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Family Genealogies of Muskogee Co OK

This section is for the genealogies of families from or who once lived in Muskogee Co, OK. Please be aware that I will not post any family genealogies that include living people. Please follow these instructions for submitting your family lines. Thanks, Sue


Most family historians are happy to share their information but you need to ask first. The submitter's name and e-mail address will be found at the top of the page. Contact them for permission and information.

The information found in these files has not been verified. Please contact the submitter for more information.

Dividing Line

Brown, Hiram & Elizabeth Crossland
Brown, John Calvin
Cummings, Alice
Davis, William
Gordon, Benjamin
Haas, John Franklin
Haskins, Hamilton
Haskins, Priscillia
Raines, John Allen JR
The Raines Came Down
Raines and related families
Smeltzer, Martha (Jasper Farrow)
Smith, Jesse E. and Barbara Ellen Bunch New
VanMeter, William


 Dividng Line

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