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The History of Bearden

The History of Boley  by Hallie S. Jones

Early Boley History and Information (1934)
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The History of Morse

The History of Okfuskee/Haydonville Community


First Townsite Lots Sold At Okemah  by The Tulsa World
Okemah Bombing  by Okemah News Leader
Okemah's Night of Terror - June 23, 1911  by W. L. Payne
Okemah Boom Yet To Come - February 10, 1929  by The Tulsa Tribune
Okemah Is 55 Years Old - February 12, 1957  by Okemah Daily Leader
Sunday Afternoon Drive to Early-Day Okemah  by Jeannetta Laura Brook Kezer
 Wild Game Found Within Present Bounds of Okemah  35 Years Ago  by J. D. Kezer
American Legion Auxiliary
Okemah Masonic Lodge
Okemah P.E.O. (Chapter BQ)  by Oklahoma State Chapter P.E.O. Sisterhood
PEO Founding  by Okemah News Leader
Early Members of Okemah Pioneer Club  by Okemah News Leader
Rebekah Lodge Marks Anniversary by Okemah News Leader

History of Prairie Grove

The History of Weleetka

The History of Welty
History of Welty 
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Both past and present. The Maps page has a county map with most present towns located.

Town 2000 Pop. General Location/Information
Alabama   Population in 1923 was 261.
Amabala   Located 5 mi North of Wetumka. Post office from 1900 to 1907.
Artesian   Located near Pharoah. Post office from 1914 to 1915.
Bearden  140 Post office est. July 6, 1896. Named for J. S. Bearden, prominent local resident.
Boley 1,126 Post office est. July 7, 1903. Named for W.H.Boley, roadmaster for the Fort Smith and Western Railroad. Population in 1923 was 1154.
Bookertee   Located 3 mi Northeast of Weleetka. An important Black community which reached its maximum about 1920, now disappeared.
Burke City   Located 16 mi South and 1 1/2 mi West of Okemah. 1901to 1903. In 1901, it was on the South bank of the Canadian River, about 2 mi East of Bearden. There was a ferry on the river and it was a meeting place for nearby farmers. It was flooded and nothing remains.
Castle 122 Post office est. February 25, 1903. Named for Mannford B. Castle, local landowner. Population in 1923 was 381.
Clearview 56 Post office est. September 30, 1902. In 1904, an order was issued changing the name of the post office to Abelincoln, but it was rescinded a month later.
Creek   Located 9 mi West of Okfuskee. Post office est. in 1896. Name was changed to Welty in 1905.
Fentress   Located 6 mi South of Okemah. Post office from 1897 to 1908. First known as Sand Burr.
Goode   Located 2 mi South of Paden. Post office from 1902 to 1903.
Hampton   Located in the western part of the County. Post office from 1906 to 1908.
Last Chance    
Mason   Post office est. October 17, 1910. Named for Daniel S. Mason, first postmaster.
McDermott   Formerly Springfield. Located 3 mi Southeast of Okemah. Post office changed to McDermott in 1894, discontinued in 1903.
Micawber   Post office from May 10, 1904 to March 15, 1955. Named for a character created by Charles Dickens.
Morse   Post office from June 28, 1897 to January 30, 1926.
Okemah 3,038 Okfuskee County Seat. Post office est. May 16, 1902. Name selected by H.B. Dexter, town developer, for Okemah, a Creek Chief. The word "Okemah" is Creek and may be rendered "big chief". Population in 1923 was 2162.
Okfuskee   Post office from July 18, 1896 to March 15, 1955. Name chosen for a Creek town in Cleburne County, Alabama, the name referred to the origin of a clan of the Muskogee, or Creek, Indians.
Paden 446 Post office est. January 21, 1903. Named for Paden Tolbert, deputy United States marshal. Population in 1923 was 600.
Pharoah   Post office est. June 8, 1921. Named for O. J. Pharoah, rancher and cattleman.
Shumpker   Joins Paden. Post office from 1905 to 1905.
Springfield   Located 3 mi Southeast of Okemah. Post office from 1884 to 1894.
Trenton   Formerly Skumpker. In Southwest part of the County, South of Paden. Post office name changed to Trenton in 1905 and discontinued in 1910.
Wallace   Located 7 mi South of Okemah. Post office from 1911 to 1919.
Weleetka 1,014 Post office est. March 14, 1902. The name is the Creek word meaning "running water." Population in 1923 was 1588.
Welty   Post office est. October 12, 1905. Named for Edwin A. Welty, town site developer. Population in 1923 was 200.
Woodard Corner    

Okfuskee County 2000 Population = 11,814

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