David Crockett and Lovina C (Tharp) Campbell

Mrs Merle Montgomery nee Campbell

Buddy Campbell - ca 1935

Campbell Family Siblings

Crooks Family at Frederick

Fred "Bulldog" Downs - on the water tower

Downs Wheatfield - 1910/15

Downs Wheatfield - ca 1910

The Drake Team, Frederick, Oklahoma

First Consolidated School - Manitou

Manitou photos, from Wynona Whitaker

4-H club of Frederick - 1938

John Hampton Gore Family

Gillum Family

Henderson High School - 1934

Hill Family Homestead

Hunt Family - all served in WWII

David Morgan

Kelton Thomas

Kelton Thomas and Austin Johnson - 1936 Manitou High graduates

Henry Frank Whitaker - 1918

Maurice Whitmer, 1933

Grandfield High School Graduating Class 1933

Grandfield High School Yearbook 1928

Senior Class    Junior Class     Sophmore Class   Freshman Class
8th grade     7th grade     Football    Basketball
 Faculty   Glee Club Girls     Glee Club Boys   Band
Science      Domestic Science     Manual Training   Vocational Agriculture
Journalism   Peppettes         Business

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