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Feature Name S-T-R Latitude Longitude  Map
Amyx Cemetery        Frederick SE
Bethel Cemetery   342910N 0985423W Hollister NW
Centerview Cemetery       Tipton NE
Chattanooga Cemetery
  342606N 0984046W Chattanooga
Davidson Cemetery (updated 5/2012)

Bence Addition
341541N 0990413W Frederick SE
Dickerson Cemetery 342724N 0985113W Hollister NE
Downs Cemetery       Grandfield
Dunkard Cemetery 341753N 0985527W Hackberry Flat
Eschiti Cemetery 3-4S-14W     Grandfield NE
Frederick Cemetery
A, Ba, Be - Bo,
Br - By, Ca - Ci,
Cl - Coo, Cop - Cy,
Da - Dg, Di - Dy,
E, F, Ga - Gl, Go - Gu,
Ha, He - Hi, Ho - Hu,
I - J, K, La - Le, Li - Ly,
Ma, Mc, Me - Mi,
Mo - My, N, O,
Pa - Ph, Pi - Pu, Q,
Ra - Ri, Ro - Ry,
Sa - Sh, Si - So,
Sp - Sw, T, U - V,
Wa - Wh, Wi - Wy,
Y - Z
342355N 0990250W Frederick
Grandfield Cemetery
Lots A1 to A222,
A223 to B70,
B71 to B289,
B290 to C170,
C170 to D156,
D158 to E164,
E165 to E375,
F069 to T 4 010,
U 1 002 to L2 2 104,
341424N 0983937W Grandfield
Hackberry Cemetery 341742N 0985830W Hackberry Flat
Hollister Cemetery 341911N 0985144W Hollister
Isadore Cemetery 342218N 0984921W Hollister NE
Loveland Cemetery   341736N 0984703W Hollister
North Deep Red Cemetery   343358N 0985344W Manitou
Otter Creek Cemetery
  34591389 099017715 Tipton NE
Rogers Cemetery
  343749N 0990406W Long Mountain
Schofield Cemetery
343002N 0985006W Indiahoma
Tipton Cemetery
  342943N 0990728W Frederick


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Funeral Homes in Tillman County

Frederick Funeral Home
401 N 9th St
Frederick OK 73542
Phone: (580)335-2134

Brown-Christian Funeral Home
800 W Gladstone Ave
Frederick OK 73542
Phone: (580)335-7666

Orr-Gray-Gish Funeral Home
111 N 11th St
Frederick, OK 73542
Phone: (580)335-2112

Tipton Memorial Chapel
220 E Main Ave
Tipton, OK 73570
Phone: (580)667-5241

Gray Funeral Home
202 W 2nd St
Grandfield, OK 73546
Phone: (580)479-5258