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. Indexed by Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky
with the help of her husband Ernie. Names were typed "as read."
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NG = Not Given
(f) indicates the head of the household was a female
C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian
W = White
B = Black
MU = Mulatto
MS = Marital Status
S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced
(number following M indicates number of times married)
* = One residence/2 heads

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PAGE 11A            
ECHOLS Milton K. head 36 W M1 AL
  Mary D. wife 30 W M1 TX
  Thelma J. daughter 11 W S TX
  Clarance son 08 W S TX
  Thomas M. son 06 W S OK
  David C. son 02 W S OK
  Irene daughter 2/12 W S OK
SMITH George B. head 50 W M1 AL
  Mattie wife 42 W M1 AL
  Edna E. daughter 13 W S TX
  Charlie O. daughter 09 W S TX
  Mollie R. daughter 07 W S TX
  Boirice daughter 04 W S OK
BESS John L. head 40 W M2 US
  Della L. wife 23 W M1 TX
  Jesse E. son 07 W S OK
  Leslie L. son 05 W S OK
  Willie M. daughter 03 W S OK
  Louise daughter 0/12 W S OK
HOUSTON Jessie O. head 46 W M2 US
  Thurea A. wife 42 W M1 TN
  Lafayette son 15 W S TN
  Harriet A. daughter 13 W S TN
  Viola L. daughter 09 W S TN
  Rocksie daughter 07 W S TN
  Curtus son 05 W S TN
  Charlie son 03 W S TX
  Hadgie daughter 02 W S TX
  Flora daughter 18 W D TN
BOOTHE Ray head 23 W M1 TX
  Ruby F. wife 21 W M1 OK
  Ollie L. daughter 01 W S OK
CONN William head 49 W M1 AR
  Nanie wife 42 W M1 TX
  Cash S. son 12 W S OK
  Willie C. daughter 03 W S OK
TINDEL Frank F. head 40 W M1 AL
  Fannie wife 35 W M1 MS
  Alexander P. son 19 W S TX
  Willie E. son 17 W S TX
  Rosa L. daughter 14 W S TX
  James M. son 13 W S TX
  Homer son 11 W S TX
  David D. son 07 W S TX
  Susie daughter 04 W S TX
PAGE 11B            
BRENER Isiac M. head 43 W M1 PA
  Ollie wife 35 W M1 IL
  Marion S. son 11 W S MO
  Ruth E. daughter 09 W S MO
  Francis L. daughter 07 W S MO
  Henry A. son 05 W S OK
  James D. son 5/12 W S OK
DALE Ole head 28 W M1 MO
  Elsie D. wife 21 W M1 TX
  Walter C. son 04 W S OK
  Carl E. son 02 W S OK
STEWART James H. head 58 W M1 AR
  Mary G. wife 57 W M1 AR
  John son 29 W D AR
  Nichols son 23 W S AR
STEWART (?) Alfred L. head 34 W M1 AR
  Maud wife 27 W M1 TX
  James C. son 6/12 W S OK
DUCK James W. head 27 W M1 TX
  Ada wife 25 W M1 OK
  Cora M. daughter 02 W S OK
WELCH Jesse V. head 53 W M1 MO
  Pryann wife 53 W M1 MO
  Lonnie son 21 W S MO
  David I. son 18 W S MO
  Alva son 17 W S MO
  Catharine mother 83 W WD TN
McDANIEL William head 57 W M1 NC
  Sarah A. wife 58 W M1 NC
  William C. son 23 W S AR
  Marion F. grandson 03 W S OK
WHEELER Joshua P. head 27 W M1 AL
  Vick wife 21 W M1 TX
  Mary L. daughter 05 W S OK
  Joshua B. son 04 W S OK
  Edna daughter 02 W S OK
  Mattie E. daughter 3/12 W S OK
DAVIS Gill M. head 62 W M1 US
  Mary E. wife 52 W M1 TX
  John son 20 W S OK
  Edward SON 08 W S OK

"Here ends the enumeration of District 153 in Supervisor District 5 of Oklahoma of Grayson township (part of) excluding Waurika City. All west of the range line dividing range 6 and 7 west."

Pgs 1A - 2B, Pgs 3A - 4B, Pgs 5A - 7B, Pgs 8A - 10B, Pgs 11A - 11B


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