 S TX
  Eslie son W 11 S TX
  Lorene daughter W 09 S TX
  Lucile daughter W 04 S OK
O’NIEL Charles brother W 26 M1 TX

Pgs 1A - 2B, Pgs 3A - 4B, Pgs 5A - 6B, Pgs 7A - 8B, Pgs 9A - 12A


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