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The Tops!
1957 Student Honors in High School Classes Chosen

Mr. and Miss Frederick High School class favorites and other honor students have been selected in special voting of all classes, it has been announced by Principal John E. Martin.

Miss Jeannie Roe was named Miss FHS and Bill Brown, Mr. FHS in an election by sophomore, junior and senior students.

Class favorites include: Senior, Miss Marilyn Feinberg and Donnie Thorn; junior, Miss Rosemary Dobson and Danny Griffin; sophomore, Miss Jean Smith and Dennis Feinberg.

In other voting, only seniors were selected by all students were eligible to cast ballots. Boy and girl students were elected as outstanding in the following categories.

Most athletic; Miss Judy Hunt and Bill Brown; friendliest, Miss Karen Caddell and Royce Thomas; most likely to succeed, Miss Carolyn Fry and Arlin Lee; wittiest, Miss Wendy Wheeler and John Turnbull; man and woman hater, Miss Westeen Edwards and George McLellan; most musical, Miss Mitzi McIntosh and John Turnbull; apple polisher, Miss Wendy Wheeler and Jake Stockstill; most bashful, Miss Brenda Callaham and A. L. Barker; most studious, Miss Pollyanna King and Arlin Lee.

From the Frederick Press
February 28, 1957

Submitted by Susan Sharp Lee on April 5, 2001.