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with the help of her husband Ernie. Names were typed "as read."
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NG = Not Given
(f) indicates the head of the household was a female
C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian
W = White
B = Black
MU = Mulatto
MS = Marital Status
S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced
(number following M indicates number of times married)
* = One residence/2 heads

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PAGE 3A            
WEST William D. head 47 W WD TN
  Jesse son 20 W S TX
  Eveline daughter 17 W S TX
  Monroe B. son 15 W S TX
EDWARDS George A. head 48 W M1 KY
  Mary H. wife 41 W M1 TX
  Hayden C. son 17 W S TX
  Ruth daughter 13 W S OK
  Raymond K. son 11 W S OK
  William D. son 04 W S OK
RIVERS Richard L. head 27 W M1 TX
  Jennie wife 21 W M1 TX
CAMPBELL Ephram F. head 60 W M2 LA
  Ella wife 43 W M2 MS
PATTERSON Hattie L. stepdaughter 22 W S MS
  Hetty B. stepdaughter 09 W S TX
MIZE James S. head 45 W M2 KY
  Eleanor wife 35 W M1 MO
WALKER Author lodger 23 W S MO
MOORE William F. head 60 W M1 TN
  Sarah A. wife 56 W M1 TN
  Linard son 19 W W TX
  Virgia M. daughter 16 W W TX
  James S. son 15 W W TX
  Jessie daughter 13 W W TX
BREWSTER Elya F. head 28 W M1 IN
  Maggie F. wife 22 W M1 TX
  Carmine E. son 1 2/12 W S OK
  Orville R. son 2/12 W S OK
PAGE 3B            
ARMSTRONG William W. head 58 W M2 TX
  Samantha O. wife 35 W M2 LA
  John B. son 26 W S TX
  James F. son 31 W S TX
  Tim B. son 21 W S TX
  Althea E. daughter 15 W S TX
  Jennie E. daughter 10 W S TX
  Emmit R. son 07 W S TX
  Cora N. daughter 05 W S TX
  Everet H. son 03 W S OK
WILKINS Grant head 45 W M1 WI
  Nora G. wife 27 W M1 TX
  Robert C. son 04 W S OK
  Labera L. daughter 03 W S OK
  Berneatha N daughter 3/12 W S OK
HARRIS William R. head 44 W M1 MS
  Stella F. wife 34 W M1 TN
  William A. son 12 W S TX
  Weber son 11 W S TX
  Leslie son 09 W S TX
  Allred son 07 W S TX
  Annie M. daughter 03 W S TX
BRYAN Charles M. head 50 W M1 TX
  Mattie H. wife 48 W M1 MS
  Gordon son 25 W S TX
MULCHY Marie M. adopted 11 W S TX
BRYAN Alford D. head 26 W M1 TX
  Grace wife 21 W M1 US
BRYAN Charles M. head 23 W M1 TX
  Emily G. wife 22 W M1 AR
ROBISON Charlie O. head 27 W M1 TX
  Yula P. wife 22 W M1 LA
  Geland B. son 04 W S TX
  Bernice V. son 02 W S TX
  Rachel A. daughter 4/12 W S OK
PAGE 4A            
MORGAN Ben head 28 W M1 TX
  Inez wife 19 W M1 TX
  Daniel father 62 W WD NC
ALEXANDER Charlie lodger 18 W S OK
BRUNER Elizabeth M head 78 W WD PA
  Ella daughter 28 W S MO
BEARN Adward M. head 31 W S OH
CORIGAN Ference M. lodger 31 W S IRE
ELDRIGE William head 32 W WD KY
JESSUP George H. head 26 W M1 TX
EAGLESTON Walter D. head 20 W S LA
MILLER John F. head 58 W WD GER
SPARKS Sam P. head 50 W M1 AL
  Annie wife 49 W M1 AL
  Sherman son 14 W S TX
  Bonnie daughter 12 W S TX
  James son 06 W S OK
HAYS Frank head 57 W M1 AR
  Ruth wife 46 W M1 AR
  Lela H. daughter 23 W S AR
  Ralph J. son 21 W S AR
  Elmyetta mother 81 W WD AR
MASTERS Charlie N. lodger 20 W S US
ANGARIA Geverino head 32 W S MEX
ANNEY Publo lodger 26 W S MEX
SANDOBAL Julia head 20 W S MEX
CONTIN Jose head 18 W S MEX
ROSES Virginia head 35 W S MEX
JOE Buldey head 45 W WD MEX
MOODY Antonio head 20 W S MEX
ESPLINO Mojamiorio head 40 W S MEX
VEGO Donosio head 24 W S MEX
VASQUEY Apolom? head 42 W WD MEX
GALDO Antonio head 35 W S MEX
DURCHEL Joe H. head 43 W S IA
LUNLEY Henry H. head 55 W M WI
  Dara N. wife 46 W M1 MO
PAGE 4B            
LUMLEY Walter W. head 24 W M1 TX
  Myrtle wife 20 W M1 TX
  Claud A. son 9/12 W S OK
LEDFORD Joe head 25 W M1 NC
  Ettie L. wife 20 W M1 TX
  Billy daughter 04 W S OK
  Irene daughter 1 4/12 W S OK
  Famous son 2/12 W S OK
DUNN Dimpsie H. head 24 W M1 TX
  Florence wife 22 W M1 TX
  Vertis A. daughter 03 W S OK
  Burnice R. son 01 W S OK
BREWSTER Frank M. head 52 W M1 IN
  Sarah G. wife 54 W M1 IN
YORK Jesse C. adopted 08 W S OK
HAILY William W. head 37 W M1 TX
  Bell B. wife 29 W M1 MS
  Ray G. son 07 W S OK
  Thomas S. son 04 W S TX
  Russel son 02 W S OK
  Haden C. son 4/12 W S OK
SPILL John L. head 44 W M2 TX
  Martha B. wife 32 W M1 TX
  Bertie M. daughter 08 W S TX
  Charles L. son 06 W S TX
  Beatrice A. daughter 05 W S OK
  Mabel I. daughter 5/12 W S OK
  Atelea A. daughter 04 W S TX
EMBRY John A. head 34 W M1 TX
  Permelia H. wife 30 W M1 TX
  Helen E. daughter 08 W S TX
  Elmer J. son 06 W S OK
  George W. son 9/12 W S OK
PAG Oscar cousin 18 W S MO
FULLER Edward L. head 33 W M2 MO
  Geneva M. wife 21 W M1 AR
  Marion L. son 02 W S TX
STANFIELD John M. head ?? W D TN
  illegible son 12 W S AR

Pgs 1A - 2B, Pgs 3A - 4B, Pgs 5A - 7B, Pgs 8A - 10B, Pgs 11A - 11B


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