2003 Queries


Andrea Rowe February 20, 2003
I'm looking for information on James M. "Jim" CLARK who died in Frederick, OK in December of 1912. He is buried in Frederick Memorial Cemetary. His death certificate says he died of a gangrenous gun shot wound to the leg, apparently the result of someone intending to kill him as homicidal was listed. He was 56 years of age at his death. The death certificate also shows that a doctor wasn't called until he was practically dead so a couple of things are wrong on it (he was probably too far gone for them to ask him anything) but enough is right to know it is him and to COMPLETELY arouse my interest. I'm aware this guy may not have had the best character (he ran off to OK and left his wife and 5 kids in Arkansas) but it doesn't matter to me, I'd still like to know what happened.
Wrote to the county clerk and got my check back with a note saying they don't research that kind of thing. I'm also wondering if the library at Frederick has newspapers from back in 1912 (I know our library does) and if the historical society does research (and if so, how much does it cost per hour?). Thank you to anyone who reads this and helps!


Joanne White March 3, 2003
I am looking for James Benton Parris and his wife Claudia Mae Hussey. James died 4 Mar 1960 in Fredrick. Do you have a way to see if he is buried near Fredrick? I would appreciate your help.


Meg Stevenson-Scaringe March 28, 2003
My great grandfather was Dr. James Bennett McBRIDE. His son, Barney Howell McBRIDE was born in Manitou, Tillman County in July 1905. Polk's Medical & Surgical Directory of the United States lists a J. B. McBRIDE in Manitou in 1908, but not in 1910. So he was in Tillman County at least from 1905-1908. My grandmother was Mollie McBRIDE ,born in 1897 in Indian Territory, so she would have been 7 or 8 by 1905. She would have been in school, I presume. I never met her or any of the McBRIDEs, so I have no photographs. I am looking for someone who may have known them. Please list my home email which is. Thank you.


Charla Bruton Johnson April 4, 2003
I'm looking for information regarding my grandfather, Jesse Pit(t)man BRUTON. I know he and part of his family lived in the Tipton area in the 1910's. My uncle was Jesse Sexton BRUTON.

I'm specifically looking for information about my grandfather's death. I believe it was in 1918. He is buried in Otter Creek Cemetery, Manitou, OK. I know there was a newspaper article about the case. But I don't know the name of the newspaper at that time. Thank you for any information.


Emmy Duggins July 10, 2003
My husband Don [1931] Duane Duggins was born in Grandfield, Okla. August the first and lived with his mother Olive[b.Nov.28.1905 in Pargon, Morgan county Ky] Amyx and father Walter [b. Dec. 6,1901 in Leitchfild, Ky] in Loveland, Ok until he married me [Emma Lou Whiting on Jan.27.1950] . His grandmother Mary Betty Washer[1869-1970] and her husband James Francis Duggins[1866-1937] also lived in around Grandfield. I have lots on Amyx's and some information on Duggins, Whiting, and Washer.


Gary Briscoe August 1, 2003
I have a copy of a paper on the Diamond Jubilee History of Tillman Co., Okla. Published in 1976. The article is on William Greenberry BRISCOE and list several of his children. W.G. BRISCOE is my GGgrandfather. Query BRISCOE Looking for any information on Briscoe's related to W.G. BRISCOE.


Mary Wilson Novak October 25, 2003
I am searching for information about my great aunt and her family. They moved to Frederick, OK about 1901. Her name was Mary WILSON GRIFFIN and her husband's name was Lee GRIFFIN. Mary was born in Marshall County, WV. They had three children: Wilfred, Bessie and Berniece. Wilfred died in 1907 and is buried in the Frederick Cemetery. Any help with my research would be greatly appreciated.