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. Indexed by Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky
with the help of her husband Ernie. Names were typed "as read."
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NG = Not Given
(f) indicates the head of the household was a female
C/R = Color or Race
I = Indian
W = White
B = Black
MU = Mulatto
MS = Marital Status
S/M/WD/D = Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced
(number following M indicates number of times married)
* = One residence/2 heads

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PAGE 1A            
EVANS Gellis E. head 31 W M1 IN
  Myrl M. wife 26 W M1 MO
  Sevier A. son 05 W S OK
  Irwin H. son 02 W S OK
GAY Thomas H. head 32 W M1 TX
  Emma wife 24 W M1 TX
  Bennie H. daughter 04 W S TX
  Bell mother 48 W WD TX
COUNTISS Earl head 45 W M1 MS
  Margite E. wife 29 W M1 MS
  Alton B. son 06 W S TX
  Angie M. daughter 05 W S TX
  Mary daughter 03 W S OK
GOULD Thomas H. head 47 W M2 TX
  Alice S. wife 50 W M2 TX
  Hanson F. son 16 W S TX
  Eunice A. daughter 14 W S TX
  Orba D. daughter 11 W S TX
GASTINEAU Joseph E. head 28 W M1 KY
  Martha wife 26 W M1 AR
  Earl son 07 W S OK
  Mary J. daughter 06 W S OK
  Sarah daughter 04 W S OK
  Minnie C. daughter 02 W S OK
JORDAN Edward L. head 33 W WD AR
  William M. son 11 W NG OK
  James son 08 W S OK
  Grace J. daughter 09 W S OK
  Henry J. son 04 W S OK
ARMSWORTHY Author M. head 35 W M1 TX
  Dara L. wife 21 W M1 TX
  Lou T. daughter 4/12 W S OK
BARNETT Wiley B. head 43 W M1 GA
  Amanda H. wife 35 W M1 TX
  Alta B. daughter 10 W S OK
PAGE 1B            
HOLDER Henry R. head 47 W M1 TX
  Kalla P. wife 45 W M1 TN
  George B. son 26 W WD TX
  Henry D. son 23 W S TX
  Arthur W. son 21 W S OK
  Lewis son 18 W S OK
  Jollie C. son 14 W S OK
WILLIAMS Arlie C. head 28 W M1 MO
  Minnie J. wife 24 W M1 AL
  Alva R. son 07 W S OK
  Calvin C. son 05 W S OK
  Nancy A. daughter 03 W S OK
CLINE William E. head 53 W M1 MO
  Barbara wife 45 W M1 OH
  Elmer son 19 W S KS
  Mandie adopted 06 W S CO
PENNY Joseph lodger 55 W D US
HARROL Almer W. head 30 W D AL
  Sarah mother 53 W WD AL
  Alice M. sister 20 W S AL
  Edith M. sister 16 W S TX
  Lovell A. daughter 05 W S TX
TALKINGTON David head 75 W M1 IN
  Mary A. wife 68 W M1 OH
BARNES Herschel head 32 W M2 IN
  Jennie M. wife 22 W M1 TN
  Ollie B. daughter 07 W S TX
HUNTER Jesse G. head 40 W S IL
  Annie sister 30 W S IL
PAGE 2A            
HUFFMAN Clarance E. head 35 W M1 KS
  Blache E. wife 35 W M1 PA
  Earl W. son 12 W S MO
  Nina L. daughter 09 W S KS
  Gladys M. daughter 06 W S OK
  Ruth D. daughter 04 W S KS
LOYD Louis B. head 36 W S AR
  Eldridge N. brother 33 W S AR
  Tennesse P. mother 64 W D TN
HARPER Walter P. head 50 W M2 MS
  Florence L. wife 33 W M1 TX
  Hertie G. daughter 11 W S OK
  Walter P. son 09 W S OK
  Vera W. dau 08 W S OK
  Clark R. son 03 W S OK
FULLER William L. head 57 W M1 OH
  Annie C. wife 52 W M1 MO
DRISKILL Frank E. head 38 W M1 AR
  Alice L. wife 36 W M1 GA
  Lola A. daughter 14 W S TX
  Alamo F. son 12 W S TX
  Chilton E. son 08 W S OK
  Bonnie M. daughter 06 W S OK
  Anie daughter 04 W S OK
  Eola H. daughter 6/12 W S OK
LAWSON James head 38 W M1 TN
  Nellie wife 24 W M1 IL
  Archie son 07 W S OK
  Theodore son 05 W S TX
  Estey son 03 W S OK
LAWSON Charle A. head 38 W M1 IL
  Clara B. wife 38 W M1 IL
  Earl J. son 16 W S IN
COLEMAN Sam E. head 24 W M1 TX
  Ruby D. wife 22 W M1 TX
  Edward S. son 03 W S TX
  Marian W. son 2/12 W S OK
  Brummett sister 25 W D TX
PAGE 2B            
BARBEE Louis N. head 52 W M1 MO
  Delila wife 48 W M1 TX
  Jefferson W son 21 W S TX
  Edie M. daughter 16 W S TX
  Illegible S. daughter 13 W S TX
  Myrtle daughter 11 W S TX
  Henry Grady son 09 W S TX
SMITH George H. head ?? W M1 IA
  Elizabeth W wife ?? W M1 MO
  Hazel M. daughter 08 W S MO
  Stonewall M son 06 W S OK
  Juanita G. daughter 02 W S OK
SMITH David head 43 W S IA
STOWE William head 52 W M1 NC
  Varroqua V. wife 56 W M1 MS
  Leslie H. son 17 W S MS
  Russell W. son 13 W S TX
WILLIS Teddy grandson 07 W S OK
BARBEE Jack S. head 26 W M1 TX
  Pearl wife 26 W M1 TX
  Louis N. son 03 W S OK
  Willie L. daughter 01 W S TX
COTTEN Ed E. head 33 W M1 TN
  Mary wife 24 W M1 TX
  May I. daughter 05 W S TX
  Cliford son 4/12 W S TX

Pgs 1A - 2B, Pgs 3A - 4B, Pgs 5A - 7B, Pgs 8A - 10B, Pgs 11A - 11B


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